Sleep too late is equal to the suicide

By Dustin Freeman,2015-03-20 16:50
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Sleep too late is equal to the suicide

    Sleep too late is equal to the suicide

    Sleep too late is equal to the suicide (for young people) (be sure to have a look, later don't stay up late!)

     Don't think this is a trivial matter!According to the view of traditional Chinese medicine, is caused by strain, disharmony between Yin and Yang organs in the body is internal organs in the body, fight each other, finally cause organ failure and death, so I hope you are not the next!

     9 to 11 PM to the immune system (lymphatic detox time, this time should be quiet or listen to music

     Evening 11-1 a.m, liver detoxification, should be carried out in a deep sleep.

     1-3 am, bravery of detoxification, the same.

     3-5 am, lung detoxification.This is why people cough cough during this time the most violent,

     For detoxification action has gone to the lungs;Don't apply some cough medicine, so as not to inhibit waste accumulated filth ruled out.

     5 to 7 am, e. detoxification, should go to the toilet bowel.

     7-9 a.m., the small intestine of absorb nutrients, should eat breakfast.

     Healing the sick had better eat early, before 6:30, keeping in good health before at half past seven,

     Don't eat breakfast should change the habit, even off until 9 or 10 points to eat better than do not eat.

     Until 4 am in the middle of the night as the spine hematopoietic time, must be sleeping, unfavorable stay up late.

     If you feel good must share...Alone le le than everyone happy...I only want to read you can think more for yourself for the family, can try to sleep early...Hands, feet, and internal organs of the body corresponding to different meridians (FIG.)

     The picture shows below, let's hand, foot and body acupuncture points of the internal organs.Massage, aimed at acupoint dint, can be beneficial to our body.

    As shown, such as our toes respectively represents our eyes and ears, and the soles of the feet is equivalent to in the trunk of the human body. The body is the capital of revolution, learned to give yourself a massage.Her ears curing the body organs Kidney is one of the human body important organ, is the parent of birth.Renal function is normal, have a significant role for health and longevity.

     Five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the kidneys, Tibetan essence of life to begin to understand in the ears, cure kidney disease points there are a lot of in the ear.So often on binaural exercise, can play the role of the healthy kidney zhuang waist, raise live.

     A, lift the earlobe method After hands index finger to put inside of the tragus, lift with your index finger and thumb tragus, earlobe, tyra from

    inside to outside, from light to heavy, pull force is limited to not feeling pain, every time 3 ~ 5 minutes.This method can treat diseases such as headache, dizziness, neurasthenia, tinnitus.

     Second, the hand the helix method Hands hold hands to eat thumb or finger along the helix push the back and forth, up and down until the helix congestion fever.This method has strong brain, kidney, our ears, bright eye, will cure impotence, urinary frequency, constipation, waist and leg pains, cervical spondylosis, flustered, chest distress, headache, dizziness and other symptoms.

     Three, tyra erjian method with both hands thumb or finger pinch auricle tips, upward pull, rubbing, kneading, friction 15 ~ 20 times, make the local hot red.This method has a sedative and analgesic, clear bright eye, brain antifebrile effect and so on, allergy, and kidneys, prevention and control of hypertension, insomnia, sore throat, and skin diseases. Four, rub ears method Hands dismissively double ear lobes respectively, and then rub the transmition.Then seized the earlobe down, and then let the earlobe bounce.Two or three times a day, every time 20.This method can promote the blood circulation of ear, have the effect of the healthy kidney zhuang waist.

     Fifth, both hands to pull the ear Left hand over your head pull up on the right ear dozens of times, and then the right hand pull the left ear dozens of times.This exercise can also promote the submandibular gland,

    sublingual gland secretion, relieve sore throats, cure chronic pharyngitis. Six, hands their ears Two ears, two hand mask, finger to the rear, with your fingers pressing recoiling 24, can hear the sound of "boom", said drum "day".The stimulus can be active kidney, brain, improving eyesight, strong the effect of the kidney.

     Seven, massage the ear Two hands after friction heat, massage the front back positive (i.e., ears), reflex massage the back forward again, repeatedly massage 5 ~ 6 times.This method can dredge meridian, the kidney and systemic organs have health care function.

     8, hands and ears With both hands behind the ear by forward sweep, then heard the sound of the "scrape".Every time under 20, several times a day, as long as insist for a long time, strong will can kidney fitness. More than eight method, can choose according to every one of them needed, or single or several match, as long as it can perserve, can get ideal result.Easy to learn the strong kidney health care law Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the kidney is the foundation of the nature, the source of life, kidney gas filling, is energetic, strong bones and muscles, brisk walking, thinking agile, kidney gas loss is sun be the spirit is weak, lumbar debility, susceptible to cold, born diseases, etc.

     Kidney disease has the branch of Yin deficiency and Yang deficiency.Kidney Yin deficiency, lung heat, pharynx dry, lumbar debility, dizziness, tinnitus, partial red coating on the tongue and other

    symptoms.Kidney Yang deficiency, common body chills, listlessness, tinnitus, lumbar acid tongue pale, fat and other symptoms.

     The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the function of physical activity, including the movement of joints, bones and muscles, such as organization, is dominated by liver and kidney, reason has "kidney advocate bone, bone for kidney", so insist on physical exercise, in order to obtain a muscle health kidney, relaxes the muscles and stimulate blood flow nadis, efficacy, enhance their resistance to strong kidney health purposes.Walking, jogging, playing, exercises, wrestling, swordplay, etc., is a good exercise program.Here are a few simple health care methods, you can try.Rub the beneficiary: two hands to rub after hot press the waist, scrub 30 times."Fu" of waist for kidney, rub the beneficiary can dredge channels, enhance the renal function.

     Rubbing abdomen: two hands to rub hot, demonstrated in abdominal massage at 30 ~ 50 times.Abdomen is one of the true qi, the true essence of cohesion, is the foundation of the human life.The method of the commonly used, can strengthen the body's immune function, improve the body's resistance, so as to achieve the aim of strong kidney thrift, is helpful to prolong life.Saying "blow" "blowing" accordingly with kidney, renal water, reason has the effect of nourishing kidney water.If you do this 6 ~ 9 times.

     In addition, the heart corresponding is "ah" sound, the liver is the

    corresponding "hiss" sound, the spleen is corresponding to "breathe" sound, lung corresponding is ", "sound, the sanjiao (triple energizer) is the corresponding" hey "sound.Pronunciation of longer, more some. Spleen health care methods of gastrointestinal gas: hands overlap, knead abdomen clockwise around the navel, give priority to with tong, can promote gastrointestinal gas unobstructed, counterclockwise around the navel knead abdomen, is given priority to with repair, can play a role the spleen, constipation patients, more than clockwise rubbing, pixu (spleen deficient), then add counterclockwise rubbing, each 300 ~ 500, 1 ~ 2 times a day.Wish friends have a good healthy body!

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