The fed to raise interest rates settles excitation surge overall a-share upside or co

By Gladys Griffin,2015-03-22 08:49
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The fed to raise interest rates settles excitation surge overall a-share upside or co

    The fed to raise interest rates settles excitation surge

    overall a-share upside or co., LTD

    Under the influence of the federal reserve to raise interest rates boots fall to the ground, after gaining consolidation of shares on Thursday in the accelerated upward, occurred on the Shanghai and shenzhen two city stock index opened higher potential high had gone, stocks rose significantly, the two cities volume surged to nearly one trillion yuan.Such moves may come as a surprise to some investors expect, but it seems that again.Whether the stock market will open the prelude of a-share market during the Spring Festival?

    Full-day trends from the market, after the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected, Shanghai and shenzhen two city stock index have both a high open on Thursday, and after a brief wobble in real estate, charging pile, quantum communication and so on plate led by the accelerated upward.Although afternoon brokerage and other high plate once rushed down, but the strength of the overall market sentiment is maintained, the Shanghai composite index finally closed at 3580.00 points, up 63.81 points, or 1.81%, to 381.4 billion yuan.Shenzhen stock closed at 12825.48 points, up 314.45 points, or 2.51%, to 614.9

    billion yuan.The gem index closed at 2835.70 points, up 72.59 points, or 2.63%, to 158.8 billion yuan.Two cities throughout the net inflows of 9.1 billion yuan.

    There is no doubt that the federal reserve to raise interest rates to eventually fall to the ground boots is one of the biggest impact on the market.After repeated speculation in the market for more than a year, the federal reserve finally raise interest rates by 25 basis points, to deliver the market expectations, also made a lot of market participants see it as bad as, triggering the incremental capital began to enter goods, just how long the rally can last may also in doubt.

    Although the fed chairman yellen also to the market at a news conference after raising interest rates, a certain "dove" signals to hedge may be the potential impact of higher interest rates for the first time.But given the market have very fully expected to raise interest rates, investors to focus more on raising interest rates for the future rhythm and the fed's policy direction, such as the fed did not begin to shrink their balance sheets move.

    Judging from the reaction of the global financial market, the stock market basic rallied on Thursday, European stock markets also open sharply higher, it also makes A shares rose appear is not A surprise, and superposition of the central economic work conference, frequent policy surface's recent good policy makes money outside the enthusiasm of the market bottom, layout next spring market rise.

    Cicc, liu gang, an analyst thinks, no matter how slow pace of rate and doves signal how strong, but in the long term, the federal reserve open interest rates is an epoch-making change after seven years (from zero interest rates, raise interest rates again after ten years, 20 years after Europe and the United States monetary policy back again), its long-term influence cannot be ignored.Embodies in the following four aspects: long-term trend, the open cycle could stifle valuations, raising yield, the yield curve flat, at the same time made the dollar in the short term the callback after the expected cash pressure.Therefore, from the perspective of types of asset allocation, the American bond asset class is not a good choice, while stocks, especially in terms of value stocks with a relative growth stock under the background of the economic recovery

    and a tightening of monetary policy will be more attractive.

    From global categories in terms of asset allocation, combined with poor growth in emerging markets relative to developed markets constantly narrowed and the change of the pattern of global currency, the fed's interest-rate increases pressure to open the arrival of the changing global assets, and the differentiation of all kinds of asset price performance over the past few years may continue, so we need according to the new variable and environment to improve the configuration of assets.

    In addition, the federal reserve to start raising interest rates again cycle for the negative impact of A shares may still need to be from the point of A longer period of time, after all, the fed raising interest rates will speed up the pace of our global hot money back the United States, this makes the outflows from China will take more pressure, the yuan's recent sustained A weaker this kind of market expectations.

    For the A shares, the fed raising interest rates will make the strength of the domestic monetary policy easing is restricted,

    can only hope that fiscal policy.The adjustment of economic structure and make the micro enterprise profitability in the short term it is difficult to A significant change, it also makes A shares subsequent rise can only rely on the policy is expected to stimulate unceasingly, and nonprofit growth picks up, the stock index uplink space may also will therefore limited, investors need to have A clear understanding about this.

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