Monaco princess the European royal the most romantic love of fairy tales

By Julie Green,2015-02-25 16:12
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Monaco princess the European royal the most romantic love of fairy tales

    "Monaco princess" : the European royal the most romantic love of fairy tales

    European fairy tales, not warriors beat monster, is the prince married the princess, or both, of the brave prince has experienced inhuman hardships, finally married the beautiful princess, such as"Cinderella", such as "the frog prince", such as "Snow White".Fairy tale may also appear in reality, of course, for instance, Hollywood actress grace kelly, married to wang lei Rainier iii of Monaco countries in 1956, a century wedding since then changed the fate of women and a country, not only makes a little Monaco prince countries move the world, also make princess grace of MonacohistoryThe unique national business card, two people across borderslove, also became the most heavy European royal family with a fairy tale.

    However, in the world which have so romantic life?Grace actually married after the Monaco royal family, is often the beginning of the surge, and the film"Princess of Monaco"Shows, is one of the most legendary.See"Princess of Monaco", always think of childhood seen two movies, one is sissi, one is "my fair lady".Sissi trilogy presumably everyone not unfamiliar, story by the king of the principality of cc, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, and Austria love, including the

    struggle with the old palace, dispute with the queen, and later to foreign countries, and those who are hard of give up children affection, can be in thePrincess of Monaco"See the shadow.

    Princess of Monaco", played by nicole kidman grace, just also is like sissi a got the modern reformers, don't follow the traditional, hope that through our own strength, change the people around, change the whole country, and even changing the relationship between the state and national, force is small, in, the resistance is big, perseverance through stone.Say is easy, but difficult to do it, princess grace with a variety of struggle, finally the refined into gold, made by a Hollywood movie star, completely become qualified herein and charm of a country, it is by no means a simple several image and etiquette lessons.

    Have the sentence is often a, that is, Tolstoy once said: to cultivate a noble, need three generations.Battle dressing know, today be repeatedly mentioned, this sentence is said to us that no nutritional content even poorly to rude not conservation officer the second generation, the rich second generation are listening, noble, is not more money to the United States, and our current, noble, rich land, it is a group of poor only money to poor people.So, we see the film, appearance is a princess, etiquette teacher in teaching language, actually made her the most benefit, also

    gave her the most secure, but her father, the tutor of mind, is the most direct and profound protection and promotion.

    There is grace, learning etiquette, she in French under the guidance of teachers, etiquette and so on, step by step become more polite and generous, and awell spoken French, also make her more likely to be received by the national, Monaco, after all, it is at that timeThe FrenchThe dependency of, the national language is French.This scenario, indeed, it's easy to let person couplet remember "my fair lady", it is a two people bet, and then put a vulgar manners rustic woman, bet to change into a beautiful girl, Audrey hao this play girl, just in silence, deduce the temperament of the ordinary people are hard to approach.The same is true of the film, nicole kidman, convergence up her wild and enthusiasm, and waiting for the movie dream that will become a generation of elegance.

    The film from three aspects, very solid to grace's princess with the node show on the road, also from she treated respectivelyfamilyDealing with business or country triple responsibility, to show a strong sense of reality, unforgettable pour the imperial concubine.A prologue, has been a grace farewell to Hollywood, entered Monaco royal for the sixth year, after it accidentally got famous movieThe masterHitchcockInvitation, hope she mountain, playing in the film actress - a marnie.

    Actors and queen, and cannot be satisfactory to both sides, grace's although withstand the inner struggle, it has received from her husband's tolerance and acquiescence, but not in the face of the whole world to bring pressure, and in the meantime, the royal suffered the mostThe letterBe betrayal, countries suffered the most severe crisis of survival, where to go, how can the crisis of national salvation in distress?For grace is not too much political experience, is a difficult problem.The story in just right, both the royal magnificence, beauty of princess, there is also a national crisis, the heart to fathom, chaotic hero, princess grace is also true that in this crisis in Monaco and France muscled fame, since the resound, fascinating story, or go to the cinema seen, revealed that the plot is too much, will affect everyone's viewing experience.

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