The scientific reveal the difference between male and female brains

By Julia Woods,2015-03-09 07:35
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The scientific reveal the difference between male and female brains

    The scientific reveal the difference between

    male and female brains

    We often think that, in addition to the reproductive organs, between men and women are basically the same.We are eager to strive for the same power and opportunity, for some things, such as women's suffrage, women after a long, hard effort to get equal status.Therefore, when we see a report on the possible differences between the sexes, we often feel uneasy.Look at 1992 barbie shout "math is really difficult," calls for everyone's reaction.In 2005, Harvard University President Lawrence summers, between men and women may have some internal reasons, women in mathematics and science tests to rival males, this topic has stirred controversy.Men, on the other hand, also for screen rendering protest to them - they were seen as will only drinking beer and watch the football game "couch potatoes", and was held on the "urban savages" hat.

    OK, at last an example is true is our imaginary, but can't because we can't find this exact example about men protest, it deny the men don't really have any complaints.Now, we do seem to understand the society like the pursuit of equality in men and women in all things, but when we deal with things, the difference is real.Fashion magazine who tried to teach you to deal with the opposite sex, and adhere to the "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" principle of self-help books, can be used as we need to know men's and women's brains different evidence within.

    Facts have proven that people to reveal the secrets of the brain, we are unlikely to find the answer from the women's magazines, but should pay attention to neuroscience.The researchers point out that men and women not only exist differences in brain structure and pathways, even in the use of the way the brain is also different.In some cases, this may explain some of the gender stereotype we don't want to admit.For example, men in the spatial orientation problems easy to get high marks

    in the test, while women have more advantages in the aspect of language testing .On this basis, we can even come to the conclusion: men prefer to read a map while women tend to talk.

    It is the fixed pattern of male and female brain differences to some found nervous - what's the meaning for our world?Whether women can only stop in the mathematics classroom, while men can only become engineers?Before our final conclusion, let's first read the next section, to know the brain how different between men and women.

    Men and women of different brain structure

    Now, scientists know that male and female brains are slightly different, but they think that these changes are only confined to the hypothalamus, which is a part of the brain controlling impulse and food intake.Some scientists believe that the male brain bigger, they can be explained by the male brain size bigger the above differences.Due to brain size and intelligence, thus claims that men have larger brains is sensible.While men often seem to encounter women opponents, but even when explain differences in height and weight, is also due to the male brain is bigger.But do they really mean they are more intelligent?Let us then down to read.

    In 2001, researchers from Harvard University found that men and women of some parts of the brain size is different, this can help to balance the different size of the whole.The study found that male brain

    responsible for processing and decision making some parts of the frontal lobe, and is responsible for regulating mood the edge of the cortex is larger than female .In addition, the male of the brain responsible for space to experience the parietal cortex and regulatory behavior and social behavior of the amygdala is also more [source: Hoag].

    In the male brain gray matter is about 6.5 times that of the female brain, men when hearing the news, please do not expand, because you want to know, the white matter in the female brain is 10 times as much as men .This difference may be different for men and women on the thinking way of explanation.Men like to use gray matter, gray matter is rich in a large number of neurons;While women are good at thinking in white matter, white matter contains more connections between neurons.In such a way, a woman's brain is more complicated in configuration, these connections allow women's brains run faster than the male .

    If you are a woman, and mentioned in the first paragraph are very concerned about brain size problem, so let's talk about this.In the female brain, neuron was wrapped very strong, so they are also more closely.The closed sex, add white matter provided fast connection, to promote women's brains work faster.Some women's brains than men even 12% more neurons .In the female brain research, psychologists Sandra whitson found these neurons in some regions of the cerebral cortex is

    very compact, also is responsible for the signal in the access part of the brain.Therefore, he believe this is why women in language and communication test better, and she think this difference existed in the time of birth .

    The density of neurons in the brain, but women with the same measurements as the brains of people is not predicted the "magic bullet" of intelligence.Scientists understand these because they have been studied with the way men and women thinking.As we mentioned, men use of gray matter, while women use of white matter, but they just through different parts of the brain to accomplish the same task.In one study, women and men be asked to have the same pronunciation of words.Men can only use a small part of the left brain to complete the task, while most women at the same time using the left and right brain to complete the task .However, as good men and women over the

    pronunciation of these words in general, this suggests that the brain not only one way to achieve the same goal.For example, although women are not good at reading maps, but it may simply be chose different ways they are when they locate landmarks.And for intelligence, men and women on the IQ score tied.

    But we have an IQ score is innate to or nurture?On the next page, we will examine different brain structure is derived from natural, or cast in the environment.

    The brain structure and the environment

    For most of us hold the equality between men and women,

    treatment of young men and women on the subtle differences still exist.Girls are usually dressed in pink, arms holding a doll;While boys dressed in blue jumpers, fiddling with their car.For some people, when we consider the human brain, these environmental factors on the view.If the differences between the brains of people, it may be that the society has changed a person, in the process of certain brain neurons and ganglion "trim", because the brain thinks there's no need for the them.

    Sandra whitson, psychologist, we have mentioned above is not agreed to the environment evaluation theory, she USES an unusual example of Albert Einstein to support her point of view: the structure of our brains were fixed at the time of birth.Sandra whitson had got the chance to study Einstein's brain remains, she found that this unique structure of the brain to a certain extent, can be used as evidence, some differences in the brain with social and environmental causes far cannot explain .She didn't study of Einstein's intelligence or achievement, but she noticed that his unique brain structure may have formed at the time of birth.

    That probably explains why we don't have much Albert

    Einstein.When it comes to women in Einstein's good at some fields, such as mathematics and physics performance, then we can also be attributed

    to the subtle brain differences.This may be the brains of boys and girls at different rates.However, our education system is not into it.When children encounter what his or her brain temporarily difficult to solve the problem, it's easy to feel frustrated and give up soon.

    If further, girls might think that boys better in math class, so the girls among peers will not be able to choose the subject of more advanced version.This will further aggravate women from mathematics and physics of these disciplines., according to a study in a summer math and science BBS, when found the male to female ratio in video introduces disorder - an average of three boys corresponds to a girl - those who major in math, science and engineering of female students to participate in this BBS no longer interested in.

    Other studies, however, think that this kind of insecurity exists in all of us of the brain.In the study, when I heard this examination is gender neutral, the girls' math scores will improve;And white male when told to compete with Asian men, in the same test, their scores fall .This seems to indicate that it is easy to across the biological differences, or easy to suggest to follow this prediction.

    At this point, than discuss whether we should correct education system, or different brain, compared to form the basis for avoid hiring someone we should know how to use these to help us.Many drug tests tend to choose male volunteers respectively and male animals, because

    they think women are due to the influence of the menstrual cycle, the drug will do present instability .Understand the difference between male and female brain, brain diseases diagnosis and treatment for us to provide the great opportunity.

    For example, depression and chronic anxiety among diagnosis in women appear more;This may be related to the brain chemical composition of different, because according to a study, women the secretion of serotonin (a neurotransmitter associated with depression) can only achieve half of men, and the carrier to realize the loop transfer is less .Or it may be related to the female brain is associated with the

    reaction of pain to the mood.In contrast, men are more easily diagnosed with autism, tourette syndrome, dyslexia and schizophrenia .In addition, schizophrenia and alzheimer's disease in men and Women have different performance [source: the Society for Women 's Health Research].Based on the difference of neurons, brain injury affects men and women differently .

    This knowledge will affect drug therapy, or at least explain why some drugs role in men and women are different.But it is not only limited to the drug.A study has found that the brains of men and women in terms of vision guidance action plan, such as reaching for something.It will affect brain damage after physical therapy, such as on one side of the brain damage caused by the stroke .

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