The heart of the rock to see the business

By Gordon Jackson,2015-03-13 11:22
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The heart of the rock to see the business

    The heart of the rock to see the business

    On June 28, 2012, 2012 launched the "special supply machine".Zhou have sent several weibo with lei jun.Zhou said: "the mobile phone is in fact CPU, memory, android users to use."And architecture of the millet mobile phone use old A8 attacked.He said: "the next higher frequency, in addition to run points and more power consumption, and compared the new A9 structure have no advantage in speed."

    In fact, in 2012, zhou do phone mainly want to mobile phone market disruption, disrupt the millet strategy, dropped the elan of millet.Of 360 mobile phones is with the traditional phone business cooperation, launched "360" special supply machine, cooperation of mobile phone companies such as alcatel, haier, amoi.360 the company is not responsible for the hardware, the main work is based on the native android was improved, join the security features, let these hardware vendors for installation, and in the mobile phone in 360 on the back of the logo.

    360 in addition to do system, using 360 security guards, 360 site navigation flow entrance for these online stores provide traffic support for machine, and provide help in Internet marketing.While mobile phone sales to these hardware vendors online store, or jingdong, Tmall official

    flagship store.It is the electric business platform is responsible for the logistics distribution.Responsible for after-sales service by the hardware company.By providing flow entrance, 360 can also get some advertising revenue.

    These "special supply machine" is a proud name, for example, AK47, super battleship, it is the name of the weapon and equipment.These names also reflects our profile for the first time to do phone when there is a kind of fad mentality, mobile phone at the same time, he despised the do this thing.And the 360 defeat for the machine is the main reason why is that his contempt for the mobile phone market, to control, supply chain for the product quality can't guarantee.

    In 2014, zhou said in a speech: "I used to pull a lot of friend with mobile phones, but they are unreliable, finally failed. We made many attempts on hardware, now do the threshold of the hardware, or high."Obviously, he was convinced of his error.

    360 in two years time eat own "fad for mobile phone" the bitter, so this time do mobile phones, 360 certainly won't mentality of a fad.

    AK47 make phone with zhou plot

    Between these two years, millet has from a not well-known small mobile phone brand become the mobile phone market.Christmas 2014,

    zhou wrote a letter to internal, in the letter of the last sentence is "take AK47, follow me to do phone south!"The letter was heat transfer on the Internet, but also 360 announced plans to do a phone book of "internal mobilization" and "challenged".

    In March 2015, zhou suddenly launched WeChat declared himself, but also on twitter, said: "I finally opened the WeChat, hope to everyone in the group of listening learning more, welcome to the discussion of industry technology investment group add me in."With zhou suddenly opened WeChat online also has a variety of speculation, zhou again in the weibo replied: "you don't guess, WeChat is an important prerequisite software, mobile phone so that Chinese people like WeChat, so if I don't experience WeChat, how can you make a phone you like?"

    Obviously, zhou has been for five years ago, 3 q war relief, never use tencent products used to proudly announced, but all this is because our profile to do mobile phone!Zhou WeChat name is AK47, avatar is a * * * * and several shuttle bullet.In addition to the AK47 is zhou very love a gun, use AK47 as WeChat name may seem secondary to enter the mobile phone market has a certain connection.

    I asked him if he himself has certain correlation, this is only my personal guess.In doing mobile phone for the first time, zhou will give one name "360 special supply machine" AK47, open and now in order to

    make mobile phones after WeChat also use AK47 as WeChat, does this have to do after "360" special supply machine nostalgia or mark?

    Then start the phone 360 BBS, but the phone code for AK47 BBS.At the same time, a AK47 for code 360 issued a series of posters, one is "dear captain, Lao zhou the box and polite. 2015 mobile phones combat ammunition boxes - just to love and curious. You"In the poster, is a caisson, it reads "code AK47 mobile combat ammunition boxes.

    In February 2015, after the announced joint venture was established with cool, zhou in cool made a speech, and speech is precisely the background of che guevara.Zhou has clearly realized in 2015 to do mobile phone is not easy, also will be a battle of the che guevara more lost more brave spirit can give him a lift.

    It is said that zhou has been put in his office with the image of che guevara.Che guevara spirit inspiring zhou also constantly fighting, also created a series of wars, for example, with yahoo's war, 360 jinshan wars 3 b, 3 q war, war, war of 360 and millet.

    In its letter to employees within the letter also said: "like I such a stubborn person, it will come back of, ha ha."

    So, I guess, zhou take AK47 as second do phone code, as well as their own WeChat name, meaning is very profound.The first is to alert after

    doing 360 failures for machine;Second, we should inspire their fighting spirit, because in 2014, 2015 years after the mobile phone market has entered a very severe war of the red sea.Is no longer between 2010 to 2014, the mobile phone market growth, filled with user bonus;The third purpose is that zhou also hope to be able to a gun battle in the mobile market in 360, for snow machine failure after laughed at by millet company's disgrace.

    , therefore, that the name from ak47s, zhou do this mobile phone is no fad and but to seriously do a.

    The joint venture was established with cool With money in time

    In doing mobile phone for the first time, only 360 do the marketing, distribution of flow, and in some of the work on the level of the system software, and no cell phone into the research and development, supply chain, after-sales service, logistics, and other areas of the core.That means not to control the quality of the mobile phone, also is the root cause of the failure of the 360 special for machine, also let 360 lost the best time for the phone, before zhou's huge opportunity cost.

    So we see zhou started to visit the meizu, from the 360 to invest here meizu news, also visited the gree, because ms dong said to do.Mobile phone has spread to 360 and gree cooperation of news.But these news,

    eventually become false news.The last 360 choose set up a joint venture with cool cell phone company.Set up the mobile phone company's main reason is that the 360 know clearly that as an Internet company, its research and development in the mobile phone hardware, talents, technology patents, management, etc., do not have experience, if the self-made do like millet mobile phone, time is too late, the market has no chance of 360 from the beginning to do mobile phone, only to have the opportunity to choose a molding company cooperation.

    In February 2014, the founder of the mountain just staring at the near the meizu jack on the microblogging has just opened and zhou, you this attracted the attention of the media.So, talk to a stake in 360 meizu do mobile phone again.And jack in the meizu also hide on BBS, interrogative talking about the rumours.

    Jack: "willing to accept a wire girlies bosses investment, although I don't know what your need them, I only know that in combination with the bosses can certainly create more win-win."While jack to zhou also said: "he has great ideas, I am really sincere invitation he follow me do the dishes. He let me believe that can do a brother, let me take my eldest brother at the same time, they worshiped him do I can do 'food'."

    The gree chairman dong mingzhu also personally visit the meizu, and said with jack "from 9 am to 3 PM".Followed by the media and rumors

    said 360, gree or collective contribution meizu, millet.Received alibaba's investment and ultimately the meizu, and promised to meizu phone loaded YunOS.

    Whether zhou, dong mingzhu attract financing when the meizu, raise "tool" of the chip, whether between zhou and jack also talked about the financing issues, don't interfere with our profile has been done for again the fact that cell phone secretly planning.

    On December 16, 2014, the Internet news let Fried boiled.Qihoo 360 announced with cool group set up a joint venture company, the former invested $409.05 million in cash, the joint venture company 45% stake.Zhou said: "the combination of cool experience in the field of mobile phone design, manufacture and 360 strong presence in the field of mobile Internet, we will create a leading mobile Internet ecosystem, to provide customers with software, hardware, application and flow experience."

    To this, at that time, there is still a media questioned, 360 is for the sake of with cool hand about their mobile phone applications packaged into the cool, dominate the future of mobile Internet portal, with cool as channels, core products and services for their diversion.And after a series of facts, let 360 secondary cell phone or a "fad" point of view to shreds.

    As is known to all, start a company must first oorganization, strategy, with team.If do hardware from 360 from the internal recruiting talents, is clearly not enough, recruiting from the society obviously will be a waste of time.Direct and cool joint venture, the use of cool existing manpower, technology patents, production line, the supply chain, such as after-sales service will greatly reduce the waste of time.

    In 2015, the mobile phone market is no longer a millet mobile phone was born in 2011 in time, time is the opportunity, time is money.So 360 has established the joint venture company invested hundreds of millions of, take the money in time.And this also proves that, 360 is really to do a mobile phone.

    Let a person look not to understand "curiosity to change the world"

    On May 16, 2015, in the center of the Chinese film director zhou announced a "cool" is the 360 mobile phone brand name, Slogan called "curiosity" to change the world.The name for the "cool", many people are disappointed, because can't linked to profile the different character, is "monkey" this name also is very suitable.But zhou said: "the mobile phone industry in 9 #, my name is wu empty not are they playing?"

    Outside for "curiosity can change the world" nobody to read, like LeiJunQi a "millet" name.I'm in the decryption millet Specially in the

    Internet under the thinking of commercial miracle "to read, because in buddhist" o chant "there is" a grain of rice of Buddha nature, as big as sumeru "story, my guess is that lei jun hopes to use the power of a grain of millet again challenge baidu, alibaba and tencent.

    So zhou "cool" and "curiosity" to change the world and have any special meaning?

    Our profile as a mobile phone market once a loser, a rich, launched successful businesses and entrepreneurs.He worship is che guevara, have fighting spirit of war, so zhou don't believe in failure.And we found that 360 can always find the chance of survival on the margins of society, our profile in the phone with ak47s, to the south do also said in the letter, don't believe in yourself on a mobile phone can't succeed.

    Throughout the great leaders, they do one thing, either to the hobby, either for the sake of curiosity.In fact the development of the entire human race, are of curiosity.Whether we are to explore other planets, whether we are to discover the secret of human genes, or emperor qin shi huang to find elixir, so many things, all this because of "curiosity".

    So when zhou said to 360 mobile phone brand is "cool", the Slogan of "curiosity can change the world", I made a circle of friends at that time: from the cool brands and curiosity can change the world, zhou is really

    want to do this time mobile phone, want to find the fun of doing the mystery of the mobile phone and mobile phone, curiosity often have more powerful energy!

    For a financial freedom, has received very high achievement, established successful business man, I think they go to do is not for the money, but to a kind of ambition, a desire, they are willing to pay more efforts.Therefore, from the point of "curiosity can change the world", zhou this time is really going to be a mobile phone.

    And after the double tenth a cool cell phone double tenth of a sales return fairly good, zhou also very happy.He said at the time of interview, do first year losses of hundreds of millions of mobile phone expected, and don't be afraid to loss, the purpose is to make good quality and brand.

    Though cool cell phone has been sold for a period of time, certainly lose money, but this kind of loss, zhou has willingly, and think this loss is worth, the pay can be rewarded.Do the mobile phone, zhou is no longer before the impetuous mentality, but to return to nature the maker of mobile phones, can also explain the 360 mean it'll get well.

    3 q war let 360 began thinking transformation

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