The movie ten commandments reviews

By Peter Wilson,2015-03-09 20:23
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The movie ten commandments reviews

    The movie "ten commandments" reviews

    In 1996, 55, chiellini, rove, operating table bid farewell to this world in Warsaw, the motherland, and said goodbye, he had been "hate" movie, to go to heaven after he hoped no film of pure life.

    11 years later, chiellini, rove, became the enlightenment, I truly love movie is in his "blue", "white", "red" and "two living flower", "song of opportunity", under the enlightenment of cultivate I am more interested in movie.To tell the truth, at that time didn't understand his movies, then emotional cultivation to a little abrupt, after all.

    A few months later, looked at him the ten commandments and number of segments of documentary, interview, he realized the polish man has been far from me more than 10 years, seems to bring me into the vicious circle of skepticism.He told me his movie, all the world is not reliable, suspect, including the film itself.

    He started from documentaries and always loved documentary documentary to death, he USES his film at that time under the tyranny of the poles, quietly expressed his doubts and resistance.But in the end, he was completely abandoned the documentary, a documentary about there are too many restrictions and too much cruel, once the camera's intervention, he believed that was taken out for what he wants is absolutely true.He began to suspect that the documentary and find drama, because it can take death, can make love, can really straight into people's heart.

    Then, the old man started telling stories, but he is not a story, the film is filled with the shadow of the documentary, no ups and downs of the plot, no dazzling colour, no wonderful dialogue, but before long the long passage of time and ordinary life, even there is no pleasant music, beautiful scene.He doesn't know the audience is not these requirements, it is clear he is not just about the story, is the soul of the story in the living, the soul in a depression, self, sensitive, under the old man's director of nature with such characteristics, also do not need to give too much external color, only faithful to yourself.

    Award in the ten commandments, television is an open access in Poland, I saw a surface indifference, lofty, is very good but not too willing to argue the base of love '.He denied the political and religious standpoint in the movie, only emphasize the motive of the film is to exchange;He in the face of a group of polish journalists say they poor level, unsmiling, he even less because the cigarette between the

    fingers and seem a bit distracted and impatient;His love is very clear, enthusiasm for the questioner can answer can also be turned.I think in the interview, many poles will think he is not a patriot, he is a proud guy.To this, he said: "the film has a convergence, not just for the sake of poles. My favorite is a person of all, is the soul of his human nature, he."

    Spoke a word he and the essence of his movies.He loves his native Poland, he expressed anxiety for the fate of the poles under authoritarian, but he also can not find a way out, he can only use the movie expresses his concern and anxiety;He is not a revolutionary, he think that history is gradual, movie, too, so there's no need to deny, against the elder;He sends out in the ten commandments of god, to justice, to love, to marriage, uncertainty and doubt on history, let a person feel hard to have reliable faith;He in "blue", "white", "red" tells us that freedom, equality, fraternity and conditional, to some degree, some time is not reliable.For him, the world's truly reliable only those complex and changeable human nature and the soul, he want to express, that was all praise or good or evil, or strong or weak, or good or dirty human nature and the soul, the more real than god, political, material, is the essence of life.

    Originally, a skeptic is also have their own faith, and his belief in human nature and the soul.So false hypocrisy of warmth, humanitarian, in jezreel rove of does not exist in the world of film, it also makes a lot of people don't like his movies, appear too rational, too serious, too cold, it

    is easy to let a person into a deferral all the misery in the world.Others like the polish old man because his forthright, earnest, the pursuit of perfection and thorough observation and expression, and of course he that through the concern's for people's warmth.

    I am the latter, right from the start in love with him and his movie, with relish, even when you are bored, even if again cruel also can feel warm.Unfortunately, he is far from us.

    In fact, he would have to away from, in after filming the "red", chiellini, rove, shoot, announced that it no longer.He wanted to rest, for a walk, see, want to enjoy the life of the don't do don't make a film director.Film gave him the honor and joy, in a conference room, a read of the double life of Veronica 15-year-old walked over and told him three times and she believes that there are souls."Work for 1 year time, spent money, energy, time and patience, torture yourself, consumption, has done thousands of decisions, and all this can make a young girl in Paris to recognize such things exist, really value, these are the best audience, that not many people, but there are some."

    Movies can also gave giorgio chiellini, love, pain and fatigue, because he's pursuit of truth, the soul of the mining, create the role of "god", always let him feel ridiculous.With documentaries, dramas and ultimately for he wants to be true.This is what he himself said: "the world of film production is the same: I have been arranged in a corner of the small stage, there is a sofa, a desk and a chair. In the fictional interior, I the director of the harsh sounds very

    funny: quiet!! Start! I'm doing a meaningless job, the idea has been tortured... so I often can feel the absurdity of my own work."

    Perhaps, only from movies and performances of pure life can let him rely on it.Unfortunately, such life didn't enjoy a few days, he was suffering from the world.Only hope, he in heaven, there is no film can continue to enjoy the beauty of life, and I continue to enjoy among his wonderful film.

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