The rise of Israel

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The rise of Israel

    The rise of Israel

    Company called for learning technology to the United States, they advanced but not conservative, rich and not idle idle;Japanese learning management, their persistent seriously, any small thing, is divided into many working procedures, began to do, makers are very complicated, and then come to reference is lunch, greatly reduces the management cost;German people learn being meticulous and their steadfast earnestly, makes "mercedes-benz", "Siemens"...As the world famous brand products.

    Ms sun's article put forward to us?Is learning the Israeli people, with an unyielding fighting spirit, the height of the national and the collective solidarity.We need to learn from the Korean people's patriotism.

    An unyielding will always be a enterprise continuously to the spiritual pillar of hope, but spiritual need material to support and consolidate.This is the basic law to solve the problem of the company.We can also see this article as one of the basic law of coaching report.

    Although the article didn't write our company to do, not when it comes to communication, but when huawei person can compatible with excellent characteristics of the world's most outstanding people, what is the miracle creation don't come out.We use such a high cost to absorb

    so much of high-quality talent, speaking in economics is not appropriate, but politically speaking is economical.Only in this way can take the lead in China to establish a compatible with hundreds of groups.This article is written clear what a good example.I hope you read carefully.

    - founder, ren zhengfei, huawei

    I've heard so many legends about Israel's, and she is always in my mind is a mysterious country, elusive.Filled with an irresistible attraction again at the same time, interesting.Due to the international big and small, the news media reported in recent years, Israel left me the deepest impression is of a restless, full of fire.On 21st February 16 solstice this year, our delegation visited Israel, with a focus on the visit to Israel, some high-tech enterprises, with their technical cooperation and market cooperation.Within four days of visit and communication, can be said to be the tour, the jigsaw, but regrets, give me a chance to know her. A mysterious contradictory state

    Israel is a country attractive, vibrant, she has shocked the world of human mystery, she is one of the most distinctive land in the world.These features are the way of contradiction in the show.

    She is a small world, poor natural resources, but they are very rich countries: Israel in the Angle of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe is the junction of three continents, more than 500 people, mainly to the jews, land area of 7878 square miles, equivalent to a small and medium-sized cities in China, a built in the desert and gobi's pocket.

    She is an old but very young country, has a long history has been fragmented: she like Chinese ancient, has a history of five thousand years, but was interrupted for 20 centuries, was forgotten by the world, the founding again until 1984.

    She is more than a national, multinational and multicultural nation: on this small land, more than 100 people of different nationalities live together, these people from over 70 countries, has brought the

    traditional culture of different countries and nations, they meet each other, mutual confluence, and contradict each other.

    The jewish nation is known as the best in the world and smart people, but suffered a devastating cruelty: Israel is given priority to with the jews, nazism with the most tragic period in the history of the jewish people, nearly 6 million jews were killed in concentration camps, become the most sad scene in the history of mankind.

    Three religious holy gathered here, known as the religious holy of mankind: in the old city of Jerusalem, Judaism, Christianity, Islam's holy land focus here, Jesus died true story happening here...The bible become a guide to learn about the history of Israel.

    The world there is only the communist collective farm;Hundreds of Israeli kibbutz (collective farm) shows that the birth of an ideal way of life, stable in chaos for Israel made important contributions to the modern social life style in one of the most interesting, most objective phenomenon.

    She's time is not long, but it has become one of the high-tech kingdom in the world: Israel's genetic engineering, agricultural technology, electronics, ordnance, diamond processing high-tech achievements is famous all over the world.

    She is the only country there is no clear boundary in the world, and become a for of territorial disputes over: in recent years, almost every day Israel appears on the front pages of newspapers around the world, and in Jerusalem, the west bank and gaza strip and the golan heights be debated the world news.


    Here, resource-poor and ten richest, past and future, east and west, war and peace, religious belief and modern progress, mysticism and expert governing theory, they are contradictory to interweave together, the cultivation contradiction of Israel, grew up in the contradictory

    conflict and balance.I tried to from these contradictions is the characteristics of the riddle of the rise of Israel.

2, with an unyielding and persistent pursuit of spirit

    History is left to the children of Israel not old, and the glory, only scattered and bitterness.In this section of the vicissitudes of history, the children of Israel have only wealth is an unyielding fighting spirit, the spirit energy accumulation and outbreak is a motive force to promote rapid economic rise of Israel.

    Israel's history is a history full of conflicts, the sufferings of the war and bullied.Five thousand years ago, she was the light of civilization rises, created the civilization and the short of the empire.Is she brought her vicissitudes, the special strategic position for all previous dynasties mixed covet abroad.Egyptians, assyrians, babylonians, persians, greeks and Romans, arabs, crusaders knights and turks, and even the British people the conquest of Israel as a condition of indispensable to consolidate the imperial rule.In this kind of conflict and competition, the history of Israel, had been interrupted twenty century and forgotten.

    For two thousand years, diaspora in more than 70 countries around the world and lead a wandering life.Legends of our country, etc and the seed of the jews in kaifeng lived.From 1933 to 1945, has nearly 6 million jews by the German Nazi genocide, in front of Israel's holocaust memorial, 99 - foot - tall columns, engraved with the word "remember", in the holocaust memorial museum has collected the most complete and most impressive record, record the process of jews were destroyed.It is told in the world, and never allow catastrophe to repeat itself.

    In the wandering of twenty century, returned to Israel, to build their own homes has become the spiritual pillar of the Jew first.Jews all over the world always chat with countless times call comfort for the east homesick and sad."Tomorrow, be sure to back to Jerusalem" the faith of the call in their heart, generation after generation to call...In war, stray, killing jews tenaciously survive in pursuit of independence and freedom, the desire to return to their homes for two thousand years.When Israel with 1948 years history of rights and the UN resolution declared independence, the jews to return to the home of a dream come true.As you can imagine, the national spirit of centuries of accumulated energy

    released like volcanic eruption in one thousand - enough to create any miracle.

    Suffering and late rapid rise, the history of Israel make us think such a fact: the world's four major ancient civilizations of China, India, Egypt, Babylon, and have had a long and glorious past.The ancient civilization in five thousand to make people sit up and take notice.China's four great inventions, our pupils can charting moments.China for the long history, self-confidence, and pride.For more than ten years ago, when we open the doors to the world, but we are confused, why the ancient civilizations of China, India, Egypt has been far behind the development of the trend, and the king of Babylon had ceased to exist?History gives us a serious joke.If we continue to indulge in the past achievements and glory, continue to closed, arrogance, the ancient history as a burden, we will also be thrown farther and history.The achievements of the past and glory can't be natural evolution, not to advance is to go back, this is historically inevitable.This in a country, an enterprise, a collective or individual are grim fact.

    A nation, a nation, and even a broken state, discrete people, only the power of the spirit and the power of culture is a perennial.When we learned that the country after the suffering of the past, to fully understand the children of Israel, who can in such a short time, so under the condition of high speed development, creating miracle in the world.The release of its spiritual strength flowing is her rapid rise.

3 the power of wisdom

    Israel almost no natural natural resources, their inexhaustible resources is the head of wisdom - from jewish understanding, the application of intellectual resources, which he made Israel created the miracle of conquering nature and transform the natural.

    When we are on a visit to Russia, the United States, Western Europe, had very regrets the gift of god to them to look down from the plane, the endless forests, dotted with lakes, amazing.Flying again to China, especially flies over bare yunan, I seemed to find the reason of poor - god is unfair, our resources are too poor.After a visit to Israel, for this reason I am ashamed.Israel is a country extremely poor natural resources, especially the lack of water resources to the survival of humans.Israel's

    border conflict. Many of them are fighting for water.But when you set foot on this land, you find it hard to believe that she was set up in the desert and gobi, an oasis of full of vitality.

    These green plants and crops can grow in the serious water shortage of desert and gobi desert, is famous in the world thanks to Israel's high-tech drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation technology.

    Along the way, the streets in Israel visible rubber tube of drip irrigation with stretch.Her roots in each plant to open a branch pipe, the drip irrigation operation completely controlled by computer, she can automatically test plant growth environment, moisture and nutrients, automatic sending water and nutrients to plant roots.All the trees, flowers have such pipe load, and lawns, large areas of crops irrigation mode is adopted.Hydroponic farming technology is patent in Israel.Israel's vast expanse of woods and stem, lawns are artificial breeding, some extensive dropper and controlled by computer, accurately, extreme savings to carry water and nutrients to plants, turned the desert into a garden city.

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