Central station the happy film appreciation

By Warren Rivera,2015-03-19 19:33
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Central station the happy film appreciation

    "Central station" the happy film appreciation

    This is a not involve Brazilian samba, football film, but it didn't affect how wonderful it was, "Central station" (Central do Brasil), the Brazilian movie in that year (98) won a golden globe for best film, Berlin film festival, known by the critics all over the world as "the world is one of the most good-looking movie" story seemed to be a soul redemption of journey, begin from Rio DE janeiro's Central station, the station generation write retired teacher DORA Joshua took nine years old in search of his father's story.

    Brazil is a very wide gap between the rich and poor countries, retired teacher DORA is used to make a living means generation write in Rio's at the station, she is still single, for the middle-aged people in the heart in her true feelings don't trustworthy, she couldn't understand also don't believe sincere feelings between family members, so she

    chose her to the crowd the way: with an attitude of pet treat one sincere, and played the role of "god" as a judge, his feelings to assume the writer, thus make tear or encumbrance "judgment", she was actually shattered many good hope, value and emotion, and she was only caught in the turbulent flow in a crowded car alone the rings tightly hold their own.

    Little boy Joshua to Rio with his mother, he had never seen his father, and mother Anna came to DORA write letters stand for the a little stubborn boy for the first time met DORA.Unfortunately, Joshua's mother had a car accident, then there is only one "acquaintances" in him at the station the DORA.After the story just between the two men opened, because two people with some trouble, DORA agreed with Joshua to look for whom he has never met her father.

    Although he hasn't seen his father, father to say, he is always with a face of the expression of pride.The child's heart is pure, DORA also because get along with Joshua after slowly to find back the beauty of her nature.DORA second planting was with Joshua, and this time, she is not the same, I did not tear up like the past people's letters, but really help them to send out.

    The journey always has to end, locate and out in the end, she left Joshua and his brothers together, and she wear Joshua sent her skirt rode away.The car, especially is two people to pick up the photos, the day after, I believe that Joshua won't forget DORA, and DORA came home may start a new life.

    "The boy looking for his father, the woman to find her refuge, and the country, home to find it."This sentence seems to be just good point movie posters.The film reflects is the return of human nature and exploration tour.Only unearth hidden in the deep heart of "good" and "beauty", the society is full of human feelings and human nature, this is to rebuild beautiful spiritual home, so as to arouse people's confidence in Brazil and hope.

    The names in the film is very religious significance, called Jesus, the father of Joshua, brothers called Isaiah and Moses respectively, are the main characters in the bible.Does this is also the director of ulterior motives?Let religious salvation people's hearts, call up the inner beauty.Because, god, or love us.

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