The movie forrest gump reviews

By James Robertson,2015-03-19 00:19
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The movie forrest gump reviews

    The movie "forrest gump" reviews

    Forrest gump is a classic film, it's different to conventional thinking Angle, philosophical performance to win the majority of the audience close, make a lot of the audience again and again to watch over and over again, over and over again in this seek their own philosophy of life.It is so, forrest gump has is a popular global audience favorite movie.What he brings people not only witty dialogue in the film and the story, of course, let the audience see the hero forrest gump views on life is different, the thinking of life, attitude to life should hold, life should be how to face life, face difficulty, face yourself and your family, and so on.

    Forrest gump in the film is the embodiment of virtue, honest, and trustworthy, serious, brave and attaches great importance to the feelings, the people only know you planned to pay, also never mind other people refused, he is only open-minded, magnanimous in the face of life.His wisdom, faith, courage focused on only a bit, he regardless of anything, only know intuitively running on the road, he ran the childhood schoolmate's discrimination, ran across the football field, ran past the university of the artillery fire of the Vietnam war mire, ran past the ping-pong diplomacy battlefield, all over the United States, and eventually to run to his destination.

    The most classic scene in the film to the feather of performance, it is

    lightsome, elegant, full of hope and philosophy, full of endless thoughts and wisdom, make people have to the life, to society, for himself and his family, lover's thinking.The feather throughout the central idea of the film, both in content and structure of the film is in place, perfect, also have a lot of poetic and endless charm.Left us infinite daydream thinking and different angles.Everyone who seen forrest gump will get some inspiration: life is like the air of white feather, or fight the wind or blowing in the wind, fly the blue sky, or fall into the deep...Is really a good movie can show to the audience's excellent structure.

    Film adapted from Winston groom's novel.Forrest gump is a typical American, his body embodies the American national character, and he is also involved in or witnessed the great historical events since the 50 s.Forrest gump to witness the black civil rights movement, the Vietnam war on the front, witnessed watergate, participated in the open foreign new era of China and the United States table tennis;In the aspect of popular culture, he is elvis Presley's most famous stage action of teacher, inspired by John lennon's most famous song, in the long run invented in the 80 s, America's most famous slogans.The surface of the film is gump's autobiography, he slowly.Saw and heard forrest gump said the line is not only highly representative, and is a direct illustration of history.This visual metaphor in film the first lens vivid hint: a feather fluttering, blowing local-style dwelling houses and the road, the last was

    in forrest gump feet, grace is prosaic, casual and inevitability.Tom Hanks forrest gump from projection into real, human being history.Forrest gump is a dominated the adult body of young children, fool a sage, a beyond ordinary people, a little represents the national

    personality.Quote: life is like a box of chocolate.

    The perfect artistic performance and excellent records, reaction to the events and people's feelings.Make the film more popular people's favorite.So sometimes, want to classic film will do multi-angle enlighten the audience thinking, many people's comprehension, bearing the weight of the historical facts and the responsibility of society, the film must be able to keep pace with The Times, have to wake up

    people!Which is triggered by the story of a little guy and records, reveals the whole country, the society of a historical facts, change, affects people's thinking.So the film has a certain height.

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