Robots or may rule human robots may accept instruction

By Denise Peters,2015-03-25 03:17
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Robots or may rule human robots may accept instruction

    Robots or may rule human Human may accept


    [reading] to the daily mail reported that recently Canada Manitoba human-computer interaction laboratory (MCI), conducted a study of scientists to test the human robot instructions from the boss will react

    The team will be available in the market of robots as "boss", their programming in order to realize the dialogue with human


    Recently, Manitoba, Canada human-computer interaction laboratory (MCI), scientists conducted a study to test the

    human to the robot instructions from the boss will react, it was found that when the robot the boss put pressure on human workers and asked them to do heavy work, human will eventually be subject to such order, although in this process would argue with boss robot.

    Robot is the boss

    "The study when the robot as authorities dictating, humans will react. This is very interesting and important problem, because with the development of science and technology, robots become more autonomous, and able to cooperate with the human to participate in the actual task."

    To test their theory, the researchers conducted a human-computer interaction to experiment.They asked volunteers to complete different tasks, some of them are interesting tasks, like singing song, for example, some are hard boring work, large files such as change the file name extension.Some subjects are human boss commands to perform these tasks, while some subjects under a small humanoid robot.

    Subjects in the experiment were all videos, then researchers will analyse concrete results.All the volunteers were told over and over again, before starting the experiment at any time they cannot stop of the ongoing work, but scientists did not have any negative results presentation.

    This task video in research, the researchers found that when the robot called for a 80 minute task, 46% of subjects (including both men and women) conform to the demands of the task, even if they don't want to., by contrast, when the task the boss asked volunteers to human, 86% of the subjects to obey it.In addition, the researchers found that some volunteers will try to argue with robots boss.

    "Our results emphasize the complexity of obedience, and some of the variables involved, the results showed at least in the robot under the pressure of the human will continue to perform highly boring tasks. This study explores the obedience of ethical challenges facing the human-computer interaction institute, and provides some preliminary reference in research of this kind of policy, as well as the preliminary experiment results."

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