Hubble found a double edged sword universe

By Amber Garcia,2015-02-19 23:57
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Hubble found a double edged sword universe

    Hubble found a double edged sword universe

    The Hubble space telescope HH 24 nebula, a former star to penetrate two beams of material flow, like a double edged sword in Star Wars.Image: ESA/Hubble image & NASA, d. actually self-stabilizes, "Padgett (GSFC), t. Megeath (University of Toledo), and b. Reipurth (University of Hawaii)

    In Star Wars: the original awakening at the upcoming NASA and ESA of the Hubble space telescope released a picture of the universe a double edged sword.In the middle of the picture, a young star is dark jedi general dust cloak of cover, to shoot a pair of straight jet in space, demonstrates the terrifying force in the universe.

    This cosmic light sword is not located in a very, very distant galaxies, but is in our own Milky Way galaxy.Specifically, it is in a mess room area, known as Orion molecular cloud complex, B is located in the direction of the constellation Orion, just over 1350 light years from earth.

    The material flow, shot out from a newborn star, appearance looks like a Darth Maul in the Star Wars episode I, waving that put a double edged sword, will this photo in two.While the new star itself, hidden in the swirling dust and gas, cannot see directly.

    Stars around the great gas clouds formed, some substance can collapse to form a rotating flat plate, around the star, the star of this phase is called a protostar.The material plate is the potential of planetary systems may be forming.At this early stage, however, the original star also mainly busy devoured the surrounding material.Like rain fall on the gas in the disk the original planet, once you get enough "nutrition", the star will wake up, in the opposite direction along the poles emits high-energy gas outward.

    The two beams with powerful jets, their effect on the surrounding environment proves that the real power of the dark side, far more than in the Star Wars armed to the teeth of the death star to blow is much more powerful.In the two beam of high-speed jet shoots out, they produce a supersonic shock waves to the surrounding gas heated to several flows.

    Not only that, as the jet stream collided with the surrounding gas and dust and make a large space, they also produce bow shock.The shock wave is hi-p lattice, arrow objects (HH object) of trademark.So-called HH bodies, refers to a class of complex mass of nebula.This photo shows a famous HH objects, called HH 24.

    In that obscured star on the right side, you can see a pair of bright spot.These lights are seen through the dust of young stars, is to show off their own weak lightsaber.This photo has a was heavily wrapped star, only at radio wavelengths can detect it.It in the top left dust blown out of a tunnel, like "lightning" the force

    All of these jets, a small area makes HH 24 the HH jets objects that are the most densely populated.About half of the HH spray flow in this area can be seen in visible light wave band, the other half can be observed at infrared wavelengths.Hubble's this photo was taken in infrared wave band, the band will help keep the telescope to see through the parcel cocoons of gas and dust around the newborn stars, take pictures of the HH things more clearly, help astronomers to study them.

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