Please give the user a only need to play the game for three hours

By Clifford Perkins,2015-03-10 23:21
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Please give the user a only need to play the game for three hours

    Please give the user a only need to play the game for three hours

    Rymdkapsel game interface

    Editor's note: in the field of mobile games this competitive, the opposite may reap some surprising results, such as WeChat in 5.0 the simple "plane" games.

    Abroad, Rymdkapsel is also a representative of the the type.The way of the game to Jane is that users only need to play three hours can customs clearance.Is such a product, it is various media voted the most recommended games this month.Wired magazine recently introduced the game, and analyzes its cleverness.The following is the details:

    Whether "doodle jump", "angry birds" or "candy to eliminate legend", most of the iPhone and android game design for addicted to let users as the goal, they are as much as possible to improve the user viscosity.

    Do exactly the opposite of Rymdkapsel (Chinese name is also called "capsule station") has now become the iOS, Android, and on the PlayStation Vita suction gold minimalist strategy game.The game currently ranked top 10 paid App Store strategy game.

    Simple design and style

    $3.99 Rymdkapsel design succinct: a starting page embedded the three Settings, an operating page covers the entire game.In addition to these two pages, no hierarchy, no levels.

    As simple as the game: the game is significantly affected by tetris trace, tetris type of stitching as the foundation, players need to keep the screen above the building column drag "tetris" to the screen in the central area, the origin for the starting square, building up a self-sufficient space station, and then use different function, random tetris stacked together, broadening its monarch soil in space.Set up a preview box left upper corner of the game interface, users can learn here next is what kind of tetris.

    This game is like the new version of tetris.But despite the tetris is famous for its infinitely repeated game, Rymdkapsel only want players to achieve three goals is enough.Each target involved in and win more and more deadly alien invaders against and from the data collected in four tower on the map.Players do not have to complete the three targets at the same time, but if you really good at the game, it is not impossible.

    "Forced" players out

    After completing these three goals means "beat" the game, at this moment, may be the time to exit the game.In order to "catch" The user out, even in The final game will throw a "The End" of The screen.If there is "The End" in The game?The user what to do next, read a book?

    Rymdkapsel founder of Martin Jonasson had to wired magazine wrote, "this is the game, I once more depressed because of this game is too small, but it can bring the happy hours of game time, so I don't think it's there is hope."

    It is unusual for a real-time strategy game, this kind of game are usually means a long activity and bottomless multiple patterns.Even the price is moderate in the mobile market strategy game have continued the strategy.And the game want users to spend a few hours to figure out what the system and then put the game on one side, do some other things.This lets a person feel very fresh.

    Strategy games like traditional profit model: the purchase

    Compared with Rymdkapsel this one-time pay strategy game, many mobile game developers are as long as possible to attract players as clear objectives.Recent events in a San Francisco, the chief executive of DeNA, West Clive Downie once boasted that his company has found how to make people spend an average of 70 minutes to play a card game method for free.

    The motivation for economic interests, of course.Game designers know that the more time users spend on the game, the greater the possibility that they spend money to buy the game

    equipment.According to statistics, free players to play a game for a long time is the probability that paid three times as many new access to the user.

    Previously, a writer of Business Insider on the depth of the candy crush saga, he announced a let players don't need to spend a penny can acquire the method of infinite life.For the game developer but a bad news, because the profit strategy of the company are based on it's very difficult for candy shattered, so that players want to customs clearance, you must take a very long time, will have more power to buy in-game items.

    This is what the developer of the mobile version of the contra evolution revolution to make the game reasons: to avoid the in-game purchase unlock modify a loophole in the infinite life, instead must spend up to $20 in the application of real gold and silver.When game developers through as long as possible to attract players' strategy is profitable, cheat code and those in within a reasonable time frame to complete the game is detrimental to the enterprise.

    Little game of great wisdom

    When evaluating the value of a game, people often in the game can attract themselves on the basis of the length of time."Addiction" became synonymous with "good game," so, who could not addictive game was labeled as a "one-off".

    But Rymdkapsel is no "one-off".When players set up its own space station, thinking about how to reasonable layout of the supply chain, how to optimize the use of space and time for strategic thinking, players can learn how to resource management.

    Similarly, when the alien army began to dive attack the base, the player must decide whether to retreat back to the battle station, comprehensive or taking risks, trying to squeeze out some extra supplies.Retribution game of greed, and to reward cautious behavior.Observant players will find enough, in fact, there is a middle way between: the best efficiency.

    The game time is too short, so it can't be called "addiction", but for $3.99 and 3 hours time experience Rymdkapsel is very worth it.Experience, love, and then leave, use your time to do other meaningful things.

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