Death note also destroyed the original

By Dawn Henry,2015-03-25 22:16
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Death note also destroyed the original

"Death note" :also "destroyed the original"

    The most let a person cannot tolerate drama version is character set."Death note" is wonderful, largely because night god on and L head-to-head duel between two boy genius, brilliant, but the drama version to their actual.Intellectual, all subjects full marks, high cold night god on genius, unexpectedly became infatuated with the woman in the underground idol otaku one.Kubota is filial piety in the "N" is so handsome, don't know why, in this play is like this.Intermittently idiot's smile is so scary,, the perfect interpretation of what is called brain!The residual!Powder!

    Idiot who also calculate, IQ is a problem.As a college student, he should look not to understand the English of the death note!This is not a junior high school students vocabulary?Ok also know turn to the dictionary, he didn't stupid enough to write his own name directly, or lead to death, a set is also very good ah.

    English is not good, math is very bad.Ryuk ask night god on candidates to have a few people, night god on 4 photos on the computer to answer: "five."O (? / ?) o

    No comparison, no damage.If a separate version L theater, appearance also can work, but in the film version of songshan kenichi is reductive degree is too high, beauty to no, appear yamazaki sage version L see enough.Yang Yang COS L L better than this.And yamazaki sage deductive too grandiose, a do look the whole face began to distort, thinks he is very handsome, very cool, very cold, in fact completely to look.Please the directors just would stop, he had great good?

    L classic scene of sitting on the sofa, instead...This look not to understand a bit obscene POSE is to make a preference?

    Night god always ichiro was also the official position, it is not the problem, the problem is always feel will jump to the dining room late at night, play feels deke next second is about to eat...

    And this is so ugly "sea sand...Has been unable to ridicule, you the reader to feel (miss home Tian Huili sweet edition).

    In conclusion, bear is actually the real appearance level we play of embryonic death sulfur, jun.Look at the special effects, sling "grave notes ten thousand street.

    Many people set outside, the story changes, too.Including any follow the original, everyone's IQ is launched;In writer's own change, intelligence quotient (IQ) began to drop.By the FBI, for example, monitoring, and then monitor your FBI not kill themselves is kira facts?But on that even the thought;L is, clearly in the cafe has a monitoring, it should know that the FBI morally the monitored object is problematic, locked, but I can't find L should also fully.

    Drama version of "death note" aired the first episode, the ratings as high as 16.9%, in the summer they first name, even beyond the beichuan, she and Tian Huili incense, in the series.However after episode, viewing sharp diving, the third set had fallen 8.7% in the single digits.How much visible diffuse change is not in conformity with the original was not appealing.Set and logic, of course, if the people, the drama version as original submission for the leading role, but also can also, after all, the plot is compact, rhythm soon, they always industrialization level, not

    lower.This speech is based on the general standard of they, if compared to the domestic drama, for they would be too unfair.In fact, the drama version to express the spirit of the theme in fact is the same with the original text, to the extreme power of thinking, thinking between system and fair - no one can really master more power, and look forward to a coming savior, is worse than trying to perfect the existing system.

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