Takeshi kitano bosses review the man's friendship is a kind of feature

By Tina Matthews,2015-03-03 13:46
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Takeshi kitano bosses review the man's friendship is a kind of feature

    Takeshi kitano "bosses" review: the man's friendship

    is a kind of feature

    If a man is called the most closely relationship with their gay friends "brother", don't doubt, which naive assumptions of need, he will definitely make similar to the "best" such a move.In my eyes, "brother" is a natural with shares regardless, even some ShaQi but are dear to each other again at the same time, tolerance for ambiguity word.

    So, this [brother] about takeshi kitano, compared with the translation of "bosses" port of the apparent, I prefer it is called "brothers".

    This is obviously kitano Wu Shi story, flowing blood, takeshi kitano appeared to be traced.Similarly has the idealistic side, where there is a, but would you be willing to take these defective neglected, because in my opinion, no reason for this group of people coming and going moment matters at the same time, also have to be flawless looking for that little foibles.This is not in the movies, but the analysis of the cold.Such analysis is not applicable to takeshi kitano, it opens a kick.

    Since 93, I felt takeshi kitano this man even complaining about life.Ever seen such a passage, there are two kinds of attitude to life in this world, is a kind of love, a kind of hate, and takeshi kitano is clearly the latter.There are a lot of director, although they always be pessimistic or even despair, but the starting point is too love life, love the

    human;Takeshi kitano, however, his attitude to life is full of distrust, boring, hate.The antipathy led directly to his impermanence of abrupt violence in the movie, the wild north of wu of violence aesthetics and John woo's violence aesthetics does not, the former has a more solid foundation to play there, rather than the latter in the form of aesthetics is the highest.

    [who], however, is not the work of takeshi kitano is outstanding, but in friendship for a man to depict more than other works ([kids return] indeed is friendship first, but this only in two people, but not [who] out of the group).When kato to find white wrasse, there are such a pretty emotional word: to my eldest brother, I can not life also.White wrasse not letter, handed him the gun, but only to kato hesitates up, smile and say a sentence: eldest brother will please you.A gunshot, I open with the color of the wall by the explosion shock, one second to heat the eye socket.Is that a short time, my mind is continuously flashback kato in the car muttered yamamoto "don't know what eldest brother is eye", and in basketball that rascal man, but he became a pile of bones.Gv 10 before his ridicule, whether it's the same color of skin, or words never impassability, trying to put the gun on white wrasse while bay there.

    While the key is yamamoto's younger brother, but I always think, is between yamamoto and Denny emotion is more secure.As a leader yamamoto, probably around a person only a Denny, will remain the same joke with him easily (and is) in English, will be warned him to stop a cheat, will treat him as a man only, not the boss.Although this is the beginning of two same rivers of blood loss, but Denny one eye injuries eventually were able to get a life, I'm afraid he didn't know.The brain seems to be less muscle guy, he doesn't know yamamoto pulled him out, of course, emptying several gun just for the appearance of his murder, like when he think yamamoto to his car the broken bag is just useless some clothes.But in fact, when he opened it and found that it was a bundle of money.

    The friendship between men, and sometimes you don't know what is when forming a base, but it has been firmly set up there, impregnable.Even is a life for a life a big loud,

    in their eyes are light a few words.So he died, so yamamoto saved Denny.Even without melodramatic parting or the words of the sentiments.Yamamoto to Denny left a note, however, is the death of handwriting is simple.Owe you of 60 dollars, even to pay you back with interest.Denny can also?In addition to tears with a smile and preached scold "shit" and "fuck u".

    Than frame stack up a relationship between men and women always too awkward position in the movie.Whether [sonata] or [who], in which women are sometimes more play the role of an ornament is not necessary.The appearance of a woman is a bit won't affect the affection between brothers, but also won't bring more bright color, this is takeshi kitano is different from other directors."Brothers are brothers, the woman be like clothes" theory, though not understand rhetoric, become more but it is real.So that I can produce takeshi kitano arrange opera but represents another symbol of the male - for lewd meet this kind of idea.

    I was so touched.Very pure.Takeshi kitano's camera never redundant and physical performance, his calm, violent, contracted, together with the coquettish death end to front of you, and long stone under the consistent level of product, is out of thin air render harsh layout, in addition to the unprepared and some premonition inexplicably sad, you have nothing to say again?

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