The influence of the real estate tax system of real estate price change

By Laura Cox,2015-03-10 10:42
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The influence of the real estate tax system of real estate price change

    The influence of the real estate tax system of real

    estate price change

    In July 2002, the ministry issued 11 orders, decided to stop commercial construction land agreement, implement bidding auction.The land from the higher price competition unfolds.In 2004 the ministry from the perspective of preventing corruption to "party""supervision" and some other has nothing to do with the market and the land supply sector has become the leading role of the file, give the land for auction system "with anti corruption hat to legitimise the most reasonable price, at the same time, also limits the officials in the land of the free adjudication right and the chance of corruption.

    But this recruit auction system is the result of the aircrafts to "price" to promote the land price boom and rising house prices.Land finance and profit-driven let from corrupt officials will obtain personal interests has become the promotion of the overall interest of the officials, become the growth of GDP and the chance of promoting to a higher position, and economic growth in the overall wage bonus income levels increase.

    When society for greatly overpriced, is becoming more and more clear that the main engine overpriced from the interests of the government land acquisition.When a government monopoly in the market of land of primary and secondary trading power, the proportion of land price in housing prices rising.2008 for this in the submitted to the conference of the national committee of the all-china federation of industry land prices and tax proposal accounted for the proportion of housing prices too high, then has caused a price high and low, eventually society saw reports is still the land for growing and rising land prices and gains much higher than the fact that rising home prices.

    The 2009 stimulus policy once again to social woke up from a fall in house prices, house prices along with the growth of the economy once again became a scapegoat.NPC in 2010 after a few day to not only caused the "prime minister in charge or the general manager of" debate, also caused "the ten" curbing real estate prices is known as the most stringent regulation.But how to solve the problem of high housing prices?Aircrafts to "price", was forced to take a back seat to prevent was superior for questioning, the government changed the measures for the transfer of land also again before corruption extends to the land.

    As long as is the monopoly of the market, under the condition of the democratic supervision legal system, it can never limit the emergence of rent-seeking.Don't appear the link in the link of another alternative.Execution of government or government departments will use various means and policy game and find to maximize their own interests, to convert public resources to personal interests or the interests of the department of space, this is also the plight of today we are faced with the institutional corruption.

    Land for auction system fair?There is no doubt the system than bid-winners entirely by the chief executive will have the final say, transparent and open, and relatively fair, but it is not fair or is the market understands the fair competition.Surface may price aircrafts to more perfect, but the actual situation is not the case.

    Maybe today's corruption is no longer limited to bribery, that is no longer the majority of the cadres personal gain, have been unable to deal with money as a substitute for, but still have to say it's a kind of system of corruption, form is more legalized.

    The main forms of five, about should be included in the institutional corruption, or a kind of forced to say "white slavery".

A disorder, setting up land defects.

    When the government unable to land the level of development, will have to use local financing platform company or government financing, real estate development company mat endowment to the level of development of land.Then this one, the lure of the secondary linkage will become a local government bend under the weak financial strength of a promise, to attract a lot of money into the city land development and new city construction level.

    The government's financial strength is insufficient, and has to attract money to develop the level of land to make up the lack of urban public utility construction land benefit, and will use the secondary development of attraction and level of development of the relatively low cost as a condition for exchange.But can not in violation of the provisions of the central government's hard again, so there will be a reserve land deficiency disorders in the land level development way, to ensure the primary land development of the enterprise after a lot of money in advance for the interests of the secondary development.

    To prevent the public bidding competition with other enterprises, so there will be a tender conditions previously notified in special factors, such as must pass through the construction of roads and in the level of development enterprises must negotiate with level of development enterprise municipal site usage and costs, have to negotiate with level of development of enterprise education and other supporting facilities construction and use, have to negotiate with level of development enterprise final demolition date and so on.In a word, these legacy problems are upfront design trap, on the one hand can restrict more enterprises bidding in order to improve the cost of the land;On the other hand, can be in the case of frightened not to walk into primary development enterprises make up for the loss of interests, most of the specific conditions of setting will make the original development enterprise to obtain the power of the secondary development.

    Have more very person will use signed privately with level of development of land revenue sharing contract, with excess into the way to the original level of the development enterprise with better bid and jointly push the ability of high land prices, more let governments can at least

get more interests in land price later.

    Second, set the orientation of the construction of the special requirement disorders.

    Many local governments to meet the requirements of in city attract money, will be before the land deals to particularity of the investment, and the public land according to the requirement of the China merchants set the orientation of the construction of the special requirements.Like Beijing CBD east serve block set must be the premise of financial enterprises bidding, in some places the set must have a certain level of specialized five-star hotels, some setting must be enterprise registered capital how many one hundred million yuan of above and qualifications for nationwide distribution of culture media, some qualified business must ensure that how much of the world's top brands, and some office must ensure that how much the bank or financial institution headquarters...

    The government can use public way design accordingly bidding mode, from a qualified bidding enterprise qualification to restrict property management way, etc, for most companies cannot in proclaiming the short period of time to meet the above conditions, to participate in bidding.Make specific investment object can be easily won the bid.Nominally public will become the only condition, this kind of setting conditions and exclusions from the fair competition in the market, let the public bidding for the injustice, the culture cover.

Three obstacles, set up an appointment early conditions.

    Many projects cannot solve drunbility, setting the tender conditions also can pass the premeditation and implementation, such as local governments can prior agreement with a particular developer winning conditions, and promised by the developer for a specific project design, with approval of the bidding scheme design.Such as Beijing, have more than one such case.To the specific enterprise for a lot of time, so in before winning the enterprise can be carried out on the land surveying, construction drawing design pre-project preparation.

    The government fully confident in, using the method of public bidding, but specially set in the bid must be in the shortest time of the bidding starts (and the shortest time for almost all companies are unable to complete the design task and with the examination and approval work conditions), and hard at the end of the agreement must be completed on schedule.Some also set the default or delay of severe penalty, is also used deduction will most companies limit from the tender conditions.

    Even some tender conditions limit must be designed according to the specific enterprise technical standards, building materials and so on.To specific conditions of tender with additional insurance coefficient.

Such way is also cover the actual bid nominal public unfair!

Four, obstacles to set criteria.

    When land cannot barriers, the government can set different flexible condition of bid evaluation score, in order to make bidding conditions more conducive to preset the bid-winning enterprises, with such marking policy to fight fair.

    As in some evaluation, the historical conditions is an important measure, increase the proportion of these points.As there have been affordable housing construction experience, had the construction of large-scale integrated commercial and business experience, had super-tall building development experience, had housing industrialization or low carbon environmental protection of construction projects, etc., all can become a special grade or points.

    Moreover brownie points will be set a higher proportion as a condition of the bid evaluation.The proportion of each different grade, illustrates that tough spell but with a softer target to balance the supply and to increase the effective fractions, for this is obvious public games hush up the fact that not fair!

    This impression to the specific provisions of the so-called experts were leading the discretion of directional guide, let some possible superior enterprise points, and have a full marks for some specific companies.So the evaluation process, injustice in closed KaiPing target individual scores and publish the results of the total score system, the brownie points or comprehensive points such as soft factors may become the decisive factor, many in the final evaluation scores to out the gap less than zero point five determines the winning unit, while the gap about comes from the discretion of the soft data.

    We three times the construction of the high price of the auction of affordable housing to less than zero a few points difference, is about my criticism of unfair policies and government intends to specify!!!!

    If in affordable housing price caps for competition, to the highest standard is not compressed corporate profits, guarantee the best benefits on the basis of the government?Don't want to contribute all stop system trend of corruption?

Five, the disorder of the agreement set in soil where.

    Many bidding condition, to meet the level of development enterprise or the requirements of the local original soil, also set a property housing, also built area, location, the obstacle of the commodity type.As Beijing project and many construction projects in a property condition, compensation and also built conditions made special arrangements in order to increase the difficulty of the bidders, make specific unit can easily won the bid.

    Was clearly a shall be borne by the government of the transfer work has become the responsibility of the developer, the transfer of this contradiction makes many bidding unit shutting out, finally let the government can follow one's inclinations of the tendering units selected.

    Actually there are many similar cases are made public bidding for unfair corruption, are subject to certain conditions, and not just with a stop way simply let outsiders and no dogs allowed, made of insider trading by public way fair illusion!

    Why not qualified primary developer may conduct secondary bid?Why not qualified to provide solutions and enterprise internal information known way securities regulations to restrict the bid?Why not affordable housing land prices and limited competitive prices the way?Why not use antitrust way to avoid a business in the same area many project bid?From Beijing has won the bid, society cannot forecast the conditions of the pre-tender estimate, price the most it turned into a government default.In the same situation has the most residency, there are, the market expected becomes tender can only determine the government's expectations.There are market and unfair?

    Does not set the government's conditions are considered to be unreasonable, absorbing funds and to speed up the urban development, make the local government had to use some conditions to attract money, like the Chinese government to foreign investment in the early years of the reform of favorable conditions.At the same time, the government could not fully understand the risk of market, not in advance about qualitative negotiations, you worry about the price set up will auction, also worry about low price set to lose, so he had to.Root lies in the system for local government became land products to the market, is not only to provide a public service product of referees, and a series of unfair will appear.When the government monopoly of the land system, institutional corruption has become an inevitable cancer.

    I also would like to work with some relationship to establish contact with local government, including local government dedicated to investment promotion activities, but have yet to have a successful, mostly to improve the land and build a ladder become a scapegoat.Seem to institutional corruption never leans to critics, no matter how much you pay efforts, including scheme and price of effort, will corruption before the walls of failure in the system, even to a you the highest score in a re-mark arrangement is defeated.

    Some colleagues of the company and the society of some friends advised me not to go to expose institutional corruption, this company will always fail in the bidding.But I don't believe our government really couldn't solve the corruption in the system, can't really will be carried on the reform.I believe that our government is to create a fairer society, only a common oversight and fight, mutual promotion and help, can let us live in this country, the society become more fair, more democratic, more progress and more freedom!

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