In Toronto in 2016 real estate market analysis report

By Wendy Griffin,2015-03-24 05:34
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In Toronto in 2016 real estate market analysis report

    In Toronto in 2016 real estate market

    analysis report

    "Canada's real estate market is still can continue to grow long?"

    Is this a few years to many in the industry are talking about the problem, and more people to buy a house sell common topics of common interest.

    We might as well just now in Toronto, for example to specific analysis, then, why is Toronto?Because, she is the most typical and representative.

    According to the latest figures show 2015, Toronto's population has exceeded 6 million, and this among them, foreign investment home buyers will account for two-thirds of the 2013-2014 annual population growth.

    The rapid growth of the population in Toronto is undoubtedly a boost the local economy, prices must be as large increase of population will rise!

    So, Toronto attracts global investors is the reason?

    A superior, natural geographical conditions

    Toronto, mild climate, four seasons and pleasant, humid temperate continental climate.What is a temperate continental climate humid?Is the Mediterranean Sea!Think of the blue to the gulf of intoxicate, warm sunshine all the year round, think of Italy and Greece, and you will understand!But the other city in Canada, as Ottawa, Montreal, beautiful is beautiful, but in the winter snow thickness change not to drop.Toronto, that is why all the year round presence in livable cities the rankings.

    Downtown Toronto at night

    Second, the urban atmosphere harmonious and easy and


    Toronto, education is very developed, this, for we Chinese people especially attaches importance to education, is extremely attractive.The Chinese community here is also one of the largest Chinese community in North America, in the foreign country, see hear is the most cordial and familiar with his own face and voice, will have the feeling of wandering a strange?And Toronto has experienced one hundred years of Chinese

    development, has become the local stability of the social forces, such as what happens rarely discrimination.So, Chinese people want to come to Canada, the preferred is Toronto, has become a consensus.

    Third, the world's best livable cities

    According to the economist intelligence unit the latest global livable index, Toronto, Canada was rated as one of the world's most livable city, and in this respect has always been proud of vancouver, because of its high prices for the huge impact of the cost of living is not appeared in the list of the world's most livable city.Best living city of appraisal is to consider the cost of living, business environment, democracy index and food safety, etc.

    Toronto, Shared many lakes

    Fourth, study the world's best city

    Canadian students of the most common education problem is the cost of education, most students need loans from the government school, which makes the students' study and work pressure is relatively large.But because the Ontario government for rich capital contribution of the higher education, in international rankings compared to vancouver and Toronto to be a notch above (no. 9).

    In addition to similar ranking at the university of Toronto, and the education in Canada has been leading public schools in the greater Toronto area bureau of education, the church school education bureau, Toronto more like: UCC BSS Havergal famous noble private schools, etc.

    Toronto, a famous women's private school propaganda

    A good education environment is undoubtedly attract the backbone of the population.

    Five, the diversification of modern city

    Toronto is Canada's largest city, is also the world's most multicultural city, local residents from more than 100 people, about 140 different

    languages, there are five Chinatown, two Italian area, and Greek street, city of India, koreatown, jewish market and so on.In addition to the pan American games, is also the Toronto film festival this year in 40 years of milestone, one of the five international auto show in North America this month will return, which greatly increases the attraction here.

    Sixth, the world's most dynamic cities

    At the end of 2013, the international energy city index on the basis of youth employment, digital convenience degree, citizen participation, diversified, 16 projects, such as public security, cultural activities and diet, to evaluate 25 world famous city, chose the Toronto as the first prize.

    Seven, the international financial center city

    Headquartered in Toronto, Canada's banking system by the world economic BBS for six consecutive years rated as the most perfect bank system.Toronto is Canada's largest financial services industry scale, the fastest growth in North America.The industry employs more than 222400 people, the Toronto area directly contribute to 14% of GDP, the indirect contribution is 7.9% (Toronto, government, 2012).

    In addition, this year just settled in renminbi offshore settlement center in Toronto, Toronto, make clearer and more diversified financial market prospect is, investment real estate in Toronto will attract more

    investors, economists predict the future housing shortage phenomenon could push up the Toronto housing market, and prices will surge 17% in 2017.

    After watching the analysis above, the Toronto attracts global investors reason you must have found it.

    Let's to specific look at the vitality and the same opportunities for dynamic and real estate market -- --

    In the greater Toronto area after 10 years of gains, many people think that periodic adjustment and even collapse is coming.But in fact, if we continue to focus on SNLR (sales and new dish than) and MOS (stock index) we will find that, now, is still a seller's market, due to the supply and demand is still tight.As we all know, a rational market price is a response to supply and demand, the future of the GTA market under the condition of the tight supply don't integrity crash may occur.People should understand familiar with Beijing and Shanghai real estate market, from more than a decade ago "experts" are guaranteed housing bubble or not appear again and again, because of supply and demand is there, continued rally will continue.

    Whenever late, all the statistics from the authority will follow, well-known real estate company RE/MAX12 October announced in 2016,

    the Canadian real estate forecast, the company predicts the Canadian real estate prices will rise next year!

    , according to the report with particular emphasis on the Toronto housing market in 2015 has experienced in short supply, buyers bidding activity for one year, especially independent more pushing up house prices, to the Toronto housing prices rise ten percent this year, 620000, 2150 yuan.And it is caused by a lack of independent housing inventory status hasn't changed, RE/MAX forecast in 2016 Toronto real estate market will continue to rise, though less than in 2015, but will also rose 5% to 650000 yuan ($3000).

    So, to what is the cause of all this?We might as well as in accordance with the thinking of people to talk about -- --

    Say politics: first as the most handsome young prime minister trudeau victory in the history of the reason why we can not know, but as the people who are going to buy a house in Toronto, and it is Chinese, you will have to affect the elections to house prices have enough preparation.Inside this relationship is the biggest immigrant with us[microblogging]Policy, compared with the conservatives and the liberals reduces the threshold of the immigration, wants to improve relations with China, this is the biggest positive!

    Besides the economy: a liberal government came to power will continue to stimulate economic growth, and promised to the next year or two spending $one hundred million, will not affect the overall condition of the Canadian economy.Analysts see economic growth data, budget deficits, and the liberal spending, gross national product (GNP) and the ratio of debt will continue to fall, that is to say, international investors will benefit.So for buyers, overseas investment is still the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

    Or to speak in a specific data is more targeted, below is the Toronto real estate situation summary in November -- --

    Toronto Real Estate chamber of commerce (Toronto Real Estate Board, TREB) issued a report last week, in November this year through the greater Toronto area "multiple sale systems" (MLS) clinch a deal the housing figures, the number of homes on also have growth than the same period last year, but sales growth of less than, said supply is still tense, especially independent houses (villa), semi-independent (shuangpin villa) and town house (townhouse) low-level type of single family homes situation is more serious.Figures show that the city of Toronto independent house (house), in all areas of each type of house supply most nervous.In addition, although the new apartment completions and sale quantity are on the rise, but most of the new

    apartment has been digested by the market, so the storage of the new apartment does not increase the decreases, and the price has risen.

    Toronto a residential backyard

    Rental market there is a trend, as the country's worries about the affordable continues to increase, more and more families choose to rent rather than buy a house in Toronto.In the hot housing market, long-term lease beginning is considered a safe choice, subvert the traditional concept of real estate.Permanent tenant has become a growing new groups, although it is not uncommon in Montreal, but this trend will spread throughout the country and create new market

    opportunities.Independent house in price at the same time, because of the rise of a batch of a permanent tenant in the next few years, investment apartment also will be a new direction.

    Toronto real estate director Mark McLean in November announced the GTA area housing transactions through the MLS system for 7385 sets, year-on-year growth of 14% last year, is one of the best in the history of

    November.The report also said the first 11 months of 2015 housing transactions up to 96401 sets.Housing price index rose 10.3%.Housing sales price rose 9.6% to $632685, the most rapid growth is independent house (house), semi-independent houses (shuangpin villa) and town (townhouse).

    We not only see record in November, but before the end of 2015 a month, have seen TREB market annual sales record for one year.GTA area all room sales year after year growth, from the first time buyers and hold the room for a long time the rigid demand for buying and selling houses. Home sales in November 2015 and average price


     salesThe average prsalesThe average pr


    Toronto2863The $6542212641The $616241

    GTA elsewhere.4522The $6190503835The $550825

    The GTA7385The $6326856476The $577502

    In November 2015, the housing types

     salesThe average price

     TorontoGTA elsewhThe GTATorontoGTA elsewhThe GTA


    Independen90125503451The $10186The $76232The $82924

    t house2161

    Semi-indep297467764The $75060The $50492The $60043

    endent hou885


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