By Marjorie Robertson,2015-02-25 13:50
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    "Cinderella" : hard to pick up pure fairy tale

    It's hard to use a kind of attitude to appreciate the film full of childlike innocence and purity, it is hard to not fathom psychology to doubt in the story of the human nature, the inside of the movieCinderellaIn a subjective way to tell them the most good value, but the more lecturing sex education more let a person feel the hypocrisy behind and ignorance.

    The film is full of fairy tales in the ideal, also with a rather fantastic atmosphere build out fantasies about girls looking for prince charming, but simple and easy-goingThe plotStory not let a person feel drab, dogmatic water plot usually appears in front of us, even want to don't want to know what will happen next, too simple shape drama showed children like to doanimationThe plot of the

    story, bland showed no traces of ups and downs, think is drunk, fairy tale movie theatre spectator nothing to admire more and more.

    Nothing of undying devotion in the filmlove, only at the first sight of the blind, the film as though two roles are simple, but reveal the two characters eyes and their performance is not consistent world inside, age were too long actor absolutely could not release without no food contaminated with the secular of fireworks, but from the two eye contact is full of doubt all inside, every girl meet her prince charming dream, and the true prince charming appear later by man could not see through, especially a white horse prince botched tried to hide the identity of the show, clever

    witCinderellaAbsolutely impossible not to notice, but every woman be in love fantasy with his face every man can be a noble prince, no one is willing to give up their

    fantasies and willing to photographThe letterHe is just an ordinary person, because of the fantasy, girls will only become more pure and lovely.

    Give a person the good movie without destroying a fairy tale and and more efforts to perfect it, the film rather innovation createsCinderellaIntelligence, random strain, and be good at the characteristics of patience, let people familiar with the added new meaning and the role of love, and that is good at saying her appeal, clever clever win others' heart, guess others' psychological all let the had been spoiled child reflects wit keen insight and tolerance, she has a mind, understand their situation, to weigh the pros and cons, willing to give up their own identity, and against deep dissatisfaction with himself on the bottom of my heart, she know to protect themselves rather than we imagined.

    From film to redefine, we can learn about the Cinderella is not really good, she is kind of horizontal plane in real conditions can not get respect and love, she's a pure is installed to others see of, but the real situation in her heart, although the film the narrator has portrayed the Cinderella's movements to hear, but hide the fact that is not we heard this, she has been to make people feel the vicissitudes, she has made everything is full of wisdom and mind made of strong women, so our Cinderella is not simple, because life has been.

    By not allowed her pure, is the most simple two people instead of her two sisters, there is no hidden showed his dissatisfaction and desire, no any and all their talent, there is only the ignorance of selfishness, so simple person is not lovely, are not pure and lovely.Film abandoned the Disney fairy tale always dancing style, there is no real use full of rich emotional melody to express the mood of movie, it's a lot less about fairy tale gives people a good memories, also let a lot of can be worth spread things did not have the chance to show, for film abandoned dancing style really let a person feel sorry, it makes the communication between two lovers a lot less worth considering feelings, and the film Cinderella and the prince of language communication is not how much, we even sense the feelings of what exists between two people, have to say the movie that let a person feel very disappointed.

    Film in the face of Cinderella to redefine let us feel very interesting, and because of this we see Cinderella is no longer a simple kind of our imaginations, because we know that only by the purity and goodness is impossible to get the so-called happiness and happiness, the most important thing is to have the wisdom of life, and the film fully grasp it.But face the choice of the characters in the movie makes us feel disappointed, because the inside of the Cinderella didn't we imagination of so beautiful beautiful, even if is a model of the tall figure, but not a crazy let people feel the beauty of the face, have to say this is the movie one big regret.Deductive of place of James and lily.

    Cinderella still let a person feel somewhat pompous, although foil out everywhere she how simple it is good, but her expression of transformation are revealed to endless, this is the movie let us hard to find the cause of the pure feeling.And another heavyweight role, to the movies by Kate blanchett's stepmother is very grab an eye, in the corner of a bright-coloured fire red lips with sharp sharp eyes, one share is taken the domineering, even don't need any special performances, the yesteryear alone is enough to cope with the film all the characters, and good at making the charm of the four-walled blanchett strong appeal any role, never lose the film light is hidden under her calm face, is enough to make her to all the audience.

    Perhaps this"CinderellaAdaptation is one of the most unreliable, but perhaps this is the most easy to accept the version of the us, because she let us think of fairy tale is not so simple and beautiful, even in fairy tales, want the happiness of life also needs to give full play to their talents, otherwise still end up with a sad end.Like a movie Cinderella sisters, they are truly pure woman, lack of the wisdom and all of them, the final end can only be end up very sad!

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