Cook made in China products is not because the cost is low

By Evelyn Adams,2015-03-02 04:26
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Cook made in China products is not because the cost is low

    Cook: made in China products is not because the

    cost is low

    MarketWatch reported, in a 60 Minutes,appleCEO Tim cook to host Charlie rose why production of apple's products in China, he said: "it's a matter of skills."

    But apparently not Ross, he asked: "they [Chinese workers] more than American workers skills? They more than German workers skills?"Cook explained: "as time goes on, the United States (workers) vocational skills began to decline, I mean, you can find in the United States combined mould workers can only fill our room now, but in China you can find workers with several football fields."

    At the beginning of the interview, because when it comes to the apple was accused of "tax evasion", "orchestrated" protect overseas revenue of $74 billion, some strong dialogue.Cook said: "that is completely political crap."

    In the apple co-founder and former CEO Steve jobs died in 2011, many people doubt whether apple will collapse.Charlie rose into apple, see how four years later the apple, whether still have the ability to bold innovation.In the special edition "60 Minutes" (60 Minutes Overtime), Charlie rose points out that the different jobs and cook.

    Ross to edit Ann Silvio aid: "Steve's visionary people, the combination of humanity and science and technology are very savvy, but Tim is an engineer."But jobs have promoted the cook, said he felt no need to go beyond jobs, "I like Steve jobs, Steve is not my rival, he chose me, I'd like to try our best to do every thing, invest all energy to do everything."

    Some of his energy to apple's future development to be a secret.On the show, cook for Ross said, apple's secret may be "more than the CIA".But silvio wanted to know, apple still focus on looking for the next breakthrough innovation, as it isiPhoneChange our life?Ross said: "yes, no one more than they can understand the challenge, they are the world's richest companies, but full of once the top down in the history of the business.

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