Blain blain muscle will look!Five errors about acne problem

By Lauren Crawford,2015-02-21 17:57
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Blain blain muscle will look!Five errors about acne problem

    Blain blain muscle will look!Five errors about acne


    The truth: the formation of acne is not due to dust, dirt or grease on the surface of the skin, so the excessive clean will make problems worse.Correct facial cleaning method is to use does not cause acne skin care products or doctor specified cleanser, wash your face twice a day, coupled with appropriate treatment.

    Because of the skin impurity is fallacy 1 long acne?

    The truth: a wide range of scientific studies found that diet and acne has no direct relationship, but some people still insist on chocolate, oily and spicy food can stimulate acne.How to prevent or treat acne, see you believe that a, but simply put, a balanced diet can strengthen the resistance.

    Myth 2 often eat to stimulate food tartly

    The truth: acne treatment is necessary, also need to prevent acne left color printing and scar.So, don't ever believe such a fallacy, otherwise, your acne treatment but did not see the light of day one day.

Myth 3 resolves acne

The truth: no such thing, of course, acne is the skin disease, no infectious diseases.So,

you don't need too much fuss let others avoiding or avoid others.

    Myth 4 acne contagious

    The truth: the sun for 6 into the patient's acne have improved function, 20% will have no effect, while 20% would make the situation worse.Attention should be paid to some oral acne medicine (such as some tetracycline and vitamin, acid) can make the skin is allergic to the sun, there is a risk of sunburn.

    Myth 5 in the sun can accelerate acne die

    Blain blain muscle to start from the life daily life!

    1, two in the morning and evening washs a face, on the basis of increase at noon time, in a timely manner to remove grease on the face.

    2, often wash your hair, keep hair refreshing, clean hair, leaving no bangs.

    3, do not use hair gel products, make hair refreshing but not oily.

    4, without oily cosmetics, such as high oil content of sunscreen, etc.Choose France PG frost as anti-inflammatory repair daily care.

    5, such as minister have blain blain mouth, stop using fluoride toothpaste.

    6, avoid emotional tension, be happy.

    7, to avoid to eat chocolate, nuts, cheese, coffee, dessert and so on food, if have grow blain blain, was temporarily don't eat seafood, mango and supplements.

    8, avoid using soap base composition of cleansers, so as not to damage the skin's acid protective film, lose skin resistance, were more likely to lead to bacterial infections, sensitive blain blain is produced.

    9, keep enough sleep, can't stay up late.

    More than 10, high vitamin C content of fruits and vegetables.

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