Anticipated CES2016 exhibition preview what technology products are to be expected

By Laurie Patterson,2015-03-16 02:05
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Anticipated CES2016 exhibition preview what technology products are to be expected

    Anticipated CES2016 exhibition preview :what technology products are to be expected

    As away in 2015 and 2015, the annual CES international consumer electronics show in January 6, 2016 in Las Vegas kicked off again.As the annual exhibition, the first major consumption CES performance largely herald the next trend of the market.This time, robotics, automation technology, virtual reality and so on become a new hot, here are together and see what is the worth we are looking forward to!

    A smart phone

    While cell phones have been something ordinary, but is still indispensable consumer technology.CES exhibition in 2016, perhaps several manufacturers such as samsung, LG, SONY products can focus on, they will often show some cutting-edge design and material selection.

    The samsung Galaxy S7 foresight

    You may remember, in the 2015 CES, samsung to select partners quietly exhibited the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.So there was no exposure to the media.But based on this situation, we have reason to believe that samsung will also at this year's CES exhibition center of a secret room out of the next generation of xinji Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.Foreign media reported earlier, the samsung Galaxy S7 or with double pixel camera sensor, is used to replace traditional phase focus, at the same time, the Galaxy S7 is likely to pick up using the technology of sensor.In addition, according to foreign media exposure SAMMOBILE Galaxy S7 concept propaganda video display, S7 improvements on exterior design for most said good also.

    LG G Flex 3

    Perhaps LG at CES 2016 biggest flick is about Web OS platform and achieve 8 k standard quality big TV, but its surface screen mobile phone LG Flex 3 G are also expected.At present, LG G Flex 2 adopted a new generation of flexible OLED screen, the maximum bending Angle of 90 degrees, more easily than LG Flex deformation.According to rumors of LG Flex 3 G on the basis of the former two generations of mobile phones, will also join such as qualcomm Xiao dragon 820, 820 x 2560 resolution 2 k screen,

    wireless charging technology, in addition the rear camera is 20.7 million pixels, a front-facing camera to 8 million pixels.

    CES is not a main stage of mobile phone products, and MWC in February after all.

    The next generation processor

    Qualcomm, nvidia and Intel

    Processor might seem less sexy, but when you think of the performance of smartphones is largely attributed to some it may pay more attention to it.CES exhibition in 2015, nvidia, qualcomm two chip makers respectively introduced prototypes X1 and Xiao dragon 810 processor.So next month, on display at the two companies will also show two processors iterative products.

    Foreign media projections, CES exhibition in January, you may be able to see Xiao dragon carrying 820 and nvidia prototypes X1 electronic products.In addition, Intel's Atom processors or will be included.

    The tablet

    2015 CES we are seeing some unforgettable tablets, 2016 will also be same.In addition to the Pro and the mini 4 have the things that make our full attention, according to the common samsung may show more Galaxy series tablet, but the possibility of iteration of existing products will be bigger, rather than a brand new product.

    Wearable devices

    2016 CES, we are likely to see a healthy track such as intelligent wrist Watch face to face, such as samsung Gear S2, Moto, LG 360 G Watch Urbane LTE, fibit etc, they all will lead to rapid iteration and updates.For wearable devices, consumers are more focused on the effect of fashion, however, from the level of science and technology, in view of fitness tracking accuracy problem, so the industry the most want to see update may still health improve tracking accuracy.

    Virtual reality

    Virtual reality as a hotspot technology in recent years, each big manufacturers are racing to develop, on the CES will all kinds of VR products products.It is well known that three big mainstream SONY playstation VR virtual reality hardware devices, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift will be listed in 2016 years, they also will attend CES 2016.It is predicted that the visitors will be able to see the practical application of this kind of product, the respect such as game class for demonstration.Now to be sure, HTC will show Vive new development version, the version from the consumer to go further.

    In addition to the above three mainstream products, we can also expect more digital virtual reality camera, including in the field of film and television, and creative design product.

    Smart car

    Smart cars, self-driving cars and electric vehicle concept prototype will attend CES.Although the rumored Apple Car basic won't appear, but BMW, ford, Toyota, hyundai, Volkswagen, audi's booth is bigger and bigger, various specifications, function, theme of the electric Car is on its way.It is reported, smart car products will account for 25% of the seats in the 2016 CES exhibition.

    Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

    As the world began to unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) regulation, can want to see the rapid development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).As more and more popular aerial, latent pat tools, the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) threshold is becoming more and more low, deeply user attention.The unmanned aircraft manufacturers will also speed up the product technology upgrade, improve the function.The GoPro is likely to be released at the CES 2016's first unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

    The robot

    CES 2016 another big event is in the field of robot technology, its exhibition space as high as 71%.It is understood that the robot market will have about 20 groups to participate in the exhibition business, introduce their commercial production, health management, interactive entertainment field becomes more and more intelligent, more and more powerful robot technology and products.

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