t was most polite to take a visit to someone

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t was most polite to take a visit to someone

    It was most polite to take a visit to someone

    If you want to review 2015 network buzzwords, refresh the other "basically see temperament" must get into the top 10!This on weibo a trigger netizen rushed to follow suit, when from the shooting must deserve a "basically see temperament", this is not a naked reflects people thirst for temperament?Actually, temperament can be embodied in every aspect of a person, to visit someone from behavior, for example, perhaps you can tell a person's self-restraint.Today, you might as well to visit other people to learn how to be elegant and polite.

    William Hanson is a master of the world's top social and business etiquette, has been praised for Britain's youngest etiquette expert, then follow in the footsteps of William masters to enhance temperament!The following main is for a guest etiquette in western countries.

    1, whether go or not, reply to invitation in time

    When you through email or other way to accept the invitation, must respond to each other (preferably not more than 3 days).Don't tangle on the problem of go or not too long, to make a decision as soon as possible, and feedback to each other in the first place, it is beneficial to invite people to determine the number, and make preparations for the next.

    2, pay attention to dress code

    Formal party or dinner, of course, is to wear a suit, but even if is a formal invitation, don't wear too casual.If the person inside the invitation the dress code, be sure to abide by it.If you don't understand, can make a phone call to ask directly, in case of regret.

    3, arrive on time

    Different countries is different to the concept of punctuality.In most western countries, if the offer is at 7:30 in the evening, on the guest will arrive at 7:40, also can't more than the latest 7:50.If you haven't 45 minutes after the invitation to, then don't have to go.

    4, prepare some little gift

    If the host took out best tableware and dishes to entertain you, you how not bashful go empty-handed?Arrival, prepare a little gift, send a thank you, is the best

    temperament.Chocolate in most countries are very easy to accept gifts, flowers is good also, beauty to raise colour and has multiple health benefits of wine is also a good choice.

    5, avoid talking to welcome the queue

    If it is a big party such as wedding, party, the host and important guests will stand in the receiving line.Remember is that you don't to talk to anyone with that and say "good evening" or "thank you for your invitation" to say "hello" is enough.

    6, greeting master

    Less formal party is generally not receiving line, so reaches the other party home, active greeting master, and appreciation.If you want to through the crowd to find the host, and don't forget a few commonplaces and meet friends.

    7, as far as possible to communicate with different people

    Smart host will be the tail from wagging the dog, try to put all the guests all mixed together.All night talking with friends of the ice of course good, but you'd better not do it.As many as possible in the presence of different people to chat, but a person's time not more than 15 minutes, who knows what the next girlfriends, gay friend or lover is in it?

    8, know when to leave

    No matter how interesting activities, any guests will not be staying late.Drinking party usually lasts for a few hours, probably in the two hours short of 15 to 20 minutes can leave.If it is a dinner outside, have to depend on service time, generally over vegetables such as restaurants, you also eat about, can consider to leave.

    9, to write a thank-you note

    This is not to be melodramatic, it is polite!High emotional intelligence guest will write a letter to his master, chat on the next day of gratitude, even to attend a party or his dinner was not especially satisfied.

    10, remember in town

    If received invitation from someone, remember that in six months also invite each other once, which is very popular in social aspects and manners.More than if you had been invited, however, might as well open a larger cocktail party or a buffet party, so that one can get all owe human feelings.

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