he CSM and huan network cooperation Smart TV big data will be standardized

By Edwin Gibson,2015-02-25 02:46
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he CSM and huan network cooperation Smart TV big data will be standardized

    The CSM and huan network cooperation Smart TV

    big data will be standardized

    CSM media research and huan network science and technology announced a joint to carry out the smart TV big data research in the field of television viewing, joint research smart TV big data on television viewing behavior, advertising effectiveness evaluation and the audience research in the field of application.

    Ministry of operation monitoring and coordination bureau of statistics show that in November 1, 2015, 137 million units in the industry production of liquid crystal TV, domestic market shipments for the whole year is expected to more than 55 million units.China intelligent multimedia terminal technology union, according to relevant data, in the products sold in exhibition "connectivity", "open OS" and "Internet TV platform access" basis functions such as smart TV terminals, permeability has climbed to more than seventy percent.

    Smart TV penetration rate high, smart TV has become a big data market scale.Big data application in the field of industry of radio, film and television ratings, become big data have aimed at one of the hot market.But in the field of large data audience research, there is lack of unified standards, difficult to form the overall ecological, this affects the practice of the television industry.At the same time, the "data island" represented by local interests, further exacerbating the big data applications in the field of television viewing the complexity and uncertainty.

    , general manager of CSM Xu Lijun pointed out: "in the process of gold mining large data, to establish the authority of the smart TV big data in the viewing area,

    unified platform for the standardization, is an important prerequisite to promote healthy and orderly development of the TV. In the past few years, CSM with digital TV, IPTV, telecom operators, and other forms of cooperation, in large data of audience research applications has accumulated rich experience. The cooperation with huan net is the CSM in big data applications in the field of another. The CSM will give full play to the standardized resources advantage, building meets the needs of industry with huan network research, scientific and reliable smart TV big data viewing application standard system."

    Huan network technology CEO Wu Chenggang pointed out: "with the

    continuous technical innovation of viewing terminal carrier, we can already today for user viewing behavior of dynamic acquisition, real-time statistics viewing can be accurate to seconds. Huan network science and technology has big data resources and technical support, but should not do business data by ourselves, because the data business need long-term credibility and the establishment of a scientific and rigorous methodology guiding. And CSM such leading enterprise cooperation, can give full play to huan network resource advantage and focused on the good part."In addition, the current smart TV industry big data industry there are some lack of quality assurance, quality data analysis process development industry, such as "black box" of the early, so the huan network technology will highly support CSM ciic au such professional bodies and industry association to standardize the order of industry and enhance the ability of trade and better promote industry development.

    Audience, director of the institute of communication university of China professor yan-nan liu said: "spread across the screen to the audience study of The Times, new media and traditional small sampling data exist at the same time, will become the norm for quite some time. Break the barrier of the data, through the size of the data, to explore from the media convergence to the effect of fusion, the data fusion road to science, is an important proposition era."

    It is understood that the CSM media research is the domestic television ratings through monetary authority provider, has the world's largest network television ratings survey.Huan net is the present domestic Internet smart TV service providers, exclusive TCL and changhong smart TV user data.

    The concrete content includes two cooperation, around the television audience behavior, including real-time viewing data, viewing behavior and the audience consumption behavior such as multivariate data fusion, a number of applications to explore, promote the establishment of smart TV ratings data system application of industry standard, including standard monitoring method and standard index system, unified publishing platform;Advantage resources in the field of smart TV big data group, and jointly promote the establishment of smart TV big data union, unicom smart TV "data island" in the field of big data, for smart TV big data science effectively applied to the TV audience research structures, financing and sharing of open cooperation platform;In resources based on both sides, for smart TV ads

    all-round monitoring and third-party evaluation research;Cooperation services in interactive applications, intelligent TV and so on home Internet behavior multidimensional data research applications.

    For the two sides will work together to carry out the smart TV advertising comprehensive monitoring and third-party evaluation research;Huan network science and technology, said CEO Wu Chenggang smart TV advertising industry is currently in a terminal rapid expansion, but advertising value has not been effective recognition stage, hoping to include CCTV market research (CTR) and third parties, including CSM scientific, professional, and transparent advertising monitoring system and the effect of the objective and fair evaluation, to promote smart TV industry's business model.

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