The SAN Antonio spurs quietly found a way to against the warriors

By Craig Perkins,2015-03-21 15:45
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The SAN Antonio spurs quietly found a way to against the warriors

    The SAN Antonio spurs quietly found a way

    to against the warriors

    The spurs unless opens gregg popovich's head, we don't know why the spurs "backwards", in this league ball the wind a little slow and big dominant style.This is gregg popovich personal effects?Or the spurs in response to foster a warrior?

    Must change?

    2015-16 first month of the season, the spurs' performance is absolutely lethal, they played the NBA's best defense, excellent team record was masked warriors.The spurs are completely reverse the trend

    towards in the pursuit of "small but fast" era, they are more rely on the paint, and deliberately slow rhythm.

    Tim Duncan and marcus - lamarcus aldridge is front, and a slow big subs: David west.The spurs have a simple reason: they have lamarcus aldridge, and created a new style to maximize the use of the latter's technology, and let the other players left the court at the same time.As is known to all, lamarcus aldridge don't want to play center, but Duncan's defense is good too, no reason to let him play as a substitute.

    So, why not let them to start with?

    , of course, this may just be the spurs, they want to use the best way to play a talent, until kawaii - Leonard and lamarcus aldridge dual-core completely take over the team next year.A temporary plan?The results have not better.

    The same rule

    The spurs' offensive efficiency compared with a year ago 106.2 points (round) decreases significantly, but the defense of the twin towers is offset by the setback.When lamarcus aldridge and Tim Duncan was present at the same time, in their familiar with dominant position of defense, the spurs are become holding teams to free throws the minimum number of team play.

    The spurs opponent is three points to alliance first, it is worth mentioning that the spurs rarely gambling defense, but the number of steals and blocks they are ranked the top six, the other team to do the eagle.The spurs and different last season, but they played the same dominance.

    "We thought they will play as good as, or better defense, or the overall better," hawks coach, former SAN ta Michael baden holzer said, "but they are really on the defensive, their defense was great."

    Baden holzer praise is too conservative, if the season ended today, SAN Antonio's best defensive efficiency will be forty years.

    Change for the warriors?

    If naive think the spurs this change has nothing to do with the warriors would be wrong.Definitely seen a spot in the finals the knight in the squad for the warriors make trouble, control the rhythm become critical."Basketball insider" Ben downs wrote: "the knight in the mighty goal after each attack it takes about 20 seconds, they attack each turn with only 4 seconds."

    It is very important to control the rhythm, it shows that how to control the team, and in the defensive end to rivals.The spurs' offensive and finals of the knight is not similar, but they do delay the rhythm, is attacking the longest in the past three years.2013-14 season, each attack is slower than 10 teams, only dropped to 18, 2014-15 season this year is 28.

    Obviously, the spurs attack rhythm slow, their defense to shooting difficult opponents, it has been used against the warriors, but didn't work.The spurs' change, no doubt, but we still do not clear the real reason to change.

    The truth may be contradictory, the spurs trying to win, but at the same time, avoid to let people think they are changing for the

    warriors.Gregg popovich has previously said he would not see the other team's game, because he put all your energy in the SAN Antonio spurs.

    West said: "the defensive plan is the same, every night is who has nothing to do with opponents."

    Sounds like the spurs didn't want to be a warrior terminator, beat Steven curry and traditional methods is absolutely impossible.West said "the same defensive plan" is more impossible to defend attack of the warriors: they can be in a 3-pointer by 30 feet and an omnipotent beast - 2 meters 01 drummond - green.

    Perhaps the believe gregg popovich and west, but that we will have been taken in.

    If the spurs' goal is to win - 20 years are so they can be wayward ignore biggest rival?Warriors can not only is a good team, they and other hot completely different title.

    Is great historical level of the mighty, garage, green, and the other players are small-ball lineup we have never seen before.When GDP is about to fade into the background, in the face of unprecedented strong warriors, the spurs will be indifferent?Do you believe?

    Even if the spurs' change has nothing to do with the warriors, but the result is, they put themselves into a team can threaten the latter.Sir Mentioned knight, and this year is nearly end winning streak of the mighty, and jazz forward power to be reckoned with.Teams know, want to play ball can win the warriors, size and slow perhaps is the best choice - other worse anyway.

    Big lineup did give warriors make trouble and slow rhythm, but failed to beat them finally, given the warriors now dominant performance, with any style against warriors seems unlikely to succeed.

    Temporarily won't have the answer, the real intention of the SAN Antonio spurs them to just meet on January 25.Know gregg popovich people know, he isn't really a meaningless regular-season exposure, perhaps he would pack to sleep during the regular season, maybe he will put on five defender deceive people.

    Seems missed the playoffs last season, the spurs warrior regret won't repeat itself, the warriors crush opponents in the NBA, and the spurs almost as stick, and they met the playoffs is inevitable.Whether or not the spurs big lineup, their rivalry that must be exciting.

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