Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy reviews

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Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy reviews

    "Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy" reviews

    "Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy" tells the story of the British spy department how to find out the Soviet union placed within the ghost story, but not blindly pursue suspense and plot, the film without heroes, there are no winners, there is no absolute good and evil, there is no super agent to save the world, not so much damn drama, this is heavy, pressure gadites breath of reality, not entertainment.

    "Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy" is the most care thing style.Film to render - even exaggerate the special era atmosphere to pinkish degree, the mystery of film are soaked in the dark, deep and sad a cloud of fog, it is contemporary nostalgia for the imagination of the cold war years.Leading role smiley, one through the puzzle, the weary veterans mood, make into a depression after the second world war, the British society, director of the mid - 70 - all British amorous feelings in the Scandinavian's dismal in the dark.

    "Rounders" first of all, is a bureaucracy, and don't forget the bureaucratic style of the British empire is notoriously.The world has its own rules: camp-forming, intrigue, exclude all others...To take over the "main" superior's Pacific agri lane is a typical careerist - he is good at flattery, trying to get through the department of defense, Marine, such as the upper line, one side draw bill Haydn, Roy brand and others of their clique,

    hit a enough to shake the "main" authority's ace in the hole: code "wizard" sole source of intelligence.Later, "main" resignation, by nature, and the first thing he did let smiley, etc and are not a "boat people" retirement, or stand aside.Unfortunately, this little wishful thinking, just every step of the Soviet people.

    And all the bureaucratic authority, spy department also pay attention to seniority, see background.Such as the Hungarian toby ester haas is because foreigners from a second-class country and a low people everywhere, even the code is "poor", who clearly by the "main" for saving his life, but those who take refuge in the Pacific, actually also is not difficult to explain: if not, he knew that he himself do a lifetime can only small leader is a competent assistant work.

    So it is conceivable that smiley the veteran spy, unavoidably will not lose momentum in the decades of officialdom hone, ideal and passion are left, yes, everyone will become a tired and sophisticated cynicism - if James Bond really work in mi6, that I'm afraid he is not immune.

    "Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy" it is not how many female characters, but the "love" is a important dark lines.Ricky tal and Soviet spy irina love each other, their relationship is not only the fuse of the whole story, also to a fatal disaster.Nothing better than this to prove how cruel "spy" is a kind of professional.

    Smiley deeply in love with his wife, Ann, but also because of her tortured - in "rounders", Ann consorted is known secret, smiley is the biggest pain feet, it is also used by Soviet spy chief vladimiro kara, he appointed bill Haydn seduce Ann and deliberately let the smiley to smash amour (smiley home encounter disheveled Haydn, the other is a poor excuse to get picture...), so many years friends give oneself cuckold son of distress, be disturbed smiley mood is one of the most lethal weapon.

    Bill Haydn true lover is Jim at many, this relationship in the book or movie is evasive, but is vital - think of it, Haydn was sold your lover and friend and countless

    decades the intersection of many of the comrades, the hidden behind this how much pain and suffering.So, the film end with kill for plano, Haydn, also it is not hard to understand.

    What is the cold war?

    When the cold war in the history books after the second world war, led by Sue beauty, decades of confrontation between the east and the west, including: the iron curtain, the Berlin wall, the nuclear threat, and a space arms race of outer space, the Cuban missile crisis, Prague spring...And so on.But for spies, the cold war, what does it mean?

    Unlike politicians or soldiers, spies on career means that you have to take the door all his - always live in secret, camouflage and lies, always nervous, sacrifice is always inevitable, and not as easy as the suffering of the flesh, a spy to have courage in the most despicable means to achieve the task, whether emotional or conscience, nothing can not be destroyed.

    Maybe is money, but less during the cold war, the "tinker, tailor, soldier, spy" of the world, for most spy, support what they strive for is - faith.

    Because in the end of the cold war are two ideological confrontation, choose communism or capitalism?Knowledge of experienced holocaust of world war ii molecules (understand many languages, from Oxbridge spies are elite, of course), it is a very important problem.# # p# page title e#

    But bill Haydn, one who had fought for countries in the world war ii, how should take refuge in the camp, and betrayed his daily comrades?

    In fact, it is also represents a batch of post-war mentality of intellectuals (the most famous example is that Paul Sartre).Maybe Tony judt in discourse in the history of the post-war Europe can solve this doubt --

    "Communist enthusiasm of western intellectuals tend to peak, is the most brutal rule in the Soviet period: 1935-1939 and 1944-1956. The writer, professors, artists, teachers and journalists often worshipped for Stalin, not didn't see his faults, but because of his shortcomings and more respect for him. Emperor distance between words and reality against the goodwill to pursue career men and women with irresistible charm.

    Communist young intellectuals stirred excitement, is don't have the luxury to compare freedom and democracy.Cause and size of communism, geographically with exotic emotional appeal, and with heroic.

    ......About the Soviet union is pursuing the idea of a great cause, its ambition found excuses for its shortcomings and defense, all of these to the group of rationalism in the intellectuals had a special appeal.Fascism born crime has become a target for it focused attacks.But in order to realize communism is it around the world, no doubt, super great goal.Of the mistakes made by it in the eyes of the observer, the price just for the sake of so-called create history."

    World war ii is a disillusioned in the western world, as well as old glory a total collapse of the British empire.Bill Haydn so gave up the original ideal.But you and I both know that, if he can experience true witness the Soviet union, the collapse of the iron curtain, that there will be more embarrassing - fortunately, he died.Now looking back on it in the cold war, more like a write full arrogant and vain joke - as for the spies, don't tube they had stood in which side of the Berlin wall, are destined to become a clown in vain.A dedicated his life even how again?The ideal, the sacrifice, the suffering, actually have no meaning.

    So this movie must be cold depressing.

    Slice by messy story get dizzy?According to the normal time line I retell the story below

    ?Before world war ii, "main" led smiley veteran men created the British intelligence - "rounders".

    ?Before and during the second world war, world war ii "main" and "smiley [beggar] gradually absorb Billy [tailor] by Haydn, le o in Pacific lane/tinker, Jim, how [later when the teacher he prowled the killer], toby ester haas" rounders "[poor] and other new blood.

    ?Early 50 s, dissatisfaction with the reality of Billy Hayden was the head of the Soviet intelligence, Carla bought and become a double agent.

    ?In 1955, the Soviet intelligence purge, hit the smiley to India to persuade a probably in the back will be executed after Soviet spy yield.But it is the man, the last smiley distinctions will be engraved with his wife's name lighters.In fact, the spy is kara, he survived, but further consolidate the status.The meeting for the future of smiley emotional problems by using the seeds.

    ?About 1963, Krakow, Carla sent the Soviet spy poly a latent to Britain as a cultural attache to the Soviet union, the person's mission is to Haydn joint with the ghost bill.

    ?Soon, Connie [research] the queen in the investigation of poly a peskov, from a small details found that the man is actually a Soviet soldier, rather suspicious.But when she reported to the Pacific after agri Ryan and toby ester haas, not taken seriously.

    ?The Christmas party.Is said to be drawn from the experience of the original with the author le carre, all characters, lines and stage in this intersection.

    ?Bill Hayden will mysterious intelligence source/this person does not exist "wizard", introduced to promotion eager passion.Help them get a lot of the so-called high quality intelligence (of course is arranged), Pacific unsanitary environment, and to suck up to the top, finally the application to the fund, quite apart from the "main" go it

    alone.Their secret rented an apartment somewhere in London as Krakow, and poly a wizard of (the so-called agent) the location of the joint.Little imagine, British people are full of fake and substandard products.The Soviet people by Haydn to get a steady stream of intelligence, more programs to the UK as a bridge to dig their ultimate purpose - American intelligence.

    ?By getting popular, the main experience with sophisticated sensing is suspect, he started to sort out these years alone the large amount of information, finally put the ghost suspicion focused on the Pacific (plus smiley, and tinker, tailor, soldier, and poor beggar as five signs posted on chess.

    ?The underlying field agents Ricky thar were ordered to Istanbul, Turkey to perform routine field mission: monitoring a Soviet union trade delegation.Only have a bonus: Soviet spy irina to defection and fall in love with him, also revealed a very important intelligence - "rounders" in Carla's ghost.Merit and foolhardy thar you, his organization's ghost seen inside cables were sent back overnight, Carla were called to act immediately, irina was kidnapped to return home, a British spy is killed, then charge to tal, tal had to run get in big trouble.# # p# page title e#

    ?About the end of 1972, to draw the "main".He sent his most trusted Jim looks more secret to Budapest, Hungary, and a preparation of defected general joint, the person will tell Jim, who is the ghost.

    ?But Jim tracks by bill Haydn unseen and sold to the kara.Then the film started: he's an ambush.Although survived was captured, by torture, as Carla urgently want to know the British for how much the ghost to master the intelligence.He also shot in front of Jim irina.

    ?Jim "death" message back to the UK, "director" big hit, vulnerable, and he must be responsible for the failure of the action, from "rounders" retire soon.

    ?She sits at the head of a visionary.Smiley, Connie and loyal to the "main" old men are frustrated was forced to retire.

    ?"Main" lonely die in the hospital.

    ?About the spring of 1973, the Soviet people back to the UK's Jim at many (tell from the strategy should be to cover up the ghost's true identity), anonymity to an elementary school teaching.

    ?Evaporate, meanwhile, months of Ricky tal sneaking into the UK, he directly linked to deputy defense minister lacan, will come clean about ghosts inside information.

    ?Lacan find the lighted group is shunned by Pacific (action group, mainly responsible for the assassination and kidnapping) leader Peter guillaume, set out to investigate, and assign is responsible for outsiders smiley.

    ?Smiley to live in a small inn, investigating, guillaume and retired inspector general Mendelian as his aides.He sent guillaume get first in the list of "main" after leaving retirees, because there is likely to be hidden in the way the ghost and be cleared away.

    ?Sure enough, when visited Connie queen [research], Krakow, smiley learn about poly a important clues.

    ?Ricky fitts tal visit history smiley, through his telling, smiley infer the ghost was read thar the telegraph.

    ?So, guillaume was ordered to the risk from "rounders" confidential archives steal on-duty records, but find that the night of the pages have been torn off.

    ?Based on the analysis of guillaume "rounders" of capital accounts, smiley found that the flow of a sum of money can, and tell Jim at more than the fact that did not

    die.He found at many, who told the history smiley, toby ester haas put him here, and told his forget "main" is explained.

    ?Visit Jim smiley at an accident that night, is the "main" sent to duty cables than jerry west, learned that bill Haydn was abnormal behavior, and thought that he and his wife Ann amour.

    ?Smiley reasoning "wizard" as the soviets bait, and reporting to the defence minister.Authorization after the operation, he began to implement the final action.

    ?First, smiley intimidation several suspects in the status and the cowardly ester haas, Krakow, get them with poly a joint apartment address.

    ?Then smiley qiao shi "flush", send Ricky tal to Paris on a British intelligence "hijacked" the drama, he purposely make big activity, notice "rounders" grasp the important information about the ghost.As a result, several suspects will run to the junction with the "wizard" agent to discuss how to deal with, be in in the real ghost than others to the first one step, so that in the first time inform kara.And subordinates already tight dragnet such as smiley, bare ghost only rise to the bait.

    ?Bottom, Billy Haydn's first appearance, make sure he is within the demons.

    ?According to the plan, Billy Haydn will be sent to the Soviet union.Smiley GuanYaDe visit to Haydn to he speaks the truth.

    ?Smiley to take over the "rounders", became the new director.

    ?Finally, Jim, how remote sniper kill bill Haydn.

    Say again a few look down upon

    The lighter

    Wife Ann gave smiley, it has her name on it.However, every time after "the wall" gave her husband a little gift "sorry", so the lighter is undoubtedly a tangle of love tokens.Smiley later turn it to Carla, wily opponent immediately he who sees through his weakness, and assign Haydn to seduce.Appeared several times in the movie, lighters, one is in a cafe in Budapest, means that Jim ambush at much, Carla himself is present.

    Guillaume is gay

    Smiley advised guillaume disposal may cause trouble as soon as possible of personal questions, then guillaume root a man break up the scenes, fans will make of this plot, he was not gay.Not only has a long will blow the flute girlfriend, also after le carre novel got married.This is the idea of the director to more highlights the spy world hidden and cruel, gay is very easy to be blackmail and threats of weakness.

    Smiley's glasses

    Smiley in reality and memories by wearing glasses, used to be in phnom penh, into the black box after retirement, can't distinguish the timeline of children's shoes can as a logo.

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