Short communication, to build a new life of the Internet

By Joyce White,2015-02-16 09:07
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Short communication, to build a new life of the Internet

    Short communication: to build a new life of

    the Internet

    Short distance wireless communication, general (hundreds of meters) in small area to provide wireless communication technology, including bluetooth, wi-fi, NFC, WiGig and ZigBee.Today, in the mobile cellular networks are marching from 3 g to 4 g, the short distance communication technology is also rapid development: from 802.11 to 802.11 n ac evolution, the rapid popularization of the bluetooth 4.0 to WiGig the large-scale promotion, as well as the NFC matured and, so to speak, under the impetus of the increasingly interconnected application requirements, short distance wireless communication technology is, reveal a thriving, booming development trend.

    Brush check-in mobile payment, mobile phones, laptops and television broadcast...These are the fashion life scenes of the Internet.Applied on the surface of these is due to the rapid development of intelligent terminal, and actually never leave behind the ubiquitous wireless network support, especially as indoor application scenarios and more terminals sharing demand increases, including wi-fi, bluetooth, WiGig, ZigBee, NFC, short distance wireless communication technology is rapid development, provide strong support for a new generation of Internet life.

    "Connected" change your life

    "What is your home wi-fi number?"This is the Spring Festival of 2013 on weibo popular in a word, many people are feeling, this sentence has replaced the daily greetings, as relatives or friends home visit said after the first sentence.Actual situation, of course, must not be so, but this has provoked numerous sympathetic feeling is also true that reflects the actual situation, people are becoming more and more habits and rely on mobile Internet, even hope anytime, anywhere access networks.Then, even at a friend's house, also can't wait to ask wi-fi password.

    Musing about it, "connected" is to make a big difference in our lives.Once upon a time, mobile phone is just a tool all phone, instant message, and now, with the support of mobile Internet, mobile phone

    can also surf the Internet, shopping, payment.Especially the rise of the App Store model, but also keep the cell phone began to reduced, after installed the various App, mobile phone is morphing into the remote control, navigation, electronic readers, and so on.Although the App Store was seen as the mobile Internet business model changes, but its fundamental, still rely on the rapid development of wireless communication technology, relies on the network and equipment "connected".

    In 2 g era, mobile Internet has become a trend, but is limited by network, users are still unable to get a good mobile Internet experience.The advent of the era of 3 g, will break the bottleneck gradually, using a mobile phone to browse the web, shopping, online game experience is getting better and better, and even make some can only be done on the PC application gradually shift to mobile phones.Moreover, based on mobile cellular communications bandwidth resource is limited, operators across the globe have been developing technology of WLAN, prompting them to become effective means shunt mobile communication network.In all kinds of mobile Internet and Internet of things applications, including bluetooth, WiGig, NFC, short distance communication technology such as ZigBee, infrared also got rapid development.

    "Connection" anytime and anywhere, it is the ultimate vision of Internet life.To achieve the goals of this, not only depends on the 3 g and 4 g networks, the arrival of the comprehensive at the same time also need to meet, including bluetooth, WiGig and NFC rich application scenario requires strong support for short distance communication technology.

    Carpet of short distance communication

    Once upon a time, mobile phone has bluetooth function is definitely a big selling point.Nowadays, the mainstream mobile phone not only equipped with the most advanced bluetooth 4.0, also built-in wi-fi, NFC WiGig even.In not long ago the 14th China wireless communication and application meeting, wi-fi alliance technical director Greg Ennis said that from 2016 to 2017, including wi-fi and WiGig multifrequency chipset will become mainstream.This can not help but sigh with emotion, the speed of the short distance communication technology development is beyond the expectation of people.In the near future, any terminal will be built a variety of short distance communication technology, both brush mobile payment, or the large capacity data transmission between terminal, and anytime, anywhere access to the mobile Internet, will be our common applications.

    Wi-fi, the nearly ten years development of wireless communication technology, is playing a more and more important role.Based on the broad market application prospect, wi-fi technology is also the industry driven by continued evolution: from 802.1 g to 802.11 n wi-fi greatly enhance the speed and experience;And at present, the global wi-fi technology are from 802.11 n of has been widely used to enter gigabit rate 802.11 ac development of the door.It is understood that the current mainstream chip manufacturers and terminal manufacturers have begun to 802.11 ac power, 2014 equipped with 802.11 the terminal of ac technology and equipment will be put into market, large-scale became dominant.

    Bluetooth technology has been widely known, but it has not break through the bottleneck of power consumption, to create greater glory.And the emergence of the bluetooth 4.0 is to break the situation, because the targeted to improve the power consumption, and got the apple and android's strong support, the current bluetooth 4.0 is becoming a mainstream terminal equipment standard.Particularly worth mentioning is that as the smart home, intelligent medical the emergence of Internet applications, such as a new generation of bluetooth technology is also more and more applications.

    WiGig is a new technology, there has not been a large-scale market promotion, but based on the peak rate of 7 GBPS per second, the industry of its expected a better - in the indoor environment to bring more short mass transfer applications.NFC is made for short distance communication technology, with the mobile payment application in the global promotion, as a mainstream technology standard, it is being more and more support, at present, a lot of the mainstream of intelligent terminal equipment has built-in NFC module, situation of the "brush terminal as payment" in the future will become more and more.

    Short distance communication technology is not only the above several, of course, along with the increase in equipment interconnection requirements, the future will be more updated technologies emerging, and under the strong support of these techniques, we are increasingly able to connected the wonderful life.

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