The global electricity industry next year may be the five big mergers and acquisitions

By David Mcdonald,2015-02-18 04:17
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The global electricity industry next year may be the five big mergers and acquisitions

    The global electricity industry next year may

    be the five big mergers and acquisitions

    Rarely appears on billions of dollars in electricity industry mergers and acquisitions, however, due to the emergence of a series of events, we witness the possibility of this magnitude trade in 2015 will increase dramatically.

    Staged in the history of the largest initial public offering (IPO), wind at alibaba may will have big action in the coming year.Plans to spin off of eBay and PayPal will helped make it possible to buy.

    Slower at the same time, some development, but the larger start-ups through "married" giants may also find a good way.

    The following is the science and technology news website Recode reporter Jason DE lay (Jason Del Rey) prediction of electricity industry next year, the possibility of five major acquisitions.

    Alibaba purchase on eBay

    E-commerce sites eBay has announced that it will be stripping PayPal payment department in 2015, make its become listed companies separately.The move is seen as the PayPal and eBay to find a buyer for the future of strategic adjustment.

    Electricity industry is very keen on suspected $263 billion alibaba to eBay.Alibaba in the United States has not yet formed the development of climate, and the addition of eBay can help them achieve this goal.

    In addition, two win-win co-operation will help the overseas emerging challenge amazon's market position.Moreover, the difference between both claim with amazon: with his business platform.

    Other potential buyers: Google (weibo) or the amazon.

    Wal-mart to buy PayPal

    This may not be the "sexy" mergers and acquisitions, especially for the PayPal staff.However, sources said, wal-mart executives have in the past few months on the feasibility of the scheme are discussed in this paper.

    For wal-mart, PayPal can fully staffed: first of all, have a huge user base, and terms of payment is validated for mobile payments, challenge Apple Apple Pay, replace mobile payment CurrentC supported by the retailer.

    If wal-mart use PayPal as a payment option of, it may reduce the wal-mart to issuers of pay cost, because many PayPal users can choose a bank account, instead of a credit card to pay.In addition, it could also for wal-mart and other financial services to negotiate a fee increase weight.

    However, the deal is also facing a barrier: if wal-mart had acquired PayPal transactions shall be in contact with eBay, and hope that after the split between the two companies to make acquisitions, may distort eBay to spin-off plan free of charge.

    Other potential buyers: Google, samsung, Microsoft, and visa.

    Wal-mart purchase Wish

    Wish is a mobile shopping application, now or a terrible fire.Since this year, Wish for a long time in the top ten shopping application industry.

    Recently, the company also completed the undisclosed financing, the investor for DST Global Yuri Milner (Yuri Milner).According to sources, the application of current valuation has reached more than $1 billion.

    This application allows buyers to buy directly from Chinese manufacturers clothing and accessories, its incredibly low prices is wal-mart value.Because of the Wish is a based on user preferences, recommendation technology by precise algorithm, push the commodity information to interested users shopping application, its user engagement is very high.

    Any other potential buyers: main low-cost retailers.

    Google acquisition Postmates

    Amazon Google to bring a lot of trouble.Consumer's network shopping is like in the amazon to search, rather than through the Google

    search engine.As a result, Google lost through search advertising business promotion goods.

    To seize the product search business, Google launched Google Express plan.The project aims to make online shoppers shopping on Google, whereas Google is responsible for the daily from the local store goods delivery.It spawned another problem, according to industry sources, Google is now this way of operating cost is high, unsustainable.

    In view of the above, "on-demand express" startup Postmates became best acquisitions.Postmates through cooperation with local businesses, in several cities to achieve the fast and efficient goods door-to-door delivery services, buyers usually buy goods in under an hour received.

    The potential buyers: Uber or amazon.

    Twitter acquisitions Stripe

    Pay startup Stripe recent completion of financing, valuation has reached $3.5 billion.Say Twitter acquisitions Stripe, Dr Morrison said is unlikely.

    However, if truly consider development of electrical business, it may need to pay their own platform, and the platform is to size businesses are easy and convenient to use.

    In addition, the Stripe pay service has been embedded into the Twitter's new mobile application development services Fabric, this makes the latter can provide the whole service toolkit, attracted a large number of application developers.

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