Gene concept is worth digging future opportunities

By Raymond Wagner,2015-03-03 14:44
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Gene concept is worth digging future opportunities

Gene concept is worth digging future opportunities

    Recently, a launched by the world's major gene editing workers human gene editing international summit held in Washington, discusses the various hot issues related to the gene editing techniques.Summit declaration has not forbidden for early human embryos or germ cell gene editing behavior, researchers can still be on the basis of research.This means that the current emphasis will continue to be development and potential applications of gene editing technology itself.

Open the door of hope gene editing for severe patients

    When a fertilized egg begins to split, cells DNA carries the genetic factors determine the embryo will have various characteristics of the parental generation.If parental carry some serious genetic disease, so children unfortunately perhaps without birth has destined fate.Genetic factors, despite numerous accident appeared in the process of copying DNA (genetic mutations), also will make the individual life is struggle.The current medical level, the above difficulties.But in the may issue of the future, everything will change.

    In early December, by the national academy of sciences, the national medical college, Chinese academy of sciences and the royal society of human gene editing, according to the international summit is expected

to treat hemophilia B by gene editing technology.

    The data shows, hemophilia B is produced by indicating the liver blood coagulation factor IX gene mutations cause, is a kind of hereditary disease.Patients due to blood coagulation dysfunction and spontaneous hemorrhage, and may face the danger of life because of hard to stop the bleeding.Patients often like glass of people living in horrified all day long.

    The clinical trials of message at the summit, according to us scientists use ZFN (zinc finger nuclease) gene editing tools, inserted in the genome a correct version of the mutated gene, and the lack of factor IX gene delivery to the liver of mice and primate.Scientists announced experimental animal blood coagulation function returned to normal.Will soon be carried out in adult patients with hemophilia B test.The future will also transfer the technology to the pediatric field.

    Just a month ago, Britain has just announced by gene editing technique has cured a 1 year old children with leukemia.The children were diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, conventional chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant treatment have been unable to work on it.In their parents' support, the hospital USES German biotechnology company Cellectis create a cell therapy for the patients.Scientists used

    the called TALENs (class transcription activating factor effector nuclease) gene editing tools for blood donors are from the United States three times editor.Closed two genes, and add the anti leukemia genes, and will eventually be 1 ml contains 5000 edited cells into children, make children body can restore and received bone marrow transplantation.The postoperative children with inspection found that the cancer cells has been completely eliminated.The bold experiment after tested only in mice.

    At the hospital for sick children in Toronto researchers announced the use of another gene editing tools, make the cells of patients with duchenne muscular dystrophy to restore the function of protein.

    Gene editing technology, therefore, to critically ill patients has brought the hope of rebirth.Use of gene editing techniques correct pathogenic mutations, treatment of human diseases has a broad prospect.

What is gene sequencing?

    The so-called gene sequencing, refers to a kind of new genetic testing technology.The detection technology can provide from the blood or saliva analysis determination of gene sequence, to predict the likelihood of a variety of disease, the behavior of the individual characteristics and

    behavior is reasonable, such as cancer or leukemia, athletic, alcohol, etc.

    Gene sequencing is accurate medical entrance, is an important part of precision medical.Through the complete collection of patient clinical information for patients with complete collection of biological samples, and by the molecular level with the technology of gene sequencing, patient information are collected, and finally by using bioinformatics analysis tool to integrate and analyze all the information, so that doctors can early to predict the occurrence of diseases, the possible development direction and the disease may end, the final diagnosis.

Among the nuggets

    Individual stocks, according to the industrial chain, galaxy securities advice to focus on individual stocks in three areas: sequencing technology development, focus on the purple of da an gene, xin pharmaceutical co.,;Cumulative genome sample areas, pay attention to in the glory of the alliance, the source Concorde, thousand source medicine, the new open source;Medical institutions cooperation, hokuriku pharmaceutical, qianshan mountain medicine machine, dean diagnosis, tomson times.

    Ann gene (002030) : molecular diagnosis of Ann genes for domestic

    leading enterprises, actively layout IVD whole industrial chain.Company created from upstream to downstream of each link, in the upstream firm LIFETech gene sequencing machines and sales produced instruments and reagents.At the same time, the company also provides gene sequencing service, and has made the CFDA related certification, can develop noninvasive prenatal screening and diagnosis of the tumor and treatment business, is expected to bring results.In downstream, the company focus on diagnosis related products as the focus, constantly extend the company's industry layout in the field of health, formed a strong abilities of industry consolidation and expansion of advantage, development platform for the company's long-term development provides a strong power.

    Dean diagnosis (300244) : dean, a diagnosis of project management in our country, the largest diagnosis in medical diagnosis for the most complete service operators, service outsourcing company's business covers medical diagnosis (independent medical laboratory), the judicial authentication, diagnostic products, technology research and development production, CRO, health management, and other fields, has been in bohai bay, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta region and other 14 provinces and cities set up subsidiaries, the company testing projects up to more than 2000, the company in scale, channels

    and product line rich degree, have accumulated a certain advantage, make the company in this emerging industry is in active status.This year the company won the first batch of tumor diagnosis and treatment projects high-throughput gene sequencing technology pilot

    qualifications, clinical application for the company to do business in the field of tumor sequencing.

    Glory of al (002642) : the main business of cloud computing and IT services, big data and the Internet of things, such as biological cloud of three business sectors.The league has been cooperating with genomics, with its accumulated in high-performance computing and mass storage technology advantage, for genomics design, construction and maintenance of the biological information super calculate center in shenzhen and Hong Kong, gene sequencing to form huge amounts of data in parallel, in order to solve the problem of computing and storage, etc.This year, the company's non-public shares to raise 1 billion yuan, respectively, to support medical molecular biological cloud computing projects and to large multidimensional data based on vehicle networking integrated operation service system of the project.Biological cloud computing project plan to set up for medical institutions, the centers for disease control and prevention, medical center, biological gene sequencing companies and other institutions and individuals based on

cloud computing architecture of data analysis and storage of biological

information platform, to provide meet the biological information mass

storage, timely analysis and mass treatment or rapid field of IT services.

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