Fortress reviews

By Crystal Peters,2015-02-22 12:13
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Fortress reviews

    "Fortress" reviews

    "Fort" is a film which is liable to be misinterpreted if holding the watch again woody Anderson's idea of "natural killer", so are doomed to disappointment.This is not a fast-paced popcorn fast food film, but a coat covered with crime boring piece of literature and art.

    It is difficult to identify as

    the tramp Ben foster, Steve

    cloth west just handguns

    several lens, the west's weaver

    in only a few scenes.A few

    drama bone all become green

    leaves, and woody Anderson

    played also are also evil

    police brown has appeared in

    every scene, director's

    intention is very clear, this is a

    one-man show, is to shape a

    perfect figure.These Settings

    also, of course, not only to highlight the personality characteristics of brown, these roles are more obscure suspense Settings.At the end of the film did not Pierce let him who took the roll life deeper into the mire of the video, he believe in is the top in order to transfer to the attention of the police scandal against him, but is this really the case?In fact every role in a framed his might and motivation, even his lover, his daughter is possible.Yet it was most likely a poster on woody Hudson sunglasses in the reflection of the humble man, this is the first film was cynical brown female police practice, she witnessed the torture of brown, have a clear understanding of his personality, violence

    in the film when he was news media exposure, back to the role of a meaningful close-up.

    Film discretion and rhythm control is in place, the character's personality and inner struggle gradual display, the opening of female brown internship police cynicism exposed the strong tendency of chauvinism, a into the office then torture, irritable temperament show.Back home, with offensive language, let a person think he bursts at any time, but not all the time, has also been very gentle tone.Is the most interesting of the composition of the broken family, brown to divorce has two wives live under the same roof, and the two wife is siblings, cause the naive little girl always worry about genetic problems, and the older daughter is gay.

    Gradually we found after take off the uniform brown is harmless, he would not on any rough his view of the good man, the woman is gentle.The first bed scene first big, brown in lick a black girl's feet, he always tries to make a woman happy, and every woman before bed gently asked: "I can sleep with you tonight?"Mr Brown is a typical racist, paranoia, alpha male, playboy, chauvinist, but homophobic, misanthropy and even dislike him.But he did hit the bottom of my heart to think you're a good cop, never hurt any one good man, so that when his two daughters asked him: "that we?", that a face of bewildered expression let people's compassion.

    In the real world, people not only profiling the good and evil, because we live in a polyhedron, the line is very vague.In writing/I'm not there when the director is the story with the same view of the world, a Bob dylan need six different actors to show the multiple characteristics below.So the fortress is standing in a certain height on a holographic projection, this is not a movie, but life itself.Is that no happy ending, finally out of the question didn't solve a brown, deeper in the mire in life, even that he wanted to hold out the broken home already, standing in the dark outside the window quietly looking at family meals in the dim light, and then walk away, only the lonely depressed shadow.Life is such a thing, no matter whether you will be saved, always selfishly to continue.

    Not only is this, the whole piece of photography is more commendable.Variety of camera movement, such as 30 minutes when a about three hundred and sixty degrees play camera motion, lighting and composition are also run out of idea, three ACTS different main light tone and specific events lighting is very good, the warm color of yellow is to bring people back to the 1999 Los Angeles.

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