The love story of the little white rabbit

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The love story of the little white rabbit

    The love story of the little white rabbit

     The small white rabbit has a candy shop, little tiger have an ice cream machine.Mother told the small white rabbit rabbit, if you love a person, will give a candy.The small white rabbit like little tiger, then so like, cannot help to send the whole shop to him.After coming home rabbit asked her mother, the little tiger like you.The small white rabbit straight nod, mama said, why did he not give you eat an ice cream?

     The small white rabbit says he is going to give me, I said I do not love to eat.Mother rabbit say, that you really do not love to eat, there are seven flavors, chocolate taste with your favorite almonds.The small white rabbit to pull on the floor with their feet, murmured, in fact I also have not eaten, just thinking of the sugar to him.

     Little tiger has a candy store, the small white rabbit said as I help you push the ice cream machine to the park to sell.It's really hot in summer, ice cream sold out every day, everyone praised the little white rabbit good intelligence.The small white rabbit, or bite to eat.She will want to wait a little tiger had sent her a, oneself also didn't find the little white rabbit, her favorite has been replaced by vanilla taste, want is no longer just ice cream.

     Time went by, the small white rabbit didn't eat ice cream.The bear is next door to stall selling cookies, gave her a box of rabbit model of cookies.Leave the little white rabbit candy, and ice cream machine has

    given little tiger, go with the bear further small park selling cookies.Rabbit asked her mother, you don't like to eat cookies, isn't it, how to accept again.Said the little rabbit rubbed red eyes, I am hungry.

     Later the little white rabbit heard, little tiger gave the little penguin, ice cream machine and she lived together in a candy store.Little bear told the small white rabbit, she lowered his ears stay for a long time.Bear jokingly asked her, do you regret not eat an ice cream to walk again.The small white rabbit turned leng leng said, is a bit uncomfortable, have not been able to save some sugar for you.

     The small white rabbit hard help to bear selling biscuits, it didn't take long and saved a sum of savings, bought a new candy shop.The mother rabbit QianDingNing than charged, she said the baby ah, this sugar slowly to, or later will not sweet.The small white rabbit mouth repeatedly promise, the in the mind is thinking about how happy bear receive the candy store.She only knew little bear work overtime again, don't know his little duck shape biscuits baked soon.

     The small white rabbit home saw secretly hide little duck biscuits, what also didn't ask more, just ran home crying with my mother.She sobbed and rabbit mama said, bear the most like to eat sugar, I finally can give him a candy house, why did he leave me?Rabbit mother smiled, said she felt little rabbit head, when he does not love you, your sugar is not sweet.

     The small white rabbit still think impassability, had to take the candy store moved to further afield.Little duck is not a good quarrel, I did not know where she got the candy store.A day after dinner, she ridiculed tell winnie, why you don't know, your heart is the most pure small white rabbit, carrying you use the money to buy yourself a good selling cookies?Soon after, the small white rabbit just got a letter from the bear.

     Letter only a few words, is roughly said after the little white rabbit biscuits shop business has been bad, also sell cookies earned money how to say, hope to return him the candy store the little white rabbit.The small white rabbit eyes crying after watching the letter became a peach, she thought of his mother, gave the shop to bear.Mother rabbit said the little white rabbit is a Chinese chives stuffing hook until the heart, brain, "she said, mom, in fact, sugar is sweet, but life is too bitter.

     Later the little white rabbit and loved a few people, are dropped.The simpleton small rabbit ah, like a person, will be hard for his good, very anxious to show him rink hijinks tao lung.She thought only in this way, can we make love live longer and longer.It's a pity that I didn't know at that time, little rabbit, anything as long as deep enough, actually is a knife.

     One day the little white rabbit out of the door, found little bear drunk in her door.He cried and twitter, said he had not happy, said the candy store has been finished, little duck don't think he will not be able to clap

    bottom left.Embrace him a small white rabbit said that if the world I still have what is worth to recall, probably only you.The small white rabbit, out of breath, she thought, maybe fall in love with an old one, there will be no new problems.12. After a long time, and others about this story, the little white rabbit is always with emotion, said those memorable thing ah, should be always in memory.

     Don't know you don't have played a game, that kind of coin.There are many small claws push, push, the COINS are pushing each other, crumbling and solid.Will allocate the more the more difficult it will be, the more thick the COINS in the machine sets the more there will be no harvest, but the more not to drop money the more you think the prize is coming.This logic is very interesting, it is only when you lose.But the small white rabbit just think so, she cannot grow on the edge of the cliff, thought jump is a shortcut to learn to fly.She silently think, prize finally coming.She is big the coin falling scene fan red eye, so forget, you don't have wings.

     Now that is a fairy tale, always a bit of a good is not.Day the little white rabbit went back to the little bear's side, not the bad.Every day for dinner, or going to the park, bear the most beautiful flowers come back for her, pick a small white rabbit will do good food, little bear always rob the washing.Bear thought that everything is ok, he even a little disappointed, all say love is profound, can be the small white rabbit don't

    seem to leave any scars.How ridiculous ah, those who take a knife to delimit tofu, never know pain.

     Until one night, the bear came out from the kitchen, conveniently handed a biscuit to the little white rabbit.The small white rabbit shook his head and said I don't eat cookies for a long time.Then she looked up at bear, light said, you give others things, don't give me.Bear a moment to understand, these wounds or bleeding.At the age of the small white rabbit flapping in the mother's arms crying that afternoon, he had lost his little white rabbit.Together, and could have the possibility of happiness.

     Can bear loathe to give up the small white rabbit, the small white rabbit didn't also found themselves at the beginning of love, is only the unwilling.Life continues, in addition to the little white rabbit or not to eat cookies, what is subordinate.In others' eyes, they became a loving couple.Until one day, she opened an old box, filled with little bear send her flowers every day.Flowers withered, the small white rabbit remembered these days, she took the little bear the flowers every day is a perfunctory smile, turned around and then threw it into the box.She suddenly found that the original does not love, is already no longer love.

     And after break up, to bear the small white rabbit off and on again to open a few candy shop, selling the selling send sent, there is.But she still doesn't speak, said she is hungry, said she wanted to eat an ice cream

    with almond son.She use to candy as a kind of inertia and etiquette, looks and former doesn't make any difference.She gave them to the shiny wrappers, but the little white rabbit knew that they would have no taste.

     Later the little white rabbit to get married, is the pig and the ugly, then there are the two children.Piggy is next to the village to travel, according to he later said, was to little rabbit the store to buy sugar, just like the little smart.Piggy to several times in a row, after every time is to buy sugar, paid the money, and quietly leave sugar.Mother rabbit said, such a child good behavior, can be married.Pigs were also didn't disappoint mother rabbit, swept all the housework after her marriage, all kua his lucky for the little white rabbit.The small white rabbit is always smiling, she often touched the head of the two children said, if you love a person, he wanted to find a candy.

     The story will be over.No one knows, the sugar, the pig is the small white rabbit to eat the poison.Clearly know the little white rabbit is toxic, but also too lazy to block is sold to the pigs.She thought, these coveted sweet greasy, total should be punished.When she just going out poison when taking, found the pig bought sugar, incredibly quiet in the jar.

     Pig came again the next day, the third day, too.The small white rabbit still gave him a poisonous sugar, she doesn't even understand myself why so cruel, she always want as long as the pig charge next time, it's all

    over.But each time the pig clever back into the pot, and then when it found the little white rabbit went away.In the fighting and the little white rabbit, seemed to see the spring.She survived not just the poisonous candy, but over the years the little white rabbit a big disappointment to the world.Finally they fell in love, also follow behind the story.21. But she forgot about the mother rabbit said, you take a lie to test the love, will never find true love.

     Once the pig drink many, friends together asked how he was thought of not to accept candy.Piglet is drank too much wine, answer in a fog, buff.But when those words together, to the small white rabbit ears.The presence of who also don't understand, only she burst into tears in an instant.

     Pig said, that day, that day I was just passing by, bear hard money, little tiger said if I can put sugar back, ice cream machine is mine.

     Until one day she met a baby elephant.The elephant said, actually we already know, my flower shop will open in your four years ago in the candy shop next door, you I pass by every day of the door.Then the elephant to pull on the floor with the feet, tongue-tied said, at that time, I will, I will like you.Do you like to wear skirt, on Monday because you said that every Monday is new.You most like to eat nuts, deserve to go up thousand island dressing, you can't open walnut always use the door, the door of the candy store half a year in the four.When it rains you

    always like to play a blue lace umbrella, once lost you sat in the small garden is very sad to cry, then came home and found in the doorway in, well, that's my newly bought.Originally there is a small park intersection slope, your ice cream machine is always pushing up don't remember, when I stepped on several all night ping.Later you and bear to the distance, I only have a day in your door, waiting for you to send the letter to my mother, on both Banks rush to the mailbox.One day you came back with rabbit mother cry a, I can't hear what you said in across the glass, just follow you cry the whole afternoon.By the way, your mother didn't ask the next day, said no garage how rain water, an apology to her for me.Well, I went on to say that?

     Well, the story had said.

The world is conserved.You give each candy go to the place.The

people who you loved, always in the parallel space-time, love you.

Is really a good story.

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