Programmers should know 100 Vim command

By Virginia Lane,2015-02-26 13:52
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Programmers should know 100 Vim command

    Programmers should know 100 Vim command

    Since the 70 s, has always been a ViThe programmerOne of the best partners, whether

    you are a Vi a novice or a veteran, classification is given below 100 useful Vi command,

    believe that will help you. Basics

    :e filename Open filename for edition

    :w Save file

    :q Exit Vim

    :w! Exit Vim without saving


    /word Search word from top to bottom ?word Search word from bottom to top /jo[ha]n Search john or joan

    /< the Search the, theatre or then /the> Search the or breathe /< the> Search the

    /< ?.> Search all words of 4 letters // Search fred but not alfred or frederick /fred|joe Search fred or joe

    / Search exactly 4 digits /^n{3} Find 3 empty lines

    :bufdo /searchstr/ Search in all open files


    :%s/old/new/g Replace all occurences of old by new in file :%s/old/new/gw Replace all occurences with confirmation :2,35s/old/new/g Replace all occurences between lines 2 and 35 :5,$s/old/new/g Replace all occurences from line 5 to EOF :%s/^/hello/g Replace the begining of each line by hello :%s/$/Harry/g Replace the end of each line by Harry :%s/onward/forward/gi Replace onward by forward , case unsensitive :%s/ *$//g Delete all white spaces

    :g/string/d Delete all lines containing string :v/string/d Delete all lines containing which didn’t contain


    :s/Bill/Steve/ Replace the first occurence of Bill by Steve in

    current line

    :s/Bill/Steve/g Replace Bill by Steve in current line :%s/Bill/Steve/g Replace Bill by Steve in all the file

    :%s/r//g Delete DOS carriage returns (^M)

    :%s/r/r/g Transform DOS carriage returns in returns :%s#<[^>]+>##g Delete HTML tags but keeps text :%s/^(.*)n1$/1/ Delete lines which appears twice

    Ctrl+a Increment number under the cursor

    Ctrl+x Decrement number under cursor

    ggVGg? Change text to Rot13


Vu Lowercase line

    VU Uppercase line

    g~~ Invert case

    vEU Switch word to uppercase vE~ Modify word case

    ggguG Set all text to lowercase :set ignorecase Ignore case in searches :set smartcase Ignore case in searches excepted if an uppercase

     letter is used

    :%s/<./u&/g Sets first letter of each word to uppercase :%s/<./l&/g Sets first letter of each word to lowercase :%s/.*/u& Sets first letter of each line to uppercase :%s/.*/l& Sets first letter of each line to lowercase

Read/Write files

    :1,10 w outfile Saves lines 1 to 10 in outfile :1,10 w >> outfile Appends lines 1 to 10 to outfile :r infile Insert the content of infile :23r infile Insert the content of infile under line 23

File explorer

    :e . Open integrated file explorer :Sex Split window and open integrated file explorer :browse e Graphical file explorer

:ls List buffers

    :cd .. Move to parent directory :args List files

    :args *.php Open file list

    :grep expression *.php Returns a list of .php files contening expression gf Open file name under cursor

Interact with Unix

:!pwd Execute the pwd unix command, then returns to


    !!pwd Execute the pwd unix command and insert outpu

    t in file

    :sh Temporary returns to Unix $exit Retourns to Vi


:%!fmt Align all lines

    !}fmt Align all lines at the current position 5!!fmt Align the next 5 lines


:tabnew Creates a new tab

gt Show next tab

    :tabfirst Show first tab

    :tablast Show last tab

    :tabm n(position) Rearrange tabs

    :tabdo %s/foo/bar/g Execute a command in all tabs :tab ball Puts all open files in tabs

Window spliting

    :e filename Edit filename in current window :split filename Split the window and open filename ctrl-w up arrow Puts cursor in top window ctrl-w ctrl-w Puts cursor in next window ctrl-w_ Maximise current window ctrl-w= Gives the same size to all windows 10 ctrl-w+ Add 10 lines to current window :vsplit file Split window vertically :sview file Same as :split in readonly mode :hide Close current window :nly Close all windows, excepted current :b 2 Open #2 in this window


Ctrl+n Ctrl+p (in insert mode) Complete word

    Ctrl+x Ctrl+l Complete line

    :set dictionary=dict Define dict as a dictionnary Ctrl+x Ctrl+k Complete with dictionnary


    mk Marks current position as k ?k Moves cursor to mark k d?k Delete all until mark k


:ab mail Define mail as abbreviation of

Text indent

    :set autoindent Turn on auto-indent :set smartindent Turn on intelligent auto-indent :set shiftwidth=4 Defines 4 spaces as indent size ctrl-t, ctrl-d Indent/un-indent in insert mode >> Indent

    << Un-indent

Syntax highlighting

:syntax on Turn on syntax highlighting

:syntax off Turn off syntax highlighting

:set syntax=perl Force syntax highlighting

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