Ideas about the future of housing

By Gregory Wright,2015-02-18 19:06
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Ideas about the future of housing

    Ideas about the future of housing

    A, the boss said the property market to inventory, has announced policy is not much, but the fact is that the parties have started, a lot of New Deal in the offing.Short-term is expected to implement the policy of roughly: 2, 3, 4 directional easing the administrative level of cities;Lower the second set of down payment, taxes, loan interest rates;Business tax further relief;Double down the matching between the monetary policy Second, medium and long term policy to roughly: the establishment of the national housing bank;To speed up the urbanization and the household registration system reform;Buy more a large number of commodity housing for affordable housing;PengGai monetized

    resettlement, etc.Above the heap or long-term or short-term policy in the study, there must be most will eventually fall to the ground, because in the next 10 years China's economic development no matter how to have to use real estate.

    Three, the ratio of Chinese urbanization, economy average per capita income growth, commercial housing total and per capita living space, and other point of view, as long as the policy of sufficient strength, the property market will be completely a new round of rapid development driven by robust demand, these have stimulated repeatedly and home appliance, overall demand early before the industry of the ceiling is different, China still has a large population is still in the demand of first

time home buyers, improve the environment.

    Four, so long, most likely through the policy stimulus (more accurately, to cancel the previous policy of excessive pressing demand) from the new start in the housing market, make it into silver decade.Has in the past golden decade is a serious shortage of quantity continuously enlarge, prices rising fast.And silver decade will be the supply and demand two prosperous, stable volume in high price so a fundamentals of steady rise. Five, ten years is why silver?This a estimates, is the result of urbanization the time required for 70%, the per capita living space relationship of the total demand and housing, etc. Series of a fuzzy judgment, fuzzy is not the racquet head.So from the long axis, buy a house must be better sooner than later, expected to plunge, fear negative equity is minimum probability of time, unless China trajectory by the incident Six, then look at short-term prospects, as the economy has not bottomed out, the larger of the stock market uncertainty in the property market is large, and a lot has been released recently good policy, monetary policy in supporting the housing market, both hedge to just let the market is in a state of the current relative stability.Because of boosting the economy needs to the housing market, so really fall, the real estate industry is one of the few last fall, the practitioner is lucky Seven, it is because of the role of policy, the possibility of future housing slump is not big, but this year we have also seen other first-tier cities

    except guangzhou house prices have varying degrees of rise, this trend is likely to continue in the future.So in terms of big situation waiting in ultra-low friend could be disappointed again (in addition to a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the anti-corruption, economic and other factors influence)

    Eight, house prices will rise steadily, another important factor is now almost everyone forgot about inflation.Economic history tells us that is always in the depreciation of the currency, fast slow, when inflation is in the world in recent years popular low interest, currency devaluation, quantitative easing.So even if the house value is not to ascend, the above factors also makes its prices, especially in China about your apartment complex

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