Qualcomm throws the layout

By Clyde Price,2015-02-14 18:00
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Qualcomm throws the layout

    Qualcomm throws the layout

    In China, qualcomm chip is the identity of the best-known industry leader.But in fact, since it was founded in 2000, qualcomm's venture capital sector has invested more than 130 companies, has 22 in global investment managers.

    An investment is the most famous millet mobile phone.According to the vice President of qualcomm, qualcomm, general manager of venture Shen Jin introduction, qualcomm investment around the entire mobile industry chain, "is not only a strategic investment, at the same time, influential to the success of the enterprise also can bring good financial return, mobile Internet is very good development, is for qualcomm provides a good industrial environment."

    Qualcomm: moving beyond the phone

    Definition and qualcomm mobile category has far beyond the mobile phone industry upstream and downstream.In the mobile industry chain upstream, qualcomm has invested a lot of semiconductor companies."Because the required capital chain, we are not in the way of venture capital, more is the cooperation of the industry of large projects, such as work with smic, big cooperation in guizhou to do server chips."

    In the mobile terminal, in addition to participating in millet early investment, qualcomm territory included in kechuang, the company for SONY, lenovo develop its smartphone manufacturers such as android, and qualcomm, Intel, spreadtrum provide android mobile chip manufacturers such as technical support services.

    In human-computer interaction, qualcomm invested in cloud, touch technology, such as dolphin browser application, as well as an eye tracking technology enterprises;On the individual application, qualcomm investment companies including

    games and touch control technology, vehicle enterprises, app store much more net, and so on;On the vertical industry, qualcomm invested in smart home, mobile education, and other enterprises.

    Mobile phone radiation is sustained

    Shen Jin put forward three arguments: first, to the situation of mobile phone for personal information center will continue to 10 years;Second, mobile industries as a great power in the change of the;Third, the influence of the "mobile center" radiation continues.

    "Mobile phones and and relationship is the best location, many people now say wearable technology to replace the phone right away, but wear and human interaction is very difficult, because it is the distance between the seamless connection with people, like the subway, post when people uncomfortable, 30-50 cm distance is more appropriate."Shen Jin said, "television and computers and more far, these cannot carry, there is a lot of time window and people are from. But mobile phones can nearly close to far can into a pocket."

    Based on this, he thought, if there is no a wearable device breaks through the man-machine interface of innovation, "wearable became the center of information processing" this view is premature.

    At the same time, the mobile phone radiation is sustained."Sensor in cost decreased by 10 times over the past 10 years, including gyro, accelerator, etc., millet with 8 kinds of sensors."Shen Jin said, "lower cost because there is a huge amount of mobile phone shipments, it also makes wearable devices with a low cost possible."

    Gopro is another example of mobile phone radiation influence."Gopro in the final analysis because of miniaturized camera phones, narrowed more than 5 times."

    But Shen Jin think machine and human collaboration can also do better."Such as eye control, for example, as long as my eyes focused on the mountain when taking a picture, focus on mountain, focusing on people, focusing on people, I'll find youdao in English and Chinese, this time can achieve accurate real-time? I take a look at the word, is automatic translation, I don't understand each other mentioned keywords, almost in real time."

    In the new technologies of qualcomm, through the ordinary mobile phone can make indoor modeling;While taking photographs, the machine will automatically identify scenarios, including the background, character of emotion, identity attribute, and based on the intelligent focus and metering;Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can realize automatic cruise, without manual control.

    Investors are not economic

    Qualcomm has revealed that the following will also have a new action on investment.It seems this trend is not consistent with the investment and financing.

    The ups and downs, since this year, China's stock market suffered a liquidity crisis, the U.S. stock market also suffered, part is stock.Thought to fluctuations in the secondary market will further affect the early risk investment fields.

    "The economic cycle is normal, the financial crisis in 2008, I happened to be in then in venture capital, the investors will not be like us concept about economy, does not speak soon cast a little hard on economic growth, economic cut just slow down a little, we are not like that. Instead, we believe that in time of the cut, entrepreneurs will be more pragmatic, provide more value products."Shen Jin said.

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