Red JingWei dragon science fiction action time tough fight

By Martin Jones,2015-02-17 18:02
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Red JingWei dragon science fiction action time tough fight

    "Red JingWei dragon" : science fiction action time tough fight

    As the

    mainstream of

    commercial film

    type,actionPiece in

    the Hollywood film

    industry system has

    been from cowboy

    transformation to

    the nineties tough

    action, for the new

    century is a comic

    book heroScience fictionAction movies, high-tech, modern weapons, or playing the undead comic book hero, constantly emerging, such as roll out"Iron man 3", "superman","King kongWolf 2 "and so on, but there are also part of the works" retro ", offered a tough action sci-fi action unique flavor to the present, such as "special forces 2" will be the beginning of the "special forces" sci-fi action gradually turned to the action of macho type, is also a good word of mouth and thisWalter hillDirected by theRed dragon JingWei", is bystallonewithJason MoMaTwo big tough guy, with

    "fast and furious" series of tragedy heroChengKangThe latest macho type action movies.

    Although the story is not very creative, but after all is Hollywood industry under the system of assembly line work.The film tells thestallonePlayed by Jimmy bobo with partner after completion of task killer was betrayed and partner died, escaped the Jimmy bobo received from New Orleans police TaylorThe letterInterest rates, two people hand in hand to find those behind the scenes, also because Jimmy bobo want revenge for partner, whereas Taylor to behind the scenes the murderer to justice.It became a typical was different between two no common goal, no common cause to cooperate, teamed up for a common goal (which may be temporary) against the big BOSS works behind the scenes, reflects the script of the industrial system has formed certain patterns and types, and most of the works are also in type mode, only a small number of constantly bring genre is new, but it can also be compared to the mainland movie industry's shortcomings in genre, although already has a "bridge" in Hollywood but there must also like neither fish nor fowl, or various is illogical and so on.

    While the action scenes became the film"Red dragon JingWei"The biggest hotspot, especially the section of stallone and orgasmJason MoMaThe life and death duel scene of two generations of tough guy.Sylvester stallone is needless to say, and s rocky, "first blood" series

    is a masterpiece of far-reaching, also drove the ninetiesArnold SchwarzeneggerBruce WillisStars such as tough action boom;"Now," Jason MoMa (because in the song of ice and fire: game of rights "named plays now) once hailed as Arnold Schwarzenegger is a new generation of successors, in"The barbarianHe also accepted the Arnold

    Schwarzenegger in conan "sword of the king" to defendloveAnd justice, etc.Two people in the film"Red dragon JingWei"A few stars, both long distance shooting, close combat, especially the axe, is very fascinating, become a typical tough fight scene in recent years.

    In addition, with the HAN in the "fast and furious" series make many fans know this roleChengKangIn the film"Red dragon JingWeiPlay in the police, but also with the "fast and furious" series of that kind of light blue (in the "fast and furious 3" and the upcoming"The fast and the furious 6"At the end of the obvious), after all he is not only to face confrontation in the film, but also faced with peer betray or not cooperation, and his daughter lisa with Jimmy bobo, bobo scenes, small part but also out of the two strange and even a bit bad men and women of the emotional changes, tough battle for the film brought filar silk warmth.

    In tough action has given way to science fiction action movie today, the climax of the red dragon JingWei play tough fight brought some unique flavor, and looking forward to the fast and the furious 6 tough

action scenes and ChengKang play HAN and gisele sad love, also can

through the warm-up.

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