Once upon a time in America a man full of life

By Howard Jordan,2015-03-08 12:42
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Once upon a time in America a man full of life

    "Once upon a time in America" : a man

    full of life

    20 s of the United States, New York teenager "noodles" (Robert DE niro) and a few age friends met intelligent sly "big" (James woods), they begin to smuggling activities.Soon, the noodles in a barroom brawl killer of human life, was put into prison.Years later, "noodles" out of jail, the friends has turned into a robust young man, under the guidance of "big", they began a series of robbery, theft, racketeering activity.With the deepening of the crime, "big" seems to be carried away by victory, should include the federal reserve bank is on the target."Noodles" cannot bear to see friends to destruction, secretly call the police, receives the hand want to persecute "big".Police and a fierce gun battle "noodles" friends, "big" and others all have been killed."Noodles" with a deep remorse and pain, leave New York, back to the growth of the youth.

    "Once upon a time in America" film stills

    Thirty-five years on, nearly: "noodles" sadly back to New York, he met when friends and old flames, and their death, when the "big" behind should contain the unexpected plot.

    "Once upon a time in America" is a unique film, its mixed life condition, lyric artistic conception of prose, if suddenly distant narration perspective, meaningful character set, make it more than 20 years after today still emit is with glorious, that is a pale yellow halo, soft and bright.

    A, the life condition of mixed emotions

    Someone once said, "once upon a time in America" in the whole life, this is the most concise and accurate reviews.The goodness of life is not a good in itself, but in the mix of beautiful and ugly, people experience and experience.

    Evil in everyone's heart with side.Noodles (Noodles) when robbery diamonds to Carol (Carol) vicious violence, couldn't find any reason to excuse for him at that moment the evil occupy the soul of the Noodles.Max mean to kill his brother take property, dirty proof is just human nature.

    So is good.Article in the bosom of dominique (Dominic) say "I slipped" died, young noodles despite the arrival of the police the murderer stabbed to death, this is the film's

    guidance, necessity being also that his good nature.Carol is a real slut, Max paid to affection.

    Complicated man was not inherently good or bad, if to distinguish, only can't change the reality, or fate.Max last confession cannot kill his nefarious life;Dominic lost his young life, the most glorious human nature made films.At the end of the film, think to save the brothers in the form of whistle-blowing noodles lying alone in the opium store laugh and laugh, good and evil in life's earnest battle finally meet a smile, evil always need redemption, that salvation is good.

    Second, the lyric artistic conception of prose

    In my opinion, is not a director dare like sergio?Leon (Sergio Leone) general poetic film so thoroughly, it transcends the director's own "bounty trilogy" spaghetti westerns "masterpiece", also is different from "the godfather" and scorsese film of gangster represented gold routines.

    Reflected the image of beauty and the beauty of life.A face to face through the walls of brick seam saw Deborah (Deborah) in melodious music, dance, film of light and shadow in the soft radiant with light, thus complete the awakening of the soul of a teenager.And when the pure and (childhood) with a cream cake waiting for Peggy (Paggy), germinating in the sex and the temptation of food, we see the tasting eat cake and innocence as well as our own childhood.

    Even ugly with light and shadow lingering in front of the cameras in the given tolerance color by the director.When

    Deborah refused noodles courtship, wooden noodles to destroy themselves in the most vulgar way of the dream of life, the back seat that violence is not so much with cramped atmosphere of Deborah's revenge, abandon than noodles.

    Leone's own soundtrack master Murray in the kang (Ennio Morricone) injected with singular lithe and graceful music for the film.Pipe, the harmonica, the use of small amazing, with slow and simple melody, let viewers get drunk in the 20th century initial, 30, 60, the three s the nostalgic atmosphere of the streets of New York in the United States, with a gentle, restraint to make public the rhythm of human nature and life on and off lyric means vagrant.

    Three, if suddenly distant narrative perspective

    "Once upon a time in America's excellent performance in narrative of the clever, interleave poetic used in this film was the perfect embodiment.A bunch of brothers in the noodles and the growth of the journey, the young childish is acerbity, the prospect of the collapse of middle-aged and old age of the callous unaware of overlapped together, life's dream and variation, and return in the crisscross certainly lost now viewers in front, let us close in time, like a lifetime ago.

    Like make noodles with Max to get to know each other, from the pocket watch, again, lost, in the cycle of time - 24 when how long is it now?- much transformed.And as the opening for a few minutes of a phone ringing, it also through time and space, connected to a live brothers were killed, noodles exhausted dens, pity, old age a teenager's brother to say,

    in the end, only to sell noodles kindly message to the police station on a long telephone.

    Lens changes is also a means of expression.When the friars heavy salt smuggling the trial is successful, the surface of a piece of plain and neat a hazy color, high light using this technique implies the characters seem to light in the darkness of the future.And a pious at luxury hotels face to face in the date when Deborah, Deborah selected table out of the window is the sea that cool color moves, perhaps in that moment, waiting for the noodles is doomed to be cold and helpless.

    Fourth, meaningful character set

    Brothers the objective story isn't new, gangster movies is "the godfather" bead jade in the former, but "once upon a time in America, in the six brothers noodles with Max faint, and with eye (Cockeye) heavy feeling heavy righteousness, and the Fat (Moe) and Dominic solely in the afternoon, continue to show dramatic tension of free from vulgarity.Combined with Deborah, carol, Peggy three each character of woman, that's about life and growth of the film became complete and reliable.

    Robert?De Niro's performance in the film (Robert De Niro) reached the peak of his career, so is not to deny that he "taxi driver" the raging bull "goodfellas" the deer hunter "heat" and so on the great performance in the movie, but in 1983 this year, the state of De Niro should be his film career peak.

    This year's DE niro was 40 years old, for an actor, it is a peak.He has the best experience, feelings, and state, with

    a "once upon a time in America" this masterpiece, is a good thing to fulfill each other's.He put the noodles middle-aged wooden and decay, older compassion and insist on convincing interpretation, it is hard to imagine that someone else will let us for this bastard sad sigh.

    Max against brothers YinZhi and inner were suffering in James?Woods (James Woods) that piece of cutter emerged on his face.Similarly, Deborah's vanity and fragile, fat the cowardice and loyalty, carol debauchery and sincere, all of their souls are infused in him at the actors performance under vivid anomalies.

    Dominic that, of course, can't forget, like the angel of the face and on the streets of memorable, hopping and pettitte mouthful eat cream cakes.

    The end of the

    Just like we can't see through the complex life, also there are too many "once upon a time in America," the details and feelings can say is, the more more missing.The movie have too many comments - was originally a scene about the story of one's life, who can give their life - every one of us are only expressed mixed with personal experience of feelings and emotions.

    Rather than noodles the final fate is broken dream of life, as he completed in the walk of self redemption, it is beyond good and evil moralizing, towards the starting point of the passionate, at that moment that destruction is reborn, silence is the best.

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