America's 137 professional earning power ranking

By Ruby Ellis,2015-02-14 23:17
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America's 137 professional earning power ranking

    America's 137 professional earning power


    This is a sad topic.From the point of view of political correctness, general study abroadJun's position is "professional to choose the most suitable for your favorite", but even so, I also hold millions of people every day ask me "which earn more professional...I know hold practical (or utility) for the purpose of study abroad, there are a lot of this view is no right or wrong, so little elder brother might as well today in failure from the perspective of the most straightforward talk about choose professional.

    What call frank's point of view, money bai!

    Americans actually is also very concerned about the problem of employment of after graduation, there are three people: p. Carnevale, Ban Cheah, Andrew r. Hanson, and then developed a set of report data, full name:

    This report to a course at seven universities in the United States, 15 major categories, 137 professional segment to carry on the very detailed statistics, as a news professional background of the school of arts living, study in your heart is collapse, because pure income from employment consideration, the school of arts living almost by the school of science living, especially in the school of science living STEM became Tony - seconds.

    American college students work average income is around $33000, equivalent to 21 w, you may think this number is acceptable, but please don't forget, you and I ma[microblogging]Average dad, you have to have 100 billion yuan worth?

    Average in individuals have an egg with...

    STEM courses: small money

    According to the data statistics, seven university course, STEM class graduate period income in all professions in the United States is the absolute dominance, business degree is drubbing than in the past, although is not lower than the average, but was clearly no longer the money in the head of the player.

    The tragedy, it is our general arts students...Said much are tears, a topic need to be replaced.

    Education: minimum wage increase ability

    One might explain the data said: oh, some professional whole, much work grew up in a few years.

    Although words is right, but the reality is not so good:

    STEM professional high starting point, not only increase is very fierce,

    basic belongs to the older and the rhythm of the rich.Business and professional health compared to some of the whole meaning, came past.

    The education service class after a period of hard work, finally success ranked the worst...Apparently teachers throughout the world is a "stable" career......

    Architectural and engineering: ace suction gold players

    The few people who earn more than 40 w knife mark, can achieve this goal in the short term after graduation is construction and engineering, computer, statistics and mathematics major, glancing through health class specialty, business is above average, but did not show the

    advantage of Chinese students thought.While the professional art and entertainment professional...

    Ok, professional art really need time to accumulate, nor is it a big local tyrants, Picasso lifetime study abroad you must give the arts students a pep talk, rest assured, after years of steady growth, the bottom is the pedagogy specialty not you!

    Is someone asked more than average, or just that a few professional, don't let out to stimulate you.Education in the future you plug the gardeners?

    Petroleum engineering into the biggest winner

    We put the professional segment, again the most money in this 137 professional 25 major is what?

    Before 23 is all STEM class professional, petroleum engineering, at 24, 25, two economic class specialty is the only do not belong to the STEM...As an institute of technology, professional, they have tried my best...

    As the corresponding, of course, study abroad jun also awareness of 25 professional from bottom earning power, but considering your psychological endurance, still not deliberately set out to the ~

    Little elder brother not my journalism major, somewhere in the middle section, don't know is to the school of arts living screws up the...

    Professional hot not jobs

    If the number of various professional ranks and employment rankings in combination with the look, you will find there are many hot because of the "earn more" professional to make is not much, really suck gold professional but didn't get the appreciation of the broad masses of students.

    Such as to the Chinese students like most business for example:

    The left is the undergraduate, the right is a professional graduate student, on the outside is income level, rely on the inside is to apply for the heat.You will find that such a contrast, business of the most popular major is in the field of business management, and the professional obtain employment after the income does not lead.Has the advantages on income, by contrast, the commercial economy, information systems, logistics professional, apply for heat is not high.

    Speak truth, if you knew these data, also need not crowded broken head apply for the "well-known professional"?

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