Holland Robabank or as a fourth manipulation of th

By Amy Kelly,2015-03-21 02:20
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Holland Robabank or as a fourth manipulation of th

    Holland Robabank or as a fourth manipulation of the

    Libor rates sent bank

    Dutch Robobank could be a fourth was punishment for manipulation of the Libor rates of Banks, regulators fines for the second largest bank in the Netherlands might exceed $440 million.

    The Netherlands Robobank is approaching and the commodity futures trading commission, the us department of justice, Britain's financial services authority (fsa) reached a settlement.

    Regulators may be the first five months of Britain and America Robobank issue tickets, fine scale in 290 million pounds ($440 million), barclays bank and royal bank of Scotland (RBS) of $612 million.

    Rabobank, founded in 1898 main agricultural loans, it is the only offer Libor rates of the bank.

    Barclays, ubs and RBS three Banks due to manipulation of the Libor rate being fined a total of more than $2.5 billion, some traders profit by artificially low interest rates in derivatives trading.

    That Rabobank suspected of using its in London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong office, manipulation of the Libor rates, sterling valuation, dollar Libor and Euribor.

    The regulators also investigating Rabobank two former trader, Christian Schluep and Paul Robson, the two derivatives experts joined mitsubishi UFJ financial group in 2008 to leave at Rabobank.

    Libor rates are formed by members of the British bankers' association daily quotations, the member Banks through inquiry estimates and dismantling different period and different monetary cost of capital, the highest and the lowest total four offer will be removed, the rest of the quote calculate the average, released by Thomson Reuters London time before noon.

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