Tesla hasn't listed new car The outside world has had four

By Howard Butler,2015-02-14 22:54
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Tesla hasn't listed new car The outside world has had four

    Tesla hasn't listed new car The outside world has

    had four

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk once said, "the production of cheap, long range of electric vehicles is tesla's long-term goal".In September of this year, he said on twitter, Model 3 electric cars will be in March 2016 formally meet with the public, at a price of $35000.

    Tesla currently have introduced the Model and the Model S X two positioning high-end models, Model 3 is an important product for the mass market.To some extent, tesla believes that the Model can help its sales promotion in 2020 to 500000.

    But before launch Model 3, the outside world has been a lot of rumors about it.

    1, minimum wind resistance coefficient

    At present, the tesla Model S wind resistance coefficient is 0.24, essentially the Mercedes S or C is close to.There are rumours that, Elon Musk for tesla engineers to reduce the wind resistance coefficient of the Model 3 to 0.2 below.If tesla really achieve this numerical Model 3 will be better than public XL1 wind resistance coefficient is low, the latter has a value of 0.198.

    (mass XL1 wind resistance coefficient is 0.198)

    The question is, if you want to achieve this number, the modelling of it sure was very different from traditional cars.It was reported that in addition to the change on modelling, tesla prepared using scalable wiper, and install a miniature camera in the rear view mirror.

    Conclusion: unlikely.Although tesla's chief designer Franz von Holzhausen said the Model 3 is lower than the Model S wind resistance coefficient, but they don't in order to reduce the wind resistance coefficient and the design of a strange shape.

    (drawn overseas media, Model 3)

    Not long ago, the overseas media made a set of tesla Model 3 renderings.Effect, a reference for design of the car a lot of Model X design elements, such as the former face, headlights, tail lights and the style of the bumper.

    2, multiple versions

    At first, many people think that the Model 3 will take the form of sedan, competition is the BMW 3 series, mercedes-benz c-class and jaguar XE and other models.Tesla, according to the Wall Street journal, chief technology officer JB Straubel says Model 3 will be in the form of a four door sedan or crossover, even reports that Model 3 will be a coupe, station wagon, convertible models.

    Such seemingly powerful and unconstrained style statement is not without reason.At the end of 2014, tesla engineering vice President Chris Porritt said tesla will

    create different derivative models to appeal to different users, in 2012 tesla's an internal document also shows that the Model 3 will have crossover models.

    (in 2012 shareholders meeting, Elon Musk show one PPT)

    Conclusion: the possible.Although the production of a new crossover Model need to invest in a new production line, but tesla there's an urgent need to expand the types of products, product line rich rise, especially compact cars such as the Model 3 (in size smaller than the Model S 20%).

    3, faster than the BMW M3

    Tesla Model P90D, the latest Model in the Ludicrous mode, hundreds of kilometers speed is less than 3 seconds, but the Model 3 won't pick up Ludicrous performance suite, this is because it priced at $35000, so in order to reduce cost, it is likely to pick up a single motor.

    The BMW M3

    The news that its range is between 300 to 500 kilometers.With lighter weight and advanced cell technology, Model 3 can still do it nearly hundred kilometers acceleration level with BMW M3, M4.And it is in full electric power with BMW M3 is almost the same full range of oil.

    Conclusion: the possible.Although very difficult, but Elon Musk still hopes to prove the tesla through Model 3.At present, one of the biggest challenges for Model 3 from the weight.Tesla has confirmed that due to cost constraints, lightweight aluminum body material will not be used too much.

    4, 2017

    Although Elon Musk says the Model 3 released in March next year, but the car will have to wait until 2017 years for energy production.And tesla on jump ticket issue is some "reputation" : the Roadster, the Model S once delay delivery, the Model X - 3 times before final release.

    In addition, the Model 3 can be mass production also depends on the comprehensive operation tesla's battery factory.Super by tesla and Japan panasonic battery factory in Nevada, construction of cooperation, are expected to be in production in April 2016, 2020 to maximize capacity.The production of lithium batteries will significantly reduce the cost and price of the Model 3.

    Conclusion: it is possible, but unlikely.Although in the case of all goes well, the first Model 3 is likely at the end of 2017 rolled off the production line, Model of 3 listing is likely to tesla.

    By then, tesla has completed the first three steps in the establishment of the strategy: create a small batch of premium cars, prove the feasibility of electric vehicles and tesla's technology;Expanding consumer groups, create a higher price lower performance car, gradually achieve profit;For the mass production of electric cars, tesla's goal is to fully replace gasoline vehicles.

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