a review of the movie forrest gump

By Thomas Morgan,2015-03-18 11:02
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a review of the movie forrest gump

    Stewed a review of the movie "forrest gump" First hope you when are free to come and see me this film, because it is too long.If you had just seen the movie, it was too wonderful, you will have a special feeling.Critics of this word is the brainchild of three days, I want to see is serious look, let's start now.

    Run, ForrestRun

    Has been very want to know the "IQ of 75" forrest gump is a concept, after the access to the data to arrive at a definition of medicine: IQ between 70 and 80 state is called the

    "critical" normal, while the average IQ of range between 80 and 120, the original gump's intelligence or a "normal".In the name of the "Gump," forrest Gump, slang has the meaning of "fool", in the name of this meaningful really will be the fate of the

    doomed to forrest Gump life?

    Forrest gump as an inspirational blockbuster, initially gave me the impression is not so courageous: hero forrest gump is a young ambition was dull, he had believed in (it should be said that his pet phrase) is just someone else's warning.Forrest gump said: "I'm going to run, but don't know ran to where."(no more assertive sentence!)Forrest gump used to let others for his direction, teach him what to do: since the childhood jocks are also "Momma said... (mother say...)".Head is always Jenny say "Run, Forrest!" (Run, Forrest!).The business is also dead friend Bubba shrimp;Even running across the United States is also had no plans to."No volunteers youth" is the most intolerable our times "defects," dozen small is "ambitious" four haves "youth", not assertive children must be seen as "no", as if the more ideal ambitious, big to do President, the child didn't really have ambition.And 21st century teens is advocating rebellious, dare to dare to make, elder or friend's warning and persuade how can take it to heart, obedient child must be a "stupid".But gump to every word in mind, always follow the mother and friends.

    Is such a "obedient" children get the evaluation of "adults" is what is it?Forrest Gump is the first time in the true sense is praised in the barracks, black Sir Give evaluation is: "Godamnit, Gump! You 'r e a godamned genius! That' s the most outstanding answer I 've (heard. You must have a godamned I.Q. of a hundred and sixty! You are godamned gifted, Private Gump! (killed, Gump! You are really a day of genius! This is the most wonderful answer I heard in my life. You must have a day To kill an IQ of 160 days You kill the talented, my Private Gump!)" what makes the chief were so excited To tell forrest Gump four killed "day", forrest Gump answer really is the single most "outstanding", forrest Gump's answer is just "To do whatever You tell me do the

    things That You told me ()", choose obedience, complete obedience.Is it just blind?Why when ambush in the jungle, forrest gump only defied the order of the lieutenant colonel, back into the jungle to save the best friend Bubba?That is not to blindly, originally the forrest gump "obey" only comes from the trust and affection, his entire entrusted to their most reliable man, just because trust will point the way, for you to do so is not equal to believe in yourself?So simple to be a human will not be happy?

    Just know the "obedience", forrest gump will have such success?Of course not!The mother said to forrest gump, "Stupid is as Stupid does, Stupid Stupid)".Forrest gump immediately to position itself as "stupid", diligently, doing the "wise men" won't do "stupid";Love Jenny to Forrest gump said: "Run, Forrest, Run!"So gump like, ever after, also don't want to go all out to run, can't even lazy "two steps" to use.That ran past the childhood were oppressed, run through the dangerous Vietnam, run through the whole piece of the continental United States, all the way "run" into "football star", "war hero", "ambassador", "captain shrimp", "millionaire"...Very weird, actually it's not surprising, because the forrest gump has mastered the secret of success in the morning: "If I was going somewhere, I was running (If I want to go to where, I was running to)", forrest gump is always running to realize the "miracle", will always be ceased.First by their trust for themselves a good direction, forrest gump as long as you tried running in this direction, even if the starting point than others a lot, but it will process has been simplified a lot of, so will arrive ahead of the others.Now do you believe in miracle "forrest gump"?

    Film expression of absolute theme is "run", but there is no lack of heavy social topics: discrimination against vulnerable groups, racial discrimination and the Vietnam war and anti-war, drug and HIV/AIDS, those heavy things happen moment beside forrest gump, but it seems to forrest gump is not worth mentioning, because he will use "run" to deal with, he usually choose the "run" rather than "back" : to celebrate the New Year, lieutenant colonel to find two girls "night", but put them away forrest gump, Dan asked him why he don't like that girl, gump replied: "She tastes like cigarettes. (She

    smelled like cigarettes.)".Just because I don't like, also don't feel so good, so I choose to reject.Than in the stars and stripes with anti-war speaker, with a word "fuck" forrest gump is wiser, and more straightforward.If everyone knows the bad things choose "run" and "thrown away", the world will have so many ugly and dirty?

    "Run, Forrest, Run!"The telling is telling gump everything don't try to be brave, learn to protect themselves, and forrest gump is not just to understand it as "escape", he added his own understanding: in Vietnam in the jungle, the galloping on the way home, sailing in a storm, long trip across the United States...One word can change a person's life.Hope that everybody can understand the meaning of "run", know when to chasing, when should choose to escape again, at least slow the forrest gump will choose, we can choose these so-called "normal" right?"Run, Forrest, Run!"Jenny is the gift to forrest gump, but gump make it your own truth.

    You're my girl.

    In small theater scene, when gump to Jenny clearance, Jenny asked forrest gump "according to you so good to me? (Why are you so good to me?)", forrest gump and the answer is this sentence "you 'r e my girl. You are my girl", so the simple answer is to let a person so touching.I didn't want to talk about love, but love in the film is too too pure moving directly, I have to talk fall convention, not too bad.

    Jenny and forrest gump were childhood sweethearts couple. They are so very different;Forrest gump does not smoke or drink, just like "a little" soda drink, his humble tolerance, sincere kindness, will only silently pays, never to return, he bravely risk death to save his comrades, his generosity and kindness;And Jenny smoking, drinking or drug use promiscuity, her frantic unruly, indulgence, she's always fantasy become a star, chasing their so-called dream;She is ruthless rebuffed forrest gump, again and again and again and again break gump's heart.

    Forrest gump life in the world of the desirable innocence, but Jenny live in addiction world is full of temptation.They are so opposite, is two people who live in a completely different world.It is hard to imagine that gump will be willing to stick to such a woman.What is the reason?"You are my girl." just because this sentence.Little Jenny was the first person to accept gump, childhood always accompany beside forrest gump, take good care of the young forrest, forrest gump also really see Jenny as the most important person, willing to guard in her side, waiting for her come to their senses, "I" l l always be your girl. (I will always be your little girl.) "this is Jenny give answer, forrest gump for this sentence relentlessness.But love can not be forced, forrest gump is so smart, one would have understood this, so he chose is to wait and be together, let the time change, the moon and sun flow, never change, but he finally wait for is no longer the "little Jenny"...

    Maybe little Jenny pray doomed from the start the flow of this tragic heroine irresistible fate: "Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, far, far away from here. Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, far, far away from here. (Dear Lord, make me a bird fly away from here, fly to the far, far away.)", but forrest gump "stay in its place" love her;Jenny said: "A lot of people try to grab me. Just -- you can 't keep doing this all (A lot of men want to take advantage of me, but... you can't protect me every time)," forrest gump said: "I can' t keep it. I love you. (I'm not, but I love you." gump to be honest, because he really can't do that, he cannot force Jenny change, but he must be secretly in the heart of chagrin, he want to protect more of Jenny."Order I never hurt you, Jenny. (I will never hurt you, Jenny." the same word in the so-called anti-war leader Wesley also said in the mouth, but it is unrealistic to joke."I miss you, Jenny. If there 's anything you need, I won' t be far away. (Jenny, I miss you. If you need me, I was not far away.)" in the white of Jenny's tomb, gump crying, he thought always accompany beside Jenny, together with her on their "Jenny" shrimp together, back to childhood shade town of life together, to send their "little forrest gump" to school...But everything has a communal and.

    Friends, need not too base, our gump is definitely not the failure of love, he learned to love, know love, we are more willing to believe that Jenny is always love forrest...Shouldn't be cruel to guess what Jenny said the "virus" exactly is what disease, should not be more vicious doubt little forrest gump biological, let's wipe the tears, feeling Jenny last disillusion, wish happiness go together sweet couple in the end.

    “I sure hope I don't let him down”

    Forrest gump had no promises?Never, "I sure hope I don 't let question down (I promise I won't let him fall)" this is forrest gump to Vietnam after secretly in the heart do promise, this is not only his commitment to lieutenant colonel, commitment to comrades, and of his promise.But Bubba collapsed, lieutenant colonel also lost his legs and "down".Dan in school-based to glorious end his life on the battlefield (like his predecessors) heroes, but gump saved his life.Bubba's death revealed gump's heart, but did not think of Lt. Dan lost his legs as the end of the world.Of course not gump coolly, as forrest gump said: "yukio okamoto, - You 'r e, Lieutenant Dan. (You... You're still the Lieutenant colonel.)" Lieutenant colonel, or a Lieutenant colonel I lost her legs, or any other ordinary people."You are no marketers than anybody else is." (You are no different with others), forrest gump with mother encouraged lieutenant colonel, help him regain confidence, make him up slowly.

     I always think the man is the most precious quality responsibility, we all don't have a lot of people, but really understand our forrest gump.Forrest know how to shoulder responsibility: he has a large family of rich let Bubba live a good, built the churches and hospitals for bart bay of the poor, and lieutenant colonel struggle become millionaires, together to Jenny and a real home...Remember those saved by his members of?Remember the "ring of beauty by his long distance" to encourage

    people?Responsible for other people, who is also responsible for yourself.Forrest gump has done so much for others selflessly, finally is naturally "good guys weihaobao."

     Can imagine, if you have a friend like forrest gump is lucky, but why gump was young his classmate, after the army also have been others supercilious look?Just because his IQ of 75, but as I said it's a more normal intelligence.So-called reasons derived from "pride and prejudice", problem originates from the society as a whole, only because of the intellectual slightly low, status difference, beliefs, or even color of skin is different, the difference between a discrimination against them, to squeeze them.Recall that we have to "forrest gump" ever supercilious look, to drive, laughed at...Luckily we forrest gump is not afraid of being rejected, strong and he never let his love, and love him "fallen"!

    I have lofty, despise use others' statements to adorn my reviews, like to do is chew every word of each line of the movie, line is the essence of forrest gump, because they have too much "means" place, also hidden too many to be the truth.But then I'd like to show you some video shots and I understand, this is the most direct display (haven't seen the movie, of course, friend, have the opportunity to preheat, I will also explain one by one to you, let's start) :

    "There is an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes. Where they 'r e going. Where they' ve had. (by a man's shoes can learn many things, they go, they've been.)" this is my mother's teachings.Jenny gump's gift is a pair of "Nike" shoes, forrest

    gump is wearing it across the United States, so I can't help but want to say..."Nike shoes can be true through" wear!!!!!!

    Let's take a look at gump suitcase: a seal with the name of the forrest gump baseball cap, he often wore, shrimp on the sea and often wore, so looks old), a picture book telling a story for little forrest gump (childhood mother "props"), a ping pong board (learn ping-pong in the barracks, because table tennis tour of China, the table tennis board to play much, also old), a "fortune" magazine (cover is a photograph of him and lieutenant colonel, a symbol of their friendship and business), pairs of socks (naive forrest gump, is because in Vietnam, lieutenant colonel teach to keep feet dry, often should change dry socks), a blue shirt (how neatly folded, because since the childhood good habit and a former soldier, like forrest gump also like blue).Too much experience, a small suitcase performance also showed forrest too much quality.

    "Jenny and me was like peas and carrots. (Jenny and I was like peas and carrots, was like peas and carrots.)" and I learned English, childhood sweetheart they innocent playmates, let a person envy.

    Forrest gump off the pedal and began galloping moment, this is the normal means of emotional, traditional large but very strange, but I have not been completely moved to, might be expected, and I will give it a name: "break up"!

    Looked at with 44 gump stood "zone" littered down behind a large group of opponents, everybody is in the heart is a kind of pleasant sensation, this is the first time moved to me.When forrest gump is a football star, the first time found a suitable for his stage.

    Kill the four classic "day", forrest gump volunteer after the army chief was praised.Barracks like forrest gump, "home" in the barracks, he must be a "top", before he also refresh the record assembling the fastest gun game, by the way.Forrest gump, you're a "kill" strong!

    Honestly Bubba man also was tired enough, mouth closed "short" shrimp, shrimp, I see only gump can you stand him, but he really is my favorite role, in addition to gump always think he is forrest gump in the true sense first a friend, but also has two defects have different skin color person bared like brothers, one finally also inherited the dream of another person, they were really born of a couple, it's no wonder that lieutenant colonel said they "Twins".

    Forrest gump in the small theater staring beloved Jenny sang songs, to tell you the truth, Jenny song is really very beautiful, but the presence of all the men only care about the guitar after things, only gump enjoying singing, then Jenny should has not fallen, she is so beautiful.

    Troops after an ambush in the jungle, gump to rescue Bubba, just as forrest gump with Bubba flee for life, and constantly repeating: "I'm okay, I'm okay...", who are not willing to die gump's best friend, we also think everyone should be okay, it's a pity that

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