Love and other drugs

By Joe Peters,2015-02-15 23:25
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Love and other drugs

    Love and other drugs

    Snow White has the as if no one believes a fairy tale, Cinderella's story has been out of fashion.? (; del ; ") ? I'm sorry, long hair girl jokes seem never


    Time is precious, the social situation is fast changing, the volatile international situation.We don't have time.We are increasingly struggling to work, school, family responsibility and prices and taxes.Once in a while almost all of the time used to release the pressure, reduce anxiety.Everyone is Alexander the great pressure.

    We don't have time for fruit after a meal, then breakfast and multidimensional tablets;We don't have time to do beauty, so lunch with collagen drink;We don't have time to sleep, so coffee with sleeping pills - we want to sleep and sleep.

    Girls don't have the time, the prince who come to the rescue;Boys don't have time for all the way to pick just one kiss.Someone accept according to the order, trying all possible candidates, but disappointed again and again;Someone nothing more,

    carefully waiting for is always self-effacing to stop;People no longer believe in love, some people believe in love again.

    Fast-food era don't need to discuss what is human love results or the nature of biological evolution.Hollywood for you when times respected knight princess in "Roman holiday", when the time love the sparrow phoenix "pretty woman" Hollywood to serve for you, when open when the era of popular Hollywood for you "brokeback mountain", when the time into the world big Hollywood for you at the same time in the twilight...All the features you favour love model has a perfect sample in Hollywood.

    "Love and other drugs", is a fast-paced utilitarian society a pair of those beautiful romantic love story, the hero from the struggle into Gao Shuai rich prick silk, the leading lady high white beauty, although there is no wealth but very talented.Karma to know each other, because love together, experience confusion, across difficult, calm, eventually forward hand in hand.Yes, they like other loser or winner in Hollywood, I find self, to recognize the meaning of love, they are true love, it is our ideal, is our pursuit, is our envy jealous of hate.

    When the list up behind the scenes, when we have to admit that was deeply moved and infection, we even can't distinguish this story exactly is made in Hollywood dream, or as long as adhere to will come good in the world.

    A long way to go before the fog sunshine flowers and thorns.We ask that god gives to hold our trembling hands lover.

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