Money can't buy in the United States have

By Gerald Jenkins,2015-03-05 23:26
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Money can't buy in the United States have

    Money can't buy in the United States have?

    All said the United States is money worship.Material of material worship method, it is this money, has become the social evaluation system, the success of anyone and anything, about hero is to money.Such as a personal career success, see income;How much a job, see mark wages;How about a movie evaluation, look at the box office;A film star is popular, to see the worth in the contract;Even now is running for President in 2016 candidates success, all depends on how much to raise political donations.Anyway, money is the measure of all standards and lever.

    (Los Angeles mayor led to reservoirs was a plastic ball diameter of 4 inches. Network diagram)

    Now that is a standard and leverage, gentle state of mind instead of many people, how many days, how many money less crazy comparison of imbalance, much less fair venal isn't clean.Now that is regarded as standards of society, people will realize that money is not everything.Such as the old saying, money can't buy love, in the American public is almost clear consensus.Said there is a rich girlfriend please eat Chinese food, by private plane to San Francisco's Chinatown to find the most famous Chinese restaurant, but if we carry on a double dip of Hollywood movies, Cinderella's legendary love is the main line, the basic values of money can't buy love is clear.

    And then there is the child's education, and money can't buy, this is also a consensus in the United States.Go to cram school in the United States, so can't see the cluster phenomenon, domestic "consensus" American "aristocratic" private schools, especially problems facing students, college students accounted for the proportion of school-age children in declining (don't know now a lot of beautiful cake the influx of the party, will change the downward trend).Just in recent years in domestic education very average computer-virus on this problem, buy the original book to the child, on the cram school, private school or study

    abroad[microblogging]Anyway, is money.Domestic consumption habits, "but for the most expensive, not the best", in other ways also just, but on education, not the best but the key people.Actually the style of the specialty of every child is different, accept ability is different also, especially how to stimulate their learning desires, but differ in thousands ways, or simply a bit of a talent is each person is different also, so even if is the same school, or to devote so much money also do the same things children, results will clearly separated.This, in the mind is also understand the adults, so the money and the behavior of the sun burn, more adults to comfort themselves with morphine.

    (the 97 million plastic balls hard hang area of 1000 acres of the Los Angeles reservoir cover the lid, in order to reduce the evaporation of water. Network diagram)

    So, it seems, is the material things that money can buy, but it is not the spiritual.But recently in California, but for the same material upgrade contradiction, have been on many occasions openly with the slogan,

    saying such things is money can't buy.This is the California water under drought.

    (northern California on the government website of a reservoir in July 2011 and January 2014 water contrast figure. And 2014 experienced the meteorological history's most a year of drought.)

    California in the past nine years, eight years of severe drought, drought in the past four years, and in 2014, and refresh the 2013 drought in the history records.So, my 9-year-old son all don't remember what is the rain, summer vacation to go out tourism, continuous run into tropical storm, he actually can produce a small child to see the kind of excitement when it rains.How much water?Don't say a lot of people drinking water is broken, small water companies have surrendered, direct announced that don't water, requires large companies, responsible for their water supply within the jurisdiction of the customers.Governor of California's little brown, officially announced this year, the state to mandatory saving

    water by 25%, otherwise we can't live.This in California, but for the first time in history.

    Mandatory water conservation section?Is the water supply units, statistical computing, contrast, 2012 and 2013, two years of data, reduce 25% of water supply.2014 belong to voluntary water-saving, data have no, so there is no direct reference value.But has indirect reference value to the data, such as the city of Beverly hill, Los Angeles, 2014 water consumption was increased, their relative last year, 36% water saving.

    (we are in Los Angeles county to water saving 28%. Domestic number according to the single and double restrictions, we are according to the

    number of single and double number, limit water twice a week. Is this tap water company of watering schedule.)

    California is the first agriculture continents.Drought, agriculture must be damaged, not save.Severe losses to what extent, not supply the lettuce and is now the most popular avocado, but beef, hitting a record high prices, because there is no grass to eat cattle.And it is reported that the equation in calculation are recovered, the cattle to grow back, 2 to 3 years.From the captivity of pork prices have also brought up, nearly 20 years of record.

    State government adopted a series of measures, such as for individuals and units waste water, can be fined $500 and $10000, it's really a JiYan.Starbucks, announced that they had all the stores and sell water, shall be stopped from California, or shipped

    elsewhere.Conveniently and in the use of California government do water bottled water, add a bottle of 5 cent levy half of water (about money).The rest of the big head, that is, urban water.

    California life mode, each front yard has grass, and maintain the lawn green or law, because I had straw yellow warned by the police.Poor is that more than half of the Los Angeles tap water will be used to water the lawn, said Beverly hill in front of the water consumption is big, because they have a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the lawn,

    in the size of several football fields.Good, immediately passed a series of laws and banned under the yellow grass ticket again, and the law was passed at the state level, the following basic don't quarrel, don't let the fine anyway.Even as President barack Obama's visit to Los Angeles, attended a charity golf event, public uproar, because the grass is green golf course.

    For water company, is money the most effective means of

    leverage.The percentage of water released first, and then beyond part, collect fees by 3 to 10 times, natural everybody saves.That's the problem, why people took to the streets for brand also said money can't buy water, some of the richest people, is forfeit, or water, this is not a little trouble?

    (from the tap water company "water-saving score sheet", our family grouped with the good, the dosage of the us is in the middle of the yellow part, than the average dosage and the bottom black a lot less.)

    Greater Los Angeles area last month a tap water company to court, a movie star said he didn't cooperate with water saving, but also steal water behavior.Prosecution in the compensation of including a the cost of hiring a private investigator,, water companies appears to be nasty,

    using a private investigator.This house is the home of big, and it was pretty tough attitude to the requirement of water saving.But legal unexpectedly to elude him, the family is the fee by the chapter.As for the suspected of stealing water?, their home has hundreds of acres of orchards, butter they use a tanker carrying water.Yet survey, those who buy water is a construction company building has to be used, and finished it hadn't run out of water, higher price.This is money to be able to sell!

    Is difficult to deal with the contradiction is here now, it becomes a rare resource, whether can help yourself to the high price, the final mass without water?There is a paradox, is some people began to crazy drilling Wells.Originally, buy the house, the ownership of the land is owned by the owners.My housing contract for the description of the ownership of land, is clearly written under the land mines, oil is belongs to me.Not easy to dig into the gold, oil, groundwater is easily.Now they protest, said just a glass of water, you make a hole, put a straw, gave me water to drink.Trouble, hemp vexed ah.

    Because the global meteorological condition, the characteristics of the state of California have been urged to learn to live desertification, learn Australia, Nevada.Water company set in Los Angeles, a square foot of the lawn to $7, into the desert landscape.The Los Angeles house lawn

    before and after swimming pool scene may become a thing of the past.The effect of water saving?Last month was 27.5%, is pretty good.The remaining, is waiting for winter this year's el nino, is said to be the strongest in the history of time, with any luck, to the ground and underground water repair back half of California.Last year, but this is not something that god, in the winter to predict el nino, the results by the end of march, the rainy season is over, the national meteorological center to declare the el nino phenomenon.Spokesman also did a little explanation, say there is no much rain, and now has passed, but we must be declared on the technology.

    Was strong el nino was in 1997, California large flash floods, China's major rivers have serious floods, and a variety of data show that this year than in 97.See the god, we have to water.

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