Aliens do exist.These people are hard to believe

By Marcus Sims,2015-03-19 16:31
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Aliens do exist.These people are hard to believe

    Aliens do exist.These people are hard to believe

    According to the technology blog Business Insider reported that a series of new scientists recently found both provides the reliable basis for aliens exist, a growing body of evidence points to aliens do exist that currently our question is not whether there is the existence of life beyond our planet, but in whether we can find them.

    In 2015, a team of scientists team according to the research estimates that in 4.5 billion years ago, ocean occupies more than one 5 of the Mars surface area, and water depth more than 450 feet.Which existed in the Martian ocean creatures are likely to leave a sign of life in the Martian soil.

    Water is the source of life, but it is not enough to have water, the evolution of the life also need plenty of time.While Mars is clever with these two conditions.In August 2015, the study found that the presence of liquid water on Mars time is longer than previously expected in 200 million.And life, the earth appear on the surface of Mars is still exists some lakes.

    In September 2015, the national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) announced a breathtaking message - currently remains, liquid water on Mars, lthough its content is far less than 4.5 billion years ago.The findings indicate that the a

    surface of Mars is likely to have the presence of microorganisms, it is certainly more than research on Mars billions of years ago the fossil more attractive.

    For a long time, asteroids and comets have been scientists as the key factor for the formation of life on earth.According to a report in August 2015, the comet hit the earth is associated with a greater risk of amino acid synthesis, constitute the key factors of life.From the current information analysis to our understanding of the solar system, other galaxies are likely to be in a similar life evolution process.

    In addition to Europa, enceladus is the existence of life is likely to be the planet.This month, scientists found that enceladus of a vast ocean under the ice surface wrapped in the satellite.Similar to Jupiter's moon Europa and enceladus Marine is in addition to a good place of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

    The two academic papers, published earlier this year for Europa life provides a more convincing evidence.Paper points out that the bottom of Europa's existing deep-sea hydrothermal vents, such as hydrothermal vents and gave birth to life on the earth of the nozzle is very similar.

    According to the planetary scientists predict that in addition to Europa and enceladus double, numerous planets in the solar system are likely to have a large area of underground ocean.But the problem now is how to penetrate the surface shell and cover hundreds of miles, the underground sea search for signs of life.

    In addition to the earth, Saturn's Titan (Titan) is there only the surface of the lake planet in the solar system.But these lakes cannot is like the water of the earth's life, because the water is actually liquid methane.But this year some Cornell university research team confirmed that based on methane anaerobic cells have the ability to survive on Titan.

    If the life only in environmental evolution is similar to the earth on the planet, then we shall look to planets outside the solar system.In July 2015, scientists discovered in 1400 light-years away from earth and its similar planet, its size, orbit around the star and life are strikingly coincident with the earth.One scientist said: "all the elements of life can be found on the planet."

    In October this year, scientists found an unexplained phenomena, huge volume of material around the KIC 8462852 planets orbiting.Scientists have suspected that

    the exotic material was built by aliens dyson swarm like great mansion, although such a possibility is very small, but the exploration of extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) scientists decided to use the Allen telescope array observation of the 1500 light-years from earth planet alien civilization does exist.

    The famous drake equation that we can calculate how many alien civilization exists in the galaxy.Formula is in the form of N = R * (fp) (ne) (fl) (fi) (fc) L, the meaning of each parameter as shown above.According to the basic statistics and calculation of the equation, there is potential for extraterrestrial civilizations in the galaxy star number as high as millions.

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