Gravity her homesickness from earth

By Connie Reynolds,2015-03-26 05:30
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Gravity her homesickness from earth

    "Gravity" : her homesickness from earth

     Female engineers and colleagues to desolate areas on a business trip, the car is broken, colleagues died, she met a series of problems, finally held up, she safe home and sleep in his bed.If someone provides such a story, to our writers fill some details, expanded into a thriller plays, who probably won't, but if changing background, the story is for female astronauts landed on the 600 km away from the earth in space?Dare to take that writers and how much?

    That's what "gravity" writer and director Alfonso cuaron."Gravity" technology how to shock people, as has been said, but in my opinion, it is the most attractive place, is that beyond the imagination of daily experience.

    What is the structure of the space shuttle, the astronaut extravehicular operations situation how, what's the shape they hand tools, nut the how much, in detail, to build depend on

    imagination.Perhaps, the existing space technology, has been able to provide some realistic model, but the deduction by the reality in the future, need great imagination.

    The plot of the advance, need more imagination.How do the shuttle crashed, how do they escape, how to return to earth after the escape, all the plot is called from the void.If it is a story of earth no man's land, the writers with the daily experience and data accumulation could be completed plot, imagination where to go, how far, have the edge, but it is in space, everyday experience, all will face is a world without edge.Make a story in the reality, need only in the framework of the existing world, set up the problem to solve the problem, but in creating the world "gravity".

    When people criticize the plot of "gravity" thin anything, in fact has been ignored, the scene is the plot, the capsule is on fire, parachute gets stuck, all this, is the plot, and is made out the plot of the costly heart.

    In such a minimalist story, Alfonso cuaron even completed the shaping of the characters, he make the most of the people of the accumulation of viewing: when the heroine tell her medical background, let's sci-fi movie experience will add up, we completely have the ability to predict, compared with an old astronaut, her face is unprecedented trouble;When she say in the Nick of daughter died at the age of four,

    who overcome life trauma movie also emerge, she has already finished half the gritty image.

    Of course, I couldn't have said "feelings"."Gravity" is a mood, when we are in the movie in the literature, the sichuan province of hubei as a source of homesickness, they have to the earth as homesickness.

    The last question is only one: when do we make such a film?Outside the cinema, I and friends to discuss, the junior partner pessimistic conclusion: one hundred.This really too exaggerated too pessimistic, but lower the head to think about our movie theme, GongDou, a small three, indiana, and young actress significant growth opportunity, is completed the exhibition board of the company production, think of all this, can't help but think, before one hundred, twenty years or want.

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