Touch the future science and technology, reforming the human-computer interaction

By Michelle Clark,2015-02-21 11:01
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Touch the future science and technology, reforming the human-computer interaction

    Touch the future science and technology, reforming the

    human-computer interaction

    Is becoming more and more overlaps in the function of the laptops and tablet today, "thin" become the biggest pursuit of laptops, and power consumption, heat dissipation and cost becomes a block on a laptop to "light" on the way of "three mountains".But now, in the true sense of thin is perhaps is not far off from us.

    In this year'sCESIntel exhibition, formally announced the launch of the latest fifth-generation processor Core architecture, is also the company's first 14 nm process Broadwell chip architecture, further reduce the power consumption, heat dissipation on that makes it possible to fanless design, further improve the performance of graphics and video, extend battery life, all of which are for the vast number of consumers.

    The fifth generation of the Core processor how edge?With its laptops and behave?In the overhand Lenovo S5 Yoga a few days later, I want to and you together to chatIntelThe new change.

    Single from the data point of view, the latest generation of core processor in a number of previous customer pain points "conducted a comprehensive improvement, and this is mainly due to the progress of process technology.14 nm process to Intel in the new Corei7Processor

    used 1.3 billion transistors, but core size is reduced by 37%, density and much higher than the last generation processor.

    Although a 4% performance increase much seem to be some wanting more, but on the core graphics, Intel has surrendered a good answer.New HD 5500 and HD 6600 Graphics and Iris Graphics 6100 increased by 22% in the Graphics performance, even in some places nearly 30% improvement.Although the Core M and U series are less inclined to the configuration of the game, but in the low resolution and low quality or can play.

    From the pure performance level, the new architecture processor intensive was more concentrated in terms of graphics, also in terms of low power handling relatively bright eye.This excess in the performance of the present stage is the first issue to consider.After all for a long time, but don't want to carry transformer users, should be a fairly good things.

    In addition to internal chips, Intel platform as a whole also made some significant improvements, especially some special functions.Most of these improvements are designed to improve user interaction with the PC, such as RealSense, Voice Assistant, Intel WiDi v5.1, etc.

    The first is that Intel RealSense, Intel in photography first application of a new hardware, equipped with a special depth of field sensors, and can accurately identify the gestures.In fact, our previous laptop camera 3 d concept does not exist, but the Intel is to directly import the concept to Broadwell platform.In addition to Real - time scanning, like unlocking mechanism, also can undertake more interesting gesture game, create a new way for human-computer interaction.

    Followed by Voice Assistant (Voice Assistant), it is very hot in the Siri, Google, Cortana functions are very similar, Intel processor platform further enhance the ability of speech recognition.Although from the current experience, I personally think that these technologies will take some time for promotion, but to become a part of standard means will gradually have significant use of the crowd.

    Finally, Intel also by improving the WiDi and wi-fi connection technology and improve the connection performance, new WiDi technology support of the new resolution standard connection faster than the previous version.The WiDi Remote management can make double screen becomes more natural.

    In The second half of last year, Intel's first introduced Broadwell architecture processor is The Core M, apple is now in this month for The Mac series The biggest innovation: The New MacBook, New MacBook fuselage thin Air by nearly 24% than The old one, and weighs 0.92 kg, is currently The most frivolous Mac products, and adopted The fan design.This much is also due to low power design of the Intel Core M platform.

    In addition to like asus T3 Chi, this is a 12.5 inch screen design of 2 in 1 product, it is the base of external keyboard design, this design can make flat pattern is very pure, don't have to be with a keyboard.In addition, the device also carry Intel Core M processor, performance is enough to deal with day-to-day office needs.

    If no accident, we should also see on a series of periodic upgrades in the future the use of the fifth generation core processor, including Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 tablets, Intel's now have a better chance to show advantage Broadwell architecture, it will perhaps be Intel's transition to a new platform, the fastest in the history of the platform.

    In addition to the Core M, we also see a new generation of NUC mini computers, this host form Intel is a big push in recent years a new generation of super mini computer Next Unit of Computing (NUC), advantage lies mainly in the fuselage volume to obtain maximum simplification, compared with general PC host chassis for nearly 30 times less, basic is similar to a lunch box.

    Quiet, save electricity is a major feature of this type of product, but the CPU performance,Integrated graphics, interface and peripheral expansion is restricted, if the user itself to the PC using demand is not high, and very care about display space, can be said to be quite suitable for such products.

    Finally is big 2 in1 laptops, along with the progress of technology, now the latest Intel Core processors have is a good way to balance on frivolous and performance, the biggest characteristics is a 360 - degree flip the screen design, can let the machine to your laptop, tablet, upright, tents used four patterns.This also let us see the movements of notebook computers in the future, from more frivolous until now really fanless design, to the laptop product infinite change could form.

    Said to 2 in 1 pen report, it is worth mentioning is that lenovo Yoga series.Yoga 3 Pro after the end of last year, after the beginning of this year's Lenovo S5 Yoga also adopted the new rotor design, can let the machine at the same time in mobile office, entertainment experience, both have a very good performance, and in turn to tablet mode, S5 Yoga will automatic suction of keyboard part, the maximum extent to reduce the possibility of accidentally touch.

    Hinge part, however, is also the important link of the machine parts, if durability cannot be guaranteed, it can let a person to collapse.So far, S5 hinge part of Yoga do manual work is still quite solid.The lower right corner of small red light flashing ThinkPad, also let users more peace of mind.

    In fact, if in general tablet usage scenarios, this class 2 in1 pen electric performance should be perfectly adequate.The only slightly but should be portability problems, once the screen size reach more than 15 inches, portability is alarming, 15.6 -inch S5 Yoga can't escape this fate, one hand hold it's really a chore.In addition life aspects contrast tablet is also slightly lower.So most of the time, I still prefer to use in laptop form, after all, a physical keyboard + the operation of the touch pad is enough to face any situation.

    Under the set-up of a usage scenario, usually as a pen electricity is no problem.Big plus a full-sized keyboard and screen for the Thinkpad powder are familiar with the kind of little red dot, making both in browsing access to information and code word comes so natural.And his colleagues in the sharing of ideas, can be over as a demonstration board, big screen in a few people together to do particularly well for the brainstorming.

    Touch screens and Windows 8 is a match made in heaven, so occasionally up "tent model" was pretty good during my lunch break.Find new words through a jimei plays or day, when you eat while in table Angle after a few eye, does not occupy the desktop space interaction up very comfortable also, this time will feel "flip" is rather easy to use.

    Is in actual use, the processor for us to experience the effects of subtle - when you don't like caton, frame problems when you don't feel the new processor how good for you, but once you have met the problem, you will all the reasons attributed to the processor.

    But in the daily work in this area, the Yoga of S5 did not appear, and although there are big weight compared with the similar size but also calculate the fuselage lightweight portable, it should be said that the Corei5- 5200 - u processor successfully completed its mission, makes Lenovo S5 Yoga has become a good business office 2 in 1 pen.

    In the second half of this year, the market will probably be at the same time there are three different types of products are neck and neck, including Skylake Broadwell redesign and since, as well as the earlier Haswell - E.Although specific information is unclear, but Intel has said before 10 nm development will try to avoid of 14 nm delay problem, 7 nm to 10 nm, is expected in 2018.At that time, we may also see a new leap forward.

    "Moore's law is not the law of nature, but a continuous innovation expectations."Every time more than ten years, the processor technology upgrade can lead to a 30-40% improvement, the myth of Moore's law also has always been.Perhaps now the traditional silicon computer has encountered many bottlenecks, technology is also already approaching the limit of the silicon wafer.But the new material, new structure, with the processor technology and progress, in the form of "ultra thin" is no longer synonymous with Macbook Air, we believe that the revolution will usher in a new laptop.

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