Impact factor in how influence the brain

By Pedro Wright,2015-03-05 16:45
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Impact factor in how influence the brain

    Impact factor in how "influence" the brain?

    King of hammer have a dream, that is "a promotion and pay increase, when the general manager, as chief executive, marry Bai Fu beauty, toward life peak".Whenever I think of this dream, he would be "a little excited" - this is the widespread of network in a.If, in the words of a little more pretend bility, this is the dream "activated his brain's reward system, let him act very pleasure".

    A group of German social neural biologists at the university of lubeck process to the strength of this.Recently, they use scientific methods to explore the better information for a promotion and pay increase is how to reshape people brain networks - but their investigation object is not a sledgehammer "king", but a group of neurobiologists.

    Status as silver "impact factor"

    Soren Krach and his team began their imaginations so: "scientists career reward structure is increasingly followed principles of finance and economics. Although the Journal impact factor (JIF) has been strongly criticized, but it has become a new currency in scientists mind. So, if you want to get the target in the field of academic directivity of success, understanding of JIF is indispensable."

    This three words to the vernacular that is to say: we scientists is bone QingJi to disdain to talk about money, of course, but no money where the funds research, without research where there is no work where to professional evaluation application projects, there is no title and project where come of money - and in this infinite loop, the key role is the number of articles published and quality.

    Number is right, will arithmetic can understand;And quality is bad to did, after all, science is various, there are also practical give priority to the theory is given priority to, some have immediate effect immediately according to the results output to see good or bad, some are too tall, need time to prove it's genius, couldn't do with a unified principle to judge.At that time, the only way can only look at how many articles published in the journal cited rate, cited shows the more recognition in the higher, magazines, the better.

    Academic journal Impact factor (IF) reflects the number of average cited journal recently published an article, the method of it at the earliest by the Institute for Scientific Information (Institute for Scientific Information), the founder of Eugene Garfield.From 1975 to now, people each year, and published in journals included in the report (Journal Citation Reports, JCR) in impact factor journals.

    Believe that such a scenario his greeting most "monk" is not strange:

    "Article hair have no?"


    "How many points (IF)?"

    "... it's a nice day today!"

    People who do not understand JIF system, probably thought the men on the sign.If make a statistics, "article made no" curse of academic system in the psychological shadow area may be more than did "marriage".

    As IF assessment system is widely used in the academic field, for scientists, the journal name and behind them the IF digital also gradually become and money are equally important.

    Impact factor how to influence the reward system?

    Reward mechanism brings a change in behavior, the classic way we used to say "money makes the mare go".In the field of impact factor importance than money, whether JIF mechanism may also affect the behavior of the scientists and the brain?Go in marburg spirit of medicine, the department of psychology and neuroscience at the university of 18 summoned neuroscience researchers involved in the experiment, and elaborate the two experiments.

    In the first experiment, participants were first will see on the screen of a visual cue, and then through the black screen delay some time.Later, in the presence of solid target, participants must be immediately press the button, can see the corresponding visual stimulation and visual cues.The experimental process diagram.Image: in reference [1]

    Experiment contains two tasks.One is "money incentive delay" task.In this task, the visual cues (in red circle is one, two or three horizontal lines) of the corresponding results are low value (5, 10, 20 euro cash), medium value (a large number of euro 100 and 200 - euro cash), high value () a large amount of 500 euro cash money.

    The second task is "incentive delay" task, red square one, two, or three horizontal lines suggest that corresponds to the subsequent low, medium and high IF articles appear on the home page.

    "Money incentive" delay task (top) and the "good articles" incentive delay (bottom) task, the different visual cues (red) of the low, medium and high three results.Image: in reference [1]

    As much as possible in order to simulate the real environment, this article is based on the front page from the subjects before the experiment and experiment related to their own list of keywords and co-author and synthetic - eyes participants will be able to "see" to their names and research projects in areas such as the neural Report (Neuro Report such low IF journals, such as the neural imaging (NeuroImage) or a medium IF journal, or such as the Nature Neuroscience such a high IF the journal.

    As for lab 2, scientists participants only accept "article incentive delay" task, but the order of the participant's name on the paper is a random distribution, is not always in the position of the first author.

    Experimental results show that, with the article IF increased, a neurobiologist at the reaction rate also increased significantly, and look forward to published an article with his name appeared, belong to the critical areas of the brain's reward system, the nucleus Accumbens (, NAcc) activation degree also significantly enhanced.

    High (High JIF), Medium (Medium JIF), Low (Low JIF) three academic journals

    corresponding impact factor and the considerable money value (right column).Image: in reference [1]

    Not only that, compared with the same type of "money stimulation", this article IF the degree of stimulation of the nucleus accumbens activation is relatively high, as compared with the influence of the article, scientists are really "treat money like dirt,"......It is worth mentioning that published the ranking order of the impact on the nucleus accumbens is also important, such as was also published in the journal nature neuroscience, and your own name at the top will be more strong than other places, the nucleus accumbens activation.

    Finally the study is published in the public library of science - integrated (Plos One), the journal of the IF only 3.5 points in 2013, according to the division of the author, it should belong to low the IF journals, so the personage inside course of study joked, "it was a sad story...".

    As a matter of fact, the study itself, there is some doubt whether such as neuroscientists itself is qualified to be the participants, because they have the intention of the experiment, is likely to take the initiative to the experimental results with experiment designers expected direction.Personally feel that if the control of a set of scientific backgrounds will be better.

    In addition, the neuroscientist in the trials from time from 6 months to 12 years, published an article also focused on the IF low and medium IF journals, and three neuroscientist has not yet been published articles, this can explain all about subjects for high IF journals is desperate to - of course, this is another sad story...

    "Hair high IF articles or out" dilemma

    "Published or out" (the Publish or Perish) this cruel rule in the increasingly competitive resources are increasingly scarce today has become the over all scientists (especially young scientists) head of the shadow.M.d., Ph.D., Arnold willman (Arnold s. Relman) published in 1977, the article "published or out, or both" (the Publish or perish - or both) as mentioned in this phenomenon.After nearly 40 years of development, it finally turned into a "high IF articles published or out".

    Academic areas and all other areas, pure thoughts and action is not enough, still need to work - and for most of the academic research, the biggest achievement is through accepted after peer review and published papers.If Einstein didn't published in 1916, the article about general relativity or never published his theory may need more time or will never get the attention of the scientific community and recognition.Published articles, however, this is aimed at helping science communication and a tool for communication, but with vital interests driven by gradually becomes a direct purpose and motivation of many scientific research, has become the "common currency" the scientific community, and the face value of the coin is JIF, perhaps this is unexpected by scientists in half a century ago.

    Personally think karkh experiment genius is that they have the experience to learn "published or out" such a had no solution of the phenomenon to appear in front of the scientists, using research data to tell us the cruel rules how to change the thinking and cognitive scientists.

    For these social neuroscientists, the result is a mixed blessing: on the one hand, the pursuit of high quality journals published an article represents the scientists hope "published better not more";Published an article, on the other hand, once the money and become the driving force of scientific research, the scientists science and the instinct to love and curiosity drives will be discounted.

    But JIF such journals scoring system itself, but also into a myth: people always pay more attention to how to find a better method of quantifying scientific results, rather than how scientific and rational use of the existing literature measurement.As the last quotation of Hanover, Germany leibniz university professor Reinhard ha DE warner (Reinhard Werner) comments: "literature surveying many negative effects are not derived from its itself, but from how it will be used expectations - if we expect their article passes through the stupid standard review, then we will use this foolish standards to modify our study so that they can be published."

    Just as many professors to students to longly say: "science and published articles are two different things."I hope one day, we don't need it for the next generation of young scholars for inculcation.Otherwise, we always only a "happy" the king of the hammer.

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