From Copenhagen TALK to the ACT in Paris

By Stephen Harris,2015-03-16 06:36
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From Copenhagen TALK to the ACT in Paris

    From Copenhagen "TALK" to the "ACT" in Paris

    The 21st session of the UN conference on climate change (COP21) in November 30 to December 12, in Paris, France Loeb erg expo center, 2015 Paris conference on climate change through about 2020 years after the strengthening action on climate change agreement.

    (1) the Copenhagen climate conference in Paris and differences Everyone on the climate conference in Paris expectations are very high, if not attack suddenly and violently fear on November 13, Paris, size may be similar to the Copenhagen climate conference in 2009.Was known as the "save the human last chance" of Copenhagen has more than 100 participants from ten thousand, the Copenhagen hotel is almost all full, so many people at the same time in Copenhagen, stay there more than five to fifteen days, when I evaluate it is the world's largest low-carbon conference is the world's largest high carbon action, but it successfully aroused people's concern about climate change to the existential, success also let many countries politicians pay close attention to the agreement between the government.

    The climate conference in Paris, we took part in the French industry commerce organization's side will, theme is "how to carry out the promise of climate change and addressing climate change", from the French minister of industry and commerce, Google group vice President, chief executive of vestas group CEO, dewa, etc., to attend the world a

    us-funded enterprise leaders, institute of executives and government leaders, members of the royal family, everybody in his speech to improve climate commitments and solutions, such as dubai is a city very cow, all over the world dewa chief executive at the meeting promised the world will have 30% of the 2030 new energy alternative, take the lead in the dubai "go green".We showed at the meeting in China solar valley, the concept and too not series, after the meeting, chief executive of dewa let assistants find I seek cooperation, including amicably and vice President of Google, we agreed with each other hand in hand, support each other, each other off.

    The climate conference in Paris, I feel is one of the biggest characteristic, before the Copenhagen conference calling attention if it is, is dependent on the government, the parade of environmentalists are ngos, is "Talk, Talk, Talk," this is a significant action, is the solution, from the content of the speech is also obviously feel everybody's action, and the world's top companies, such as Google, ricoh, Siemens, and so on), the active participation of actively explore how sustainable, how to turn green?Give the world more people hope and expectation.

With the French minister of industry and commerce, vice President of

Google group and vestas group CEO, chief executive of dewa stage

The host field interaction

After the meeting with participants from all over the world exchange


(2) solar micro kitchen in speech seats: because of love

    Speak at the meeting, our solar micro kitchen before the meeting, the chairman of the stage, is very attractive, it is more likely climate to improve a product, as it is a love of props - products exist because of love.

    In my speech, people ask me: I heard that you are dry oil, how to do on the solar energy?I said because I take the bride to find childhood growth

    footprint, taihu lake sewage hurt my feelings for childhood memories, is to reduce the pollution, for my daughter, and their children have a blue sky white clouds, I create a solar energy away from the oil industry.Solar industry is a mission of industries, such as sunshine as selfless and sustainable, we do business bearing the "high" and "low", low is that I love my child, I love my family, love they are my personal beginner's mind;High, it is because of his love for their children and extended to love other people's children, high because of our cause.We changed the Texas city, first to know and use the solar energy, the Texas later changed the city I used to know, and then changed the unfamiliar city before, let those who used solar knows that the solar energy, then we get half the population in China are using the solar energy, let all Chinese people all know that the solar energy with more than ten years of time, this is huang Ming.

On the rostrum of solar energy kitchen, very interesting

Communicate with customers and demonstrate solar micro kitchen


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