Iot patent list ranked first by Chinese companies

By Suzanne Reyes,2015-03-21 03:28
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Iot patent list ranked first by Chinese companies

    Iot patent list ranked first by Chinese


    Although the smart home (iot subset) being criticized by some people as "simple things complicated" technical invention, but the Internet of things is still considered the smartphone era of the next wave of science and technology innovation.

    In PC Internet and mobile Internet, the United States are served for the role of the pioneer innovation in silicon valley.But a recent patent analysis, according to a report on the Internet of things technology research, in a backward position in silicon valley, Asia is in a leading position in China, Japan and South Korea, and China's zte ranked first in the list of patents.

    According to Forbes, "the UK intellectual property office" for from 2003 to 2003 between the world of Internet of patent technology is analyzed, and released a report.

    According to the report, the United States silicon valley technology companies in research and development of the Internet of things in a backward position.In the era of mobile Internet in the two big powers, Google (weibo) iot patent number ranked 84 in the whole world, apple was only 27 in.

    In the era of mobile Internet, Google invested a lot of resources development the android operating system and application software, and in the field of Internet of things, Google invested limited resources.After Google paid $3.2 billion for Nest of intelligent household products company in silicon valley in the United States, this from the other side proved that Google technology is weak, needs through acquisitions make up for the disadvantages.

    Study shows that the Internet of things technology research and development rely mainly on big companies, has not yet formed a similar regional development and industry gathered in silicon valley.The Internet of things such as Sweden and Finland patent number is more, the main reason is that Ericsson and nokia, the company is located in the two countries.

    At the end of the patent list (see article), according to China, Japan and South Korea Asian countries occupy the leading position in research and development of the Internet of things.In which China's zte company patents in global technology company first.

    Ranking the second and third respectively is South Korea's samsung electronics and LG electronics.China's huawei technology company ranked 10th.11 and 12 are south Korean companies.SONY of Japan ranked sixth, Toshiba and renesas electronics are among the top 20.

    The study shows that the research interests of science and technology industry for the Internet of things.From 2003 to 2003, the Internet of things the number of patents every year rose nearly 40%, while at the same time, technology patents every year growth rate is only 5%.

    But need to point out that the development of the Internet market, is not completely equal to the development of Internet technology and patent.In fact, Google and apple's iot patent number though not much, but the two companies have become a iot of ecosystem leading builder.

    Google android and apple's iOS has been completely monopolized the smartphone operating system market.But starting in 2014, Google and apple to extend mobile phone operating system facing the field of

    Internet of things, including intelligent household, smart cars, mobile health, dressing equipment, etc.

    The personage inside course of study points out, from mobile phone operating system android and iOS are turning into a "smart life operating system," involves all aspects of human life and work, naturally including the Internet of things applications.

    Nest is Google bought from intelligent household hardware manufacturers, transformation into a smart home standard setting bodies, and apple also plans to make Siri, mobile phones and set-top box become intelligent household and the control center of the Internet of things.

    Here is "the UK intellectual property office report of Internet of things" list single patent number:

    1, zte in China

    2, the south Korean LG electronics

    3, South Korea's samsung electronics

    4, Sweden's Ericsson

    5, the IBM

6, Japan's SONY

    7, the Intel

    8, the French Somfy

    9, America qualcomm

    10, China's huawei technologies 11, the south Korean ETRI

    12, Korea KT company

    13, Finland's nokia

    14, France's alcatel-lucent, is incorporated into the nokia)

    15, general electric company

    16, the United States Microsoft company 17, China telecom, the ministry of information industry research

    institute (CATR)

    Interdigital, 18, the United States 19, Toshiba

    20, renesas electronics in Japan

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