The rise of scarlet ball 2

By Ashley Cooper,2015-03-18 10:22
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The rise of scarlet ball 2

    "The rise of scarlet ball 2: battle of the dawn", 48, the ball is about to usher in the dawn, human will fall

    into darkness

    After a wave of high tide at the start of the summer, several in a rowlargeTo release films at the same time in North America, before all is revealed to let mainland audience did not stand in the feeling of the movie world forefront.Since the change 4 in China dumped nearly 2 billion RMB, and over every record countless is breakdown, setThe United StatesFilm outside of the local highest box office record, the introduction of quality and quantity of Hollywood blockbusters are gradually began to decline, in the second part of the summer, release the big production in North America are not able to synchronize the introduction, until now the summer has to end, at present this in North America to detonate the entire film market, word-of-mouth box-office win-win "scarlet ball" sequel, the screen finally landed in mainland, though late, but from the perspective of the heat of the market, good movie is not need too much publicity.

    Film to carry on the plot of the episode, humans created is called "the apeThe flu"Virus, quickly swept the world, and 9 into more human to kill, the whole human civilization collapsed overnight, so to speak, and the cause of the collapse of the human, is not an alien invasion, not nuclearThe war, more is not derived from the computer artificial intelligence, but with rich scientific mad and

    crazy man developed a deadly virus, can say human hand will be sent to the grave.At a time when the source of the virus apes are headed by "Julius Caesar", but are like humans ate the golden apples, opens the soul of them, and gradually formed a "Julius Caesar" as the leader of the tribe, they learn to make and use tools, collective hunting, collaboration of group activities.Record at the opening of the film a mighty, quite a shock hunting.The birth of a series of scenario verification the apes civilization, though both tools and tactics were pretty primitive, but enough to prove that they are their shift.

    In Caesar and assistant almost conversation, Caesar reveal a nostalgia for humanity.All of a sudden a group of uninvited into apes, sees the human again, gunfire broke the whole forestquiet, also let to realize human survivors are countless apes, also let a few visitor seen are gradually socialized apes, and the leader, Caesar incomparable deterrent force and verve and Paramount position in apes, more surprised they are, from Caesar mouth actually speak the language, this represents a sign of human civilization and wisdom, even from a whole body furry and unusually big strong gorilla roar of the mouth, the eyes and ferocity and the thrill of it will be almost all the daylights out of shock, fled helter-skelter they will soon be the messaging to San Francisco of humans, apes and ultimately trailed, discovered the human fortress and large number of human survivors.

    Can say the outbreak of the war of humans and apes started from this moment, if there is no mercy, Caesar in the first place team will directly by the thunder means that a group of human beings all slaughtered, then followed almost the betrayal and lead to all-out war won't broke out, but being raised by a kind of good man, he was destined to a warm and generous in the side of his character, also condemned him to between human beings and not easily war's bottom line.But let everyone see that his bottom line in front of the almost hated the human is not everything, almost also opens the soul, the film which is made by a betrayal and lets the human drama, Caesar's shot in the fall as the trigger for the outbreak of the war, everything was already cannot be redeemed at this time, the angry crowd of apes breached the human fortress.But the protagonist of the story, Caesar is not so easy to fall, to quell civil and clearly recognize the present situation of him, to all the audience left a strong, domineering, the look in the eyes of the shock.

    Gradually improve, and approach the perfectactionCatch technology, make the film many apes, especially several important roles in the movement and the expression of, abnormal were drawn lifelike, lifelike, a complete virtual image, one from the outside to the inner world of

    unprecedented fullness apes leaders be delicate present in front of the audience, complete 3 d special effects technology, make it look more realistic and highly visual impact.Around the effects of "Julius Caesar" the mood of the audience follow ups and downs, and gradually be infected by his charm, val Roman story left, this is of Caesar's adoptive father figure, has leftJames francoThe star, it can be said that virtual Caesar became the core of the story really, he himself was less a fetter and scruple in humans, it can be said that if William Roman is one of the survivors, the war could not break out, the story can only change a way to make bottom go to, but it is hard to say, what is this Hollywood writers are dare to STH over and over again, they are powerful and

    unconstrained style, sometime what will the next a sequel to the moth, give out a showdown with William Roman Caesar is possible, all look forward to the next set of soon.

    When the "old fox", take the big prequel of agitation, will be reset in this series, the series of its release in 2011, and is not very large in become a dark horse, and left a stage at the end of the story is a sequel, wait until the"The dawnMan of die was built during the war "the current feelings" end "of the agitation, the virus has brought human destruction, brought to replace human to apes rule the earth. And this wonderful is seen for many years before the planet of the apes

    compared the audience knows the reality of the war with the apes, but the director will not pour out feelings to one side, after all in original apes and humans, surrounding the race for power and killing, hierarchical social strata, where the dark side of all."The dawnWar "is not" person "the game of orthodox or" ape ", but rather about two sentient RACES for peace desire and effort but was eventually kill in the plot of a few individuals. And the friendship and efforts of the leaders on both sides, in the face of the overall situation of building to collapse is so weak and small. This is not the humanity and of other RACES, more not is my race whose soul will old routines, apes and Terran battle only coat, the kernel is throughout the history of mankind, is the wisdom of race has always can't avoid elegy of killing each other.

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