The secret to keep young

By Marion Henderson,2015-03-12 22:46
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The secret to keep young

    The secret to keep young

    Can let the woman to keep young nine secrets A secret: good face.

    Secret 2: loving breast.

    Secret 3: "sunshine" in the mood. Secret 4: a good night's sleep. Secret five: the waist.

    Six: secret intelligence.

    Secret # 7: prevent wrinkles.

    Secret 8: reduce pain.

    Secret nine: keep sex.

The secret to keep your skin in good condition

    1, taking a bath, need not too frequent, ensure that eight glasses of water every day. 2, try to choose natural products PG cream.

    3, skin care products do not apply more at a time.

    4, drink coffee to help eliminate pouch.

    5, choose natural chamfer simple product.

    6, do not soak.

    7, massage face not excessive.

    8, don't use the lipstick of drug ingredients.

    9, don't try to use products containing alcohol or toothpaste to deal with acne. MM must see

    1, add a little salt in the water, not only sterilization, you can also remove grease; 2, add a little bees in the water, and insist for a long time can make your skin young 10

    years old.

    3, women who work before computer, when washing a face, add some green tea in the water, effectively resist radiation.

    Bitter melon weight loss

    According to the study found that bitter melon contains the balsam pear, can make human body reduce the intake of fat and sugar.1 mg daily of the ingredients, can stop absorbing 100 grams of fat.

    In order to receive the thin body effect reducing weight, bitter melon to raw raw and a day to 2 to 3.Stomach cold pixu (spleen deficient) should not be eaten raw bitter melon.Pregnant women should eat carefully.

    Life tips

    Winter drink water to lose weight, do a wet, thin beauty

    1, get up early in the morning, drink a cup of pale salt water;

    2, in the morning: drink lemonade;

    3, eat lunch before: a small bowl of soup;

    4, afternoon: drink a cup of herbal tea, rose tea, or other

    5, dinner: give priority to with protein and vegetable juice;

    6, before meals: herbal tea, especially suitable for half an hour before dinner drink, especially drink on an empty stomach, the effect is much better.

    The makeup of the economic and efficient moisturizing

    STEP1: daub, water along skin texture with finger grip the cosmetic cotton, according to the figure of direction gently glides on the skin.

    STEP2: additional water in two buccal, with completely face make up cotton additional make up water, daub to tear into two piece on both cheeks.

    STEP3: cling film simple steam beauty.Will cling film hole cut out breathing mask on the face, like doing steam SPA.

    Vegetable stew tofu thin face

    Ingredients: 250 g Chinese cabbage, salt, bean curd 80 grams, suitable amount of soy sauce, ginger 5 grams.

    Practice: 1, Chinese cabbage, tofu cut into squares;2, pot heat after refueling, popped the fragrance into the ginger, add cabbage slightly fry, add some soy sauce and stir;3, add tofu

    and water swamp cabbage and season with salt, and simmer for a few minutes again can dish up.Efficacy: with moist whitening capacity degreasing effect.

    Sedentary family will see lower body weight loss method

    1, bad habits cause estrogen secretion disorder make you fat.Like a large meal, take diet pills, irregular work and rest, etc.;

    2, cross your legs leisurely fat;

    3, sexy tights let obese find you;

    4, walking posture is not correct also will make the leg fat.

    Editorial: want to look at not so old, mentality is also very very important!For the sake of their beauty, usual must remember more smile!So their has been 18 years old!

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