Investment bosses buffett suffered a miserable year Not caught an ox

By Peter Ramos,2015-03-04 06:20
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Investment bosses buffett suffered a miserable year Not caught an ox

    Investment bosses buffett suffered a miserable year

    Not caught an ox

Investment bosses buffett suffered a miserable year

    "Stock god" did not catch a winners;"Empty" god paulson to gold;The high-profile bill with the wrong bets

    Christmas is near, "stock god" warren buffett, "empty" god, John paulson, "high-profile bosses" bill ekman may not be in a good mood. In 2015, the three investment community level "god" who's miserable performance can be use to describe: buffett's Berkshire hathaway company positions of multiple stocks appear double-digit decline, even company; their share prices hit worst performance since 2008;Not only pursues the value investment of buffett's setback, ekman hedge funds Pershing square (PershingSquare) may also be a double-digit losses this year revenue officer;And Mr Paulson because stubborn bullish gold and bet on Puerto Rico national debt, its multiple funds suffer losses. Buffett's shame for one year

    Berkshire hathaway company's stock has been is famous for its expensive, as of December 21 local time, A shares of $196000 A share, B share of about $131 A share.The company headquarters is located in the town of Omaha, the last time do badly or in 2008, when A, B two shares fell 32% at the same time.Since this year, Berkshire hathaway's A shares and B shares down 12.92% and 12.63%, respectively.

    The difference is that in 2008, for the majority of investors in the market are disastrous, means the beginning of a great depression.Though Berkshire hathaway company's share price fell, or run to win the market;But this year, buffett has been far behind the market, at the same time the s&p 500 fell only 1.83%.

    The American media and even thinks, 2015 is a humiliation for warren buffett, "investment performance throughout the year, holdings no brilliant performance, with several of the big winners are no 2015". The last time the Berkshire hathaway's performance is lower than the standard & poor's 500, back in 1999.That year the s&p 500 jumped 19.5%, Berkshire hathaway's A shares fell 20%, B shares fell 22%. 1999 was the first round of the rise of the Internet wave, big technology companies in that year's rapid emergence;Technology giants in 2015, has grown up still, irrespective of the market average decline in strong growth.

    In the technology industry has always been conservative buffett, eventually because of the lack of deployment in science and technology company, constrained Berkshire hathaway company's growth.But to make matters worse, Berkshire ? hathaway holdings companies this

    year have ushered in the share price diving, such as wal-mart's shares fell 30.66%;American express shares dropped 26.48%;P&g's share price fell by 13.33%;Even owned one of the few technology companiesIBMThis

year, the shares also tumbled 15%.

    Buffett has always been don't like the investment of high-tech companies, but has temporarily not choose those after several ups and downs in "swimming naked" old company., however, are the main differences between 2015 and 1999, emerged in the tide of early Internet technology companies may also be a bubble, but now the Internet has become a social infrastructure are as important as railways, electricity. The "empty" god defeat to gold

    Before the financial crisis, because big shorting subprime bets adventure, let John paulson funds earn $20 billion within two years, Mr Paulson himself has also become new myth of the hedge-fund industry. However, Mr Paulson called "empty" god, this year because the stick to see much gold and bet on Puerto Rico national debt, leading to its multiple funds suffer losses.

    Puerto Rico in 2014, the government issued $3.5 billion of bonds, the total cost of Mr Paulson's funds to participate in the subscription for about $120 million, but this year the Puerto Rico said unable to repay debt, makes these bond prices plunge.

    In 2015, gold prices, also let Mr Paulson was bullish on gold.In the years to investors, Mr Paulson's disclosure of its gold fund lost 23% in June, from 2013, loss is as high as 65%.

    In August after the global stock market crash, "empty" god's three main

    fund losses, its largest a fund, "Mr Paulson advantage plus fund" as of September losses is as high as 12%.This is the fund's losses last year after a 36% loss again.

    Performance is poor, let Mr Paulson's "empty" god aura has been questioned.Because of poor investment liquidity, volatility, reasons, such as bank of America merrill lynch to redeem $80 million from Mr Paulson's funds, the bank also require wealth management advisers don't put clients' money in Mr Paulson's other smaller funds. Greenlight (GreenlightCapital) David einhorn also love in 2015 has experienced 20 years of losses for the second time.Greenlight from 1996 early before the financial crisis in 2007, average annual return of greenlight is as high as 22%, and never loss.In 2008, the love for horn because of short of bear stearns and lehman brothers made $1 billion, for the first time this year and greenlight capital losses.It is understood that the flagship fund greenlight 1 ~ 11 month losses as high as 21% this year, even more losses than during the financial crisis.

    Ekman promised "at the end of the money"

    Over the past year, the market volatility to hedge fund traders are also turning to a long-term strategy to reassure investors.

    "2015 will be Pershing square's worst year ever, even than during the financial crisis in 2008 lost 12% ~ 13% worse."The high-profile shorting herbalife, and soros for rival bill ekman, said in a recent letter to

    investors, his hedge fund Pershing square investment may MSC double-digit losses this year, but he can guarantee fund is a finally adopted by the long-term strategy to earn money.

    Decline in performance, of course, is an important factor to turn their attention to the long-term strategy.

    This year, the ekman Pershing square of investment performance because of mistakes in the Canadian valiant pharmaceutical bet on a drag on, as of October return of 9.6%.

    Since this year, ekman bullish valiant pharmaceutical shares fell 24%.Over the same period, ekman's other holdings - specialty chemicals maker (PlatformSpecialtyProducts) higher share prices fall of 47.42%.But is short of herbalife, and so far this year's share price rose 44.27%. "Although not sure the specific time, if you have a long-term vision, we believe that the gold fund could bring the very large scale returns."This is in June, hand over losses of 23% performance that month, Mr Paulson wrote in the letter to investors.

    Feeling concerned is not only the ekman, edged in December, according to data from the global hedge fund only 58% this year to earn the money, is the worst performance since 2011;Hedge funds in return for more than 8%, 20% and 15% of hedge fund losses of more than 8%. In 2016 the U.S. stocks?NBC channel of finance and economics (CNBC) 2015 survey of the autumn, plute people hold a calm attitude, more rich

    do not look good in 2016, the s&p 500, think that the rate of return on the stock market will be lower, at the same time, most of the rich think American household income will remain unchanged.In addition, the wealthy stock investment will be focused on the science and technology, a handful of industry such as financial and health care.

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