Qualcomm Toq smart watches,designed the baby for the nurse's sake

By Bill Olson,2015-02-16 20:23
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Qualcomm Toq smart watches,designed the baby for the nurse's sake

    Qualcomm Toq smart watches: designed the baby for the nurse's sake

    Maybe when we review later in 2013, "" of the first year of wearable intelligent device has become this year of a special label.From the Fitbit Flex vote intelligent bracelet to Google glasses, people focus on wearable intelligent device and enthusiasm is more and more high.And the subsequent, and smart watches.Beijing time in the morning on September 5, in people's eyes were focused on the samsung Gear smart wristwatch, qualcomm in 2013 mobile developers conference UPLINQ accidentally launched its own brand smart watches: Toq, quickly from samsung "sharing" the attention of people.

    As wearable smart devices, as smart watches, qualcomm Toq or samsung Gear, the design concept of their most consistently;And although the performance form is not the same, but in the end, also have many similarities in function.So what's the different between the elements?In addition we can perceive the surface of the design and hardware configuration, the biggest difference is that regardless of the product itself, that is: purpose.

    The emergence of qualcomm Toq not like samsung brought Gear - as simple a hardware product, its purpose, quoted a Chinese proverb is: designed the baby for the nurse's sake.

    Specifically, the purpose of qualcomm launched smart watches is not difficult to understand.Actually qualcomm Dr Paul jacobs, chairman and CEO in the opening keynote UPLINQ 2013 has been explained very clearly, qualcomm Toq release, to build a platform for qualcomm partner, convey a standard, the ultimate purpose or welcome more and more of the hardware and software vendors to join in the platform, gradually formed in the field of smart watches a qualcomm can rely on to provide solutions to benefit of ecological system.

    Dr Paul jacobs and just released Toq smart watch

    So, unlike samsung launched the purpose of the Gear, at the end of the day, qualcomm will not look forward to with what kind of revenues from selling devices and success, it is the larger, more long-term.

    Mirasol display, also on the long:

    Many watch after the release of the personage inside course of study in qualcomm Toq intelligence has such a consensus, that is qualcomm Toq smart watches, most, the most direct drive technology is a Mirasol display, this from Dr Paul jacobs and qualcomm technology company senior vice President rob chandler hawk in speech and q&a repeatedly emphasized in this technology, we can also feel very clearly.

    Qualcomm Toq smart watches the Mirasol carrying in a called modulation interferometry (IMOD), on the basis of the reflection type technology itself does not need to be backlit, using ambient light irradiation can clearly content displayed on the screen.In other words, a Mirasol display, there are two innate advantage: is a day without using backlighting, ultra-low power consumption, very province

    electricity;Second, it solves the digital products when used outdoors for a long time a headache problem, is this screen will not reduce visual degree because of the strong light.

    However Mirasol qualcomm's not the new thing, in fact, this kind of new type refraction screen realize the mass production as early as two years ago.But due to problems, such as capacity, roa, cost a Mirasol

    display does not find his place in the mobile terminal market, but with similar characteristics and e-ink screens, only appeared in a few a few color on top of the e-book reader.And affected by the limitations of e-book reader product line itself, a Mirasol display performance has been disappointing, half-dead can even use to describe its state.

    All in all in one sentence to describe a Mirasol display the past situation, hero is useless.

    Nowadays, wearable intelligent equipment, especially the smart watch is about to rise, provide new opportunities for Mirasol display dilemma, created new possibilities.Smart watches his expectation by people, and its own special requirements on the screen, also at the right moment and a Mirasol display features coincides with mine.Qualcomm obviously not miss such a good opportunity to promote a Mirasol display.After all, on the technology and practicality, a Mirasol display is really a good thing, it is waiting for the chance to own work.And smart watches, perhaps is the first opportunity.

    Alljoyn, unified iot test in water:

    If at the beginning of the CES consumer electronics show, qualcomm main card is born mobile mobile computing gene, so in today's UPLINQ 2013 mobile developers conference, "digital sixth sense" and its core iot sung the theme of the conference.

    Despite the Toq smart watch released, qualcomm and didn't mention the Alljoyn, but from the point of relevant materials, qualcomm made it clear that developers can use qualcomm innovation center offers Alljoyn framework (notification service framework) and Toq an App to Toq smart watches send notification message.Qualcomm also said will be through the system upgrade for Toq watch constantly add new functions, such as integrated in the field of personal health qualcomm platform of life, and "dialogue" between the sensor and watches, inevitably will be based on the Alljoyn.

    Alljoyn is qualcomm close communication technology platform, it is not subject to the limits of conventional communication network and GPS can via wi-fi and bluetooth is connected together, forming an invisible, local area communication network, so as to realize data exchange between equipment and control.Qualcomm hopes the

    technology platform can be a common language in the field of Internet of things in the future, all the Internet terminals, can all be Alljoyn for "dialogue".

    Qualcomm Toq smart watches, there is no doubt for Alljoyn practical application provides a perfect opportunity.As one of the most often wear items, maybe will become a smart watch people connected to the link.But the nature of the Internet of things decided "to make a quarrel" and other equipment is not ready to, enrichment in May be not the

special emphasizes on Toq smart watches this qualcomm

    Alljoyn.However, we are still on the Alljoyn, full of expectation.

    Wireless charging, the trend of The Times, you are in:

    From qualcomm participated in a wireless charging alliance or from its acquisition of wireless charging technology company, obviously, qualcomm for wireless charging are devoted considerable attention.If qualcomm will move "born" defined as their genes, so wireless charging is a component of the gene.

    For the "mobile" 2 words, "cable" is not harmonious, is one of the most fundamental antithesis, the "wireless" is hard requirements, is the trend of The Times "mobile".Wireless charging is mobile computing era "wireless" another challenge to "cable" and subversion.And qualcomm, also must want to use wireless charging all final victory as a thing in the world.

    Qualcomm Toq smart watch is fully wireless charging a perfect performance.Home every day after receive Toq into the box, Toq can be in imperceptible in the use of wireless charging to fuel for his;Qualcomm even prepared two also USES wireless charging for Toq stereo bluetooth headset (single use, but also can combine the two into a dual channel stereo bluetooth headsets to use), use rise very convenient.

    Qualcomm Toq smart watches to the wireless charging evolution comprehensively, and the charging cable is other existing wearable smart devices and even other mobile terminals when using the deficiency of the most boring.And qualcomm Toq for wireless charging, this is the meaning of it, the author makes those who reap the benefits of convenient, form a water wave effect, more and more people and gradually started to change the manufacturer's design tendency, finally break apparently balance, are all wireless charging the trend of The Times, the expected.

    Of course, even in today's consumer electronics rapid iteration, from the beginning to affect the reality also need quite a long time, it has also many unpredictable interference factors.But "life" for the mobile wireless

    charging will be born mobile qualcomm, one of the core areas does not seem to have too much suspense.

    The wine inebriate an idea of weng, but also good:

    Say so many, let's return to Toq smart watches come on up.Although qualcomm didn't sell Toq big as the ultimate goal, it has a wider purpose and plan, but from the point of view of consumers, Toq is always a can meet the demand of our electronic products, in the end we will inevitably from the perspective of product evaluation to it.

    History of electronic products, when launched, are still exist in considerable upgrade, improve and upgrade space, Toq smart watches are no exception.

    Such as Toq battery life in five days or so, seconds kill one day charge samsung Gear, but people still expect it to do better.A Mirasol display practical, save electricity, resolution but look carefully, pixel density remains to be make better performance;Although open source, smart, but at this stage of Toq extension performance is not very strong, the app store for the construction of the ecological and environmental aspects, such as, also did not reach the perfect level.

    However, in general, Toq debut was satisfactory.Toq performance can get competitive products in many aspects, but also full of many in the future can be better.As a intention to establish standard product, qualcomm Toq smart watch it.

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